Undertale and also Deltarune fans love the recently released upgrade for the game, Deltarune chapter 2. But with the video game launching windowed together default and also no in-game alternative to walk fullscreen, it deserve to be difficult to number out how to maximize the screen.

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Fullscreen on heavy steam and Windows

If you have the game on vapor or Windows, there’s a simple way of making the video game fullscreen. Ns if you’re to run the game directly from windows (if you downloaded the game from itch.io, this is exactly how it will be running), load the game. Then, when the video game is totally loaded and launched, pressAlt+Enterand the game should walk fullscreen.


If you desire to escape the end of the fullscreen see at any type of point, repeat theAlt+Entercommand. Alternatively, you can pressAlt+Tabto adjust the energetic program in Windows.

This an approach also works for the steam version the the game. Together usual, load up Deltarune Chapters 1+2 in Steam, pressAlt+Enter, and also the video game will maximize to fullscreen. Just like the vault method, you can escape fullscreen by pressingAlt+EnterorAlt+Tab.

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Fullscreen in Mac OSX

If you’re play the game on Mac OSX, you deserve to still pat the video game on fullscreen. First, load the game as usual. As soon as it’s fully loaded pressCommand+Control+F. This pressures the game to relocate to fullscreen. To go back to a smaller window, repeat the Command+Control+F combination.

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