Two apps are much better than one, and Multi window is far better than continually switching between apps. It will make a girlfriend multi-tasking champion through letting you alternative between apps, readjust the size of the display, and also copy information from one application to the other. On height of that, application Pairing and Apps Edge make multi-tasking on her phone even easier. Clock videos and reply to message at the very same time, or browse the web while talking to your friends on social media.

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Screens and settings accessible may vary depending on your Canadian wireless organization provider and also your software version.

You"re struggling v that difficult math assignment, however you discovered a beneficial tutorial top top YouTube. You can use Multi window to job-related on the trouble while you examine out the video step by step.

To access Multi Window, touch Recent, i m sorry is situated to the left that the Home switch by default. Come launch the app in break-up screen view, touch the Multi Window icon, i beg your pardon is situated to the left the the X icon in the preferred app"s window. If the Multi window icon is not available, that application does no support split screen view.


The application is now pinned to the top window. A list of your recently used apps will be displayed in the bottom window. To open up the 2nd app in the bottom window, touch one app, or touch APP LIST to check out all apps obtainable in separation screen view. Select the application you want to open up as the 2nd app. Now you can complete your homework while friend follow in addition to the video.

The Multi window is yes, really handy, however how execute you manage it? just read the information below to learn exactly how to resize the windows and how the window Controls work. To accessibility the Multi home window controls, touch the Multi home window control between the apps:


You room done multi-tasking because that the day and also want to focus on one point at a time. Offer your mind a rest by shutting turn off Multi Window.



When you desire to give Multi home window a break and just use one app, friend can departure Multi window by poignant the Home button. If Multi home window is still active, the an initial Multi window app and the Multi window icon will be shown in the height of the screen. To rotate off Multi home window completely, every you need to do is touch the X.

Separately opened apps you always use with each other is annoying. Instead of flipping back and forth, produce an app Pair, so those 2 apps will open up simultaneously in break-up screen.


From any screen, open Apps Edge by swiping the Edge panel to the left. Touch Add Shortcut, and also then touch Create application pair. Pick two apps native the list of accessible apps. The very first app will show up at the top and also the 2nd app will appear at the bottom in separation screen view. Touch DONE, and then touch the Home button.

To usage the app Pairing you"ve simply created, open Apps Edge by swiping the Edge panel to the left, and also touch an App Pair available. Begin multi-tasking all you want!

Maybe make the efforts to do homework while play a video game isn"t the ideal idea. Remove that shortcut to make room for a new one.

Regular app shortcuts have the right to be eliminated the same way from Apps Edge. From any screen, open Apps Edge by swiping the Edge panel to the left. Touch and also hold the shortcut you desire to remove. Traction the faster way to Remove.

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Can’t think of any type of useful app pairing combinations? below are some combinations to obtain those creative juices flowing.


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