Here"s where to find and also activate all map node locations in Slime Rancher, letting you fill in your map and explore farther.

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The newscame together a an outcome of a decision through the game"s publisher, Smilegate Entertainment.


The navigation Update because that Slime Rancher added various new features, including an overworld map of the Far, much Range. To carry up the map, press M or appropriate on the D-Pad. At first, just a part of the map will be available. In order to unlock the rest of the map, players must uncover map nodes the are concealed in each region of the Far, far Range. Trying out to discover each of these have the right to take some time, for this reason to assist you out this overview will assist you track down all map node areas in Slime Rancher.

All Map Node locations in Slime Rancher

Here"s what a map node looks like in Slime Rancher prior to activation. ©Monomi Park

There is one map node per region, and also activating the node will expose that ar of the world map. This overview will explain where to uncover all the map nodes in Slime Rancher, along with a snapshot of Beatrix top top the map for a intuitive representation. In each imbromheads.tve below, Beatrix"s symbol is pointing towards the map node location. Special many thanks to UltimatePortalMaster because that helping through the imbromheads.tves.

Dry Reef Map Node location

Dry Reef Map Node Location©Monomi Park

Starting indigenous the Ranch, head out into the dry Reef and also follow the route closest to the water. Go to the area with the water geyser and cave. Challenge toward the water and also you’ll find the very first map node ~ above the left close to the ledge.

Indigo Quarry Map Node location

Indigo Quarry Map Node Location©Monomi Park

The Indigo Quarry map node is situated inside the cave where you discover the an initial Rock Gordo. From the Ranch, pass through the Grotto and also go through the cave. Teleport to the cavern where the Gordo used to be. Walk forward come the opposite wall to discover the map node, just left of the exit.

Moss ceiling Map Node location

Moss ceiling Map Node Location©Monomi Park

Go throughout the long bridge bring about the door to the Moss Blanket. Walk throughout the huge center area come reach numerous ledges on the various other side. Hop as much as the top plateau whereby the large tree is to uncover the Moss blanket map node.

Ancient ruins Map Node location

Ancient ruins Map Node Location©Monomi Park

From the Moss Blanket, head east to the ancient Ruins. Go through the vast decorated gate to the ruins and head toward the center of the area. To the right, you’ll discover the old Ruins map node prior to reaching the hallways bring about the Glass Desert teleporter.

Glass Desert Map Node location

©Monomi Park

Use the teleporter to travel to the Glass Desert. Head to the tower where the Tangle Gordo is located. ~ above the ground level, pass roughly to the earlier side of the Tangle Gordo tower to uncover the Glass Desert map node just beneath the stone circle.

If girlfriend need more clarification, check out this helpful video clip from The Cast.

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If you complied with the steps in this guide, you need to now have found all Map Node places in Slime Rancher.