The screenshot will open up automatically, allowing you to crop, share, or include a rapid note to the image.

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Using Keys

You can record screenshots by pushing the Home key and the Power/Lock key simultaneously.

The screenshot will certainly be replicated to the clipboard and also saved to the screenshot folder in Gallery.

Using movement Gesture


Your mobile machine supports a "palm swipe to catch screenshot" gesture. To revolve off/on the feature, native the residence screen, touch Menu > Settings> Controls > Palm motion. Touch the slider to turn Palm motion on. Touch the slider to turn catch screen on. You can now record a screenshot by touching the display screen with the side of her hand and also swiping across from left to appropriate or vice versa.


The screenshot will certainly be duplicated to the clipboard and saved come the screenshots folder in Gallery.

Viewing her Screenshots

To open a screenshot immediately after you record it, open up the notification Panel by swiping her finger native the height of the display to the bottom, and also touch Screenshot captured. Or, to check out your screenshot at any time, native the home screen, touch Apps > Gallery> Screenshots.

Touch the wanted screenshot.


When viewing the screenshot, the adhering to icons are accessible at the optimal of the screen:


Note: extr sharing choices may be available on your device. The alternatives may vary based on applications installed and also features you have actually activated.

Delete: Delete the picture file.

Camera: open up the camera application.



Touch Menu for the following additional options:

Edit: edit the screenshot.

Favorite: add the screenshot to your favorites.

Slideshow: begin a slideshow that the screenshot in the folder.

Photo frame: add a decorative framework to the screenshot.

Add keep in mind on ago of image: upper and lower reversal the image over and also handwrite a note.

Signature: save the selected screenshot as a signature.

Copy to clipboard: Copy the screenshot come the device clipboard for pasting right into other applications.

Print: publish the image to an obtainable printer via a wireless network, Wi-Fi Direct™, or USB cable.

Rename: Rename the file.

Buddy photo share: tag the screenshot for basic sharing with a contact.

Crop: crop unwanted locations out of the screenshot.

Set as: set the snapshot as a Contact photoHome screenLock screen, or Home and lock screens wallpaper.

Details: display technical information about the picture, such as the size.

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Settings: View and also edit gallery settings. See accounts easily accessible for syncing v the Gallery. Pick when sync must occur. Turn on Tag buddyFace tag, and Auto pat sound when photos are taken in Sound & shot mode.

You can DeleteEdit, and Share screenshots from the an alert Panel. Touch Screenshot captured with 2 fingers slightly apart and swipe under to expand and display all options. To instantly edit the screenshot after it is captured, touch Menu > settings > Device > Display and place a inspect mark following to Edit after display capture.