Ok so ns LOVED the Turquoise and also Blue dyes by Ion that you gain at Sally’s, but they work so well that it is insanely difficult to eliminate them as soon as you’re all set to relocate on to the following style.

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The blue created such a fantastic bright vivid colored hair that ns seriously I obtained compliments everyday on the blue in my hair (always awesome). HOWEVER, when I determined (after 5 month of blue hair) that i was all set for a summer layout of Reds and Yellows I began to fade the end the blue. (This was the first time i had ever had blue and also I believed it would certainly be as simple as the red I had to fade out before my next hair dye. Boy was ns wrong.)

Since my common “fading” techniques weren’t working, ns did what many of united state do and turned to the strength of the internet. I watched (practically) every Youtube video that talked about removing dye and tried them, but THEY no WORK. The approaches only “faded” the blue a shade – perhaps two if ns was lucky. In desperation I began looking further ago in the google results and came throughout a forum post with a bunch the SugarSkullWomen commenting on all the means they remove color.

I make the efforts EVERY among them – ns didn’t execute them in the same order, yet picked from them based on the “risk/damage” level discussed in the article. I wanted to go with light damage and also speed (because i’m impatient). This post is a evaluation of how well each of those methods operated on removing my when brilliant blue into a platinum blonde that is now ready for my new summer style.

NOTE: every the yellow block of text listed below are quotes from the article and also recommendations indigenous the comments. My notes and results are listed below each yellow section. 

Attempt #1 – color Remover

Colour removers autumn into 2 categories – color strippers and also colour reducers. Colour strippers space very similar to bleach however colour reducers room a great way of removing irreversible colour from her hair v minimal damage. Color reducers i will not ~ touch your organic colour and also only remove fabricated pigment.The instructions differ from one manufacturer to the next, but generally you have the right to use a color reducer 2-3 times to eliminate a permanent colour. The reverses the colouring process by shrinking the colour molecules in your hair, enabling them to be washed out. It’s important to monitor the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter, both because that safety and also to for sure you acquire the most from the product. Once the instructions to speak wash her hair for 20 minutes, do it!

On a previous trip to Sally’s ns picked up a shade Remover. Ns figured it would certainly be an excellent to have actually on hand if a shade didn’t turn out as meant or for among those days when I acquire a hair up my… and want to change my color. As soon as I experienced it on the perform of recommended methods I choose to try this first.

DON’T – It was awful… the smell that originates from this product was putrid. It was so negative I believed my walls would begin melting… It took 4 days prior to the smell started to subside in my bathroom. My husband began using our second bath to stop the smell it was so bad.

I grounding it out and also did the process figuring “If the worked, it was worth gagging for an hour.” …but the didn’t. -_-

Here’s the before and after:


Vitamin C Treatment This is a really basic treatment the you deserve to knock in addition to just 2 family members ingredients. It works finest on semi-permanent colours and also can eliminate 1-2 levels of tone. It will certainly not impact your herbal colour. Friend will need effervescent Vitamin C tablets (powder is fine yet tablets occupational slightly better) and also shampoo. Use 1 or 2 1,000mg tablet computers or 1-2g of Vitamin C powder. If using tablet computers crush them in between two spoons and also collect up the powder in a bowl. Obtain yourself ready for the treatment due to the fact that you’ll must use it automatically after mixing. Ns recommend you usage an old towel to catch any colour run-off and a plastic cap. Mix her powdered Vitamin C v a big squirt that cheap shampoo. Apply this to your hair immediately and also work it v your hair ensuring every strand is covered. Cover her hair v a plastic lid to prevent it native dripping right into your eyes. Check your hair every 5-10 minutes and also leave the on your hair for a best of 20 minutes before rinsing out. Follow through conditioner.

After the attempted color Remover i then make the efforts this an approach because I already had packets that Emergen-C in my cabinet. I tried both Emergen-C powder which I had actually on hand and also went out an bought the tablets. UMMM NO! possibly this functions within a few days that dying your hair once it’s still fresh, yet it certainly did not remove also a shade of blue.

I was really shocked that it didn’t occupational because nearly EVERY youtube video talks around this method, but it just didn’t work. I think maybe they were utilizing it ~ above hair that had been dyed in ~ a few weeks… unequal me wherein my hair to be blue for countless months.

Attempt #3 – Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Sounds simple, but anti-dandruff shampoo works choose a charm remove pastels and unwanted tones. If her blonde hair has gone too ashy or you still have actually a slight color from your last color hanging around, a few washes through an anti-dandruff shampoo will certainly lighten it increase significantly.

Many hair dye removal tips online comment on using anti-dandruff shampoo. I would consider this method a way of “fading” color faster no necessarily removing all the color. If you setup on an altering your hair shade in the next month or so, begin washing her hair v this shampoo, yet know that it won’t remove the hair shade within a couple of washes.

Sidenote: I adhered to some of the comments and mixed the this shampoo through the vitamin C and still no have any luck. Ns tried this 3 times throughout 2 days through no big results.

By this time, i was getting very impatient which way I wasn’t fairly ready to totally bleach my hair, but figured I’d give this “moderate” risk alternative a try. She’s best in the it will fade the color a pair shades.

Again, we’re quiet fading no necessarily “removing.” as you have the right to see the blue was still yes, really predominant.

Attempt #5-7 – Swimming, Sun, & Soaking

I tried all of the over methods over the food of two weeks. So, because that week 3 the Blue Hair shade Removal, ns opted to wait a mainly from any kind of other “processing” and just deep problem my hair each night to help it overcome the damages of all this washing and processing. End the following week i tried the an ext “mild” options, which contained –

Swimming If you must fade her colour swim in a chlorinated pool will certainly fade semi-permanent colour, and also with recurring exposure can fade long-term colour slightly. Swimming in the sea can additionally lighten her colour. The results are subtle yet if you a consistent swimmer you will an alert a difference.

Sun Exposure (without a UV protectant on mine hair)

While ns don’t desire to encourage anyone to disclose themselves to sun-damage, most unnatural colours space not particularly photostable. If girlfriend can safely give your hair a little bit of sunlight exposure end a few days girlfriend will an alert a difference in colour. Constantly take precautions to stop sunburn to her skin (don’t forget her scalp).

Bath Salts

No, ns don’t mean the party medicine – i’m talking around the stuff your granny offers to relax her aches and pains. Bath salts room a mixture of soluble minerals that are included to bathtub water and usually incorporate Epsom salts and also sodium bicarbonate. Come use, just run a bath, sprinkle in part bath salts and also soak your hair for as lengthy as possible. Colour is drawn out of her hair, and also if there’s a the majority of pigment in your hair, you’ll check out a swimming pool of colour wherein you’ve to be soaking!

I understand these swimming and sun job-related on remove reds from past experience.. Yet this write-up wouldn’t be titled “stubborn blue” if all these methods operated on blue hair. The Swimming and Sun methods didn’t seem to execute much, yet hey… in ~ this point even fifty percent a the shade lighter and also I to be ecstatic. I didn’t see ANY readjust after do the efforts the bath salts – yet I did gain an hour of beach in the tub… so probably that was the universe telling me to it is in at peace with the staying blue in mine hair?

By this point… i was beginning to lose hope, for this reason I read through ALLLLLLLL the comments on the post and also pulled out a few nuggets of what “worked” because that the readers… They did a an excellent job in ~ pointing me to which of the 10 means was actually working. Indigenous the comments I acquired the staying 3 techniques I would shot before providing in and just wait for the blue come fade naturally.

Attempt #8 – Opposing Colors

Have I pointed out how tired I to be from every this hair washing? lol… in the grand plan of life – It’s just hair and I might have simply been patient because that the blue dye to fade naturally, yet I was really excited for 1. Make the efforts a new style and 2. Blogging around the new style before summer. So, i went through a method covered in this youtube video that argues using a color opposite of the blue top top the shade wheel. Ns picked increase an orange/copper color and a red.

I saw town – I extended my entirety head in the orange/red color (except because that my bands because I knew i was walking to want those yellow). All of my hair to be doused in orangey/red color dye. I figured worse case scenario red + blue dye would provide me a purplish shade on the under next of mine hair i beg your pardon I could live with. But that didn’t occur -_-

In fact, every one of the red simply washed out and the blue remained… ns couldn’t think my eyes.

Here’s a photo of the before, during, and after:


Attempt #9 – Dawn dish Soap & Baking Soda

I traction this reminder from the comment of the forum write-up I stated before. Ns had also heard native the youtubers the the dawn food soap faded the color faster… so i ran come Walgreens picked up a $1 bottle of blue Dawn dish soap and a $1 crate of baking soda. I mixed around a 1:1 ratio of each right into a little cup and also made about 1/4 cup that the mixture. Then ns hopped in the shower and lathered that up. I let that sit top top the hair for 5-10 minutes while i finished showering and also shaving… then ns rinsed….and rinsed… and rinsed… lol.

Seriously, the tiny dime size amount of food soap the washes your dishes x20 remained in my hair. I didn’t take it it easy once lathering and also payed for it once it involved rinsing – mann to be my eight tired.

The good news – this worked INSANELY well. For this reason well, i wish I had actually tried it very first to see how it would affect my hair prior to all the various other fading techniques I tried.

Just take it a look at the before and also after pics below. Since it operated so well, the following day, ns did the exact same thing and ended up through a very light the shade of skies blue the remainder of my hair was totally blonde.

Proof Pic:


Attempt #10 – High-lift Blonde Dye

I saved this choice for last since it’s what was recommended together a last option in the comments and in the post post I stated previously. After ~ the food soap and also baking soda removed most of the blue and also all the other colors to be faded the end of my hair leaving behind an ash blonde color, i went for it and also picked up a high background bleach blonde kit for the drug store.

This got the remaining blue shade the end leaving behind a soft the shade of blue proper noticeable. Now that i’m blonde again… ns rewarded mine hair with a week off and a deep conditioning therapy at a neighborhood salon.

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Do me a favor – if you try any of these methods tag us in your prior to or ~ pic so we can see just how well they worked for you! Oh and also don’t forget to pin this for later… it’ll come in handy once you’re all set for the next brand-new color.