I read that at once before 1600CE the Dutch whereby the shortest civilization in Europe, now they room the tallest in the world.

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So I'm assuming because of a distinction in nutrition and maybe also genetic trends (possible sexual choice in place?) that Romans to be shorter.

How tall were old Romans? just how tall was Gaius Julius Caesar; execute we have actually records?

I recognize Nero was obese, was excessive weight a problem in Rome?

How large were various other ancients?

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I recall that the height of the median Roman of the era to be 5'6, for this reason your mean soldier would most likely be taller, and great generals topping that scale. So, ns think putting Julius what in the 5'8-6' foot selection would it is in acceptable. Remember, this guys had to get on a horse. Not straightforward to perform if you're just 5 feet tall.

Interesting side note: Napoleon to be 5'6; not incredibly quick by most standards. But when pictured follow me side his personal guard made up of the tallest and most strapping men in the army, you can begin to view why he's gone under as the prime example of 'little man complex'.

For non-US:

the average elevation of the typical Roman that the era to be 5'6

That's 167.5cm

putting Julius somewhere in the 5'8-6' foot range

172.5 centimeter - 183 cm range

I read somewhere that Napoleon was actually not short at all, and also the totality "Napoleon to be short" thing was make by the British. Apparently, France and also Britain at the moment had various measurement lengths, therefore Napoleon's height, we'll go with 5'6 because you said that and also I don't remember, to be considered short in Britain but normal in France.

I'm curious if there is anything written to back up the idea that roman inn generals where generally on the tall side the things, I've no come throughout this together a metric offered to pick the army leader and I'm curious if, and also to what level this to be the case.

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