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Everyone loves cats...well nearly everyone. Now there are pet cat in the Minecraft Mo'Creatures mod, a mod I can not recommend extremely enough. Minecraft cats will climb trees, play v balls the wool, eat the end of bowls, usage litter boxes, and also sometimes scrape you if you do them angry.

First things first, install Mo' Creatures. Once you have installed the mod, you'll encounter wild kitties mewling in the game.

How come Tame and Name a pet Cat

Wild kitties have the right to be domesticated by tossing a piece of cooked fish close to them. They will eat the fish and also then no much longer run away once you obtain near them. To name her pet cat, you have to craft a "medallion" (a collar really). Medallions are created with a gold ingot and two piece of leather. Location them on your cat and you'll have the ability to name that cat.

Once your pet cat is tamed, you'll should take treatment of them.



What perform Cats Eat in Minecraft?

Pet food is created by placing life pork and raw fish in a make grid. In order come feed her cat, you need to first create a cat bed, which comes v a food dish.


How to do a Cat Bed (and get a Food Dish)

The cat bed is developed by six planks, wool, and also an stole ingot which goes to make the pet food bowl. If you use colored wool, you'll get a colored cat bed, i beg your pardon is nice.

Now that you have actually your pet food and your cat bed, you deserve to right-click top top the cat bed v some cat food and also you'll listen the food tinkling into the bowl.


How to make a Litter Box

Once her cat has eaten, it will require a litter box, which can be developed with eight timber planks and a block that sand. Once a cat provides a litter box, it becomes dirty. A dirty litter crate has an extremely real after-effects in the Minecraft world, together it attractive aggressive mobs. You deserve to simply protect against the litter crate whilst it at some point becomes clean, or you can clean it v a block that sand. Ns recommend the latter.

How to pick up Cat Beds and also Litter Boxes

You have the right to pick increase cat beds and litterboxes through right-clicking ~ above them v a pickaxe in her hand.

How come Make her Pet Minecraft Cat follow You

To get your pet cat to follow you, you'll must craft a sphere of wool, which is made from four pieces of string. If you host it in your hand, the cat will follow you. If friend toss it to the cat, the cat will certainly play v it.

How to breed a Cat

If you desire your cats to have kittens, offer two cats cake and make sure they have accessibility to a cat bed.

You can download Mo'Creatures and get much more information on how to pat with and care for your kitties here.

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