If friend think that the unpretentious stress rod as something that does little more than host up curtains, think again. These simple rods are quick to install and also generally leave no note when you take them down, for this reason they function well nearly anywhere. Read on because that a chuck 25 an innovative and unconventional supplies for a stress rod, beyond holding up her shower curtain.

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A faithful Love

Tension Shelf shoe Rack

If you, or someone else in her home, has actually a arsenal of pair of shoes eating up valuable closet space, use a few tension rods to acquire the high heels off the floor and also display castle in a tidy fashion. This anxiety shelf cheat works good inside the closet itself, or as displayed here, in a convenient dressing room nook.

If your shoe arsenal goes past high heels, think about making this DIY floating shoe organizer this weekend.

Photo: Courtesy of A faithful Love

Litter box Coverage

There’s nothing an ext adorable 보다 a kitten. And there are few things more unpleasant than having actually to view that kitten’s litter box. Usage a closet stress and anxiety rod and also some spare cloth to give your cat’s litter box some privacy and also a feeling of style.

If this project sounds prefer your type of DIY fun, here’s another 40 perfect pet projects to display your pet part love.

Vertical Storage

Most anxiety rod installations involve spanning a horizontal distance, yet this clever display makes the most out of tiny floor room by acquisition the storage in a vertical direction. Often seen provided in shower head caddies, this method is also a good fit because that garages and also pantries.

In fact, it’s an especially great solution because that renters or home-owners who want off-kitchen storage, but don’t have a complete room designated as a pantry.

Make Cookie Sheets was standing at Attention

It’s a basic law the nature: everything cookie sheet you require is certain to be in ~ the bottom of the stack. That would clearly be more convenient to store level items prefer cookie sheet and cutting boards on your side, so that they’re all easily available. However how to carry out this once standard cabinets simply don’t allow for vertical storage? protect against the aggravation the the cookie-sheet shuffle by removing shelves and also running tension rods native the room floor to ceiling creating tension shelves. Once you’ve tried the end this vertical storage, friend may uncover you can’t imagine walk back.

If so, try out a much more permanent equipment to transform a cabinet to upright storage.

Photo: Courtesy of Lizy B. Bakes

Bathtub Toy Organizer

Make bath time clean up a breeze by placing toy bins ideal on the next of the tub. With the included benefit of removed the an extremely adult pain of stepping ~ above a to reduce toy throughout a shower, this basic hack is a time saver and also an attractive solution to the clutter of bath toys. Every it bring away is a closet stress rod, shower head curtain rings and also open-mesh bins. Once you acquire bath playthings tamed, you may be in a the atmosphere to handle the remainder of the bathroom.

If so, here’s an increased list the DIY bathroom storage hacks.

Photo: Courtesy of Cleverly Simple

Stain Rag dry Rack

One of the many common types of lumber stain in the DIY neighborhood is wiping stain. Quick and easy, wiping stains space terrific, however they do result in stain rags which have to be disposed the properly. The supplied rags should be spread out out and allowed to dry. If not, the heat produced by the drying stain won’t be able to escape, i m sorry can reason a fast rise in temperature. This subsequently mixes through the oxygen trapped in the crumpled rag, and before long, the entirety pile deserve to go increase in flames.

A simple means to stop this is to location a series of small tension rods throughout the basin of a energy sink or various other container that can stand to gain dirty. Use the rods as drying racks, draping stain rags throughout them and allowing the stain fumes to escape together the stain for sure dries.

If friend have an ext questions, checkout this DIY Dictionary short article on voluntarily combustion.

DIY Coffee Station

This tasteful and elegant coffee terminal blends straightforward design through impeccable shade choices. The marine blue that the frame is counter by the copper tension rods and crisp, clean white the the mugs.

This setup looks good on its own or alongside other caffeinated DIY projects, such together a DIY coffee pod organizer.

Photo: Courtesy the Jen Woodhouse

Gift Wrap and Ribbon Organizer

Just like a ice cream dispenser, a stress and anxiety rod can be included into a crafting station and also loaded up through gift wrap or ribbon spools. Pair through some close-at-hand scissors, ice cream measure and also straight-edge, and you’ve obtained a useful and also tidy pack station. Yet the finest thing about using anxiety rods? They breakdown quickly and also easily when not in use. That renders them one ideal an option if you want to make a compact gift plunder station.

Photo: Courtesy of Sew numerous Ways

Window tension Rod Decoration

Every DIYer to know to pack up on repaint sticks through every expedition to the repaint store. However what to carry out with every those repaint sticks as soon as they’ve to be used? This fun window tension rod job keeps those rod from ending up in the landfill and also turns lock (when an unified with a stress and anxiety rod) right into a whimsical home window decoration.

Sometimes it seems there’s important no end to the an imaginative twists ~ above classic window decor!

Photo: Courtesy of Hallmark Channel

Laundry Room Utility

Laundry rooms room notoriously cluttered and messy, which is ironic, given that they just exist in bespeak to help us clean ours laundry. Bring some order back to your laundry room v this simple closet anxiety rod and wire shelf hack. The addition of tension- rod-hung curtains hides the basic shelving, enabling you to store your budget as low together possible. Of course, as soon as you obtain started arranging your laundry room, you might not want to stop!

Before long, you might even discover that you’ve converted whole laundry area to perfect space.

Photo: Courtesy that Sew and Sow Life

Shop towel Holder

Hanging the end in the shop is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a day, however let’s be honest: it’s additionally one that the messiest. Set up a stress and anxiety rod to hold a roll of shop towels or a bag that rags. This is an especially an excellent solution if her shop is in an loose space, as the bays in between studs are the perfect width for a towel roll or rag holder.

Bed Loft Hideaway

Bed lofts open up an enormous amount of floor space, but they also can look at cluttered, especially in a child’s bedroom where toys have the right to be difficult to corral. Instead of living v the clutter or continuous policing her child’s tidiness, think about using a tension rod to quickly and easily hide the mess. The end of sight, out of mind!

And if you’d favor a an ext ‘built-out’ look to a loft bed, take it a look at this reader project for inspiration!

Photo: Courtesy of daniel Oakey Interiors

Separate Pot Lids

Loose pot and pan lids deserve to be a rattling, clangy irritation every time you open and shut a room drawer. Remove this annoyance by just placing a anxiety rod across the broad of the drawer. This provides just enough space to slide in pot lids, wherein they will certainly be held snugly between the rod and also the drawer face. As with that, you’ve got much more space and also a silent slide!

If your tastes run much more towards putting your quality cookware ~ above display, here are 12 added solutions because that storing pots and pans.

Photo: Courtesy the Imperfect Homemaking

Jewelry Rack

Set up a stress rod across the back of a closet or along a bathroom sidewall, collection some handy S-hooks ~ above it and you’ve suddenly expanded storage for jewelry, scarves and any other items that clutter up her closet. This guideline works especially well because that brightly fancy object favor jewelry or scarves, since they instantly come to be a focus point in the room. But there’s nothing stopping you from adapting it for other items, as well.

Once you have your jewelry the end of the way, you can even obtain inspired to try out these other 15 tips because that reclaiming her closet space.

Photo: Courtesy of Engineer your Space

Bed Dust Ruffle

An under-bed dust ruffle (or bed skirt) is a wonderful way to hide the area under your bed if you desire to usage it because that storage, or simply hate seeing the dust collect down there. Luckily, you deserve to enjoy the perfect look that a bed dress quickly and easily by to run a stress and anxiety rod throughout the frame and draping it v an attractive fabric.

If you uncover that the bed skirt isn’t best for you, try this under-bed storage crate project.

Pet Gates

Keep your furry four-footed friends native wandering through the residence with this an easy but efficient use of stress rods. Collection up a top and also bottom rod, and also stretch fabric in between them, and also you’ll have sufficient of a barrier to let your pet know that girlfriend don’t desire them to overcome the threshold. If you don’t have spare fabric, simply hang several rods to produce a door with even less fuss. Of course, stress rods are not enough to store out an especially determined pet, however it will certainly at least be a good training aid.

And if her pet gets as well enthusiastic, keep in mind the you can quickly repair most pet nipper marks.

Photo: Courtesy that A an innovative Life

Room Divider

Perfect for splitting a room right into subsections, a closet stress and anxiety rod and also curtain can develop a feeling of privacy and also make an too many large, impersonal an are into other cozy and also intimate. You have the right to purchase folding divider screens, pre-built divider kit with anxiety rod and also curtain, or take it the DIY approach.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of incredible DIY room dividers in the The family Handyman archives.

Rosin record or Drawing paper Table

Protect your working room or produce a worry-free drawing table for children with a tension rod and roll of handmade paper. On slide the roll of document onto a stress and anxiety rod, then place the rod between the political parties of the table apron or (if the apron is too small to use) in between two table legs. Traction the file up and also over the table lip, secure with a weighted item or non-marring tape, and also you’ve obtained a durable and also user-friendly file topper.

If you desire a more permanent installation, here’s a tutorial because that installing a an ext secure dispenser.

Doorways with Flair

If you have actually an open up doorway in your home, or if you have an inner door the is clunky or unattractive, consider using a home window tension rod and also fabric curtain together a divider. This systems doesn’t do much to cut down top top sound, but it look at great, and can soften the feeling of a room v minimal expense.

If you carry out decide to eliminate a door, be certain to execute it smart and safely.

Photo: Courtesy that 11 Magnolia Lane

Winter equipment Drying Rack

Winter brings rain and also snow, and also that consequently brings wet gloves, hats and also coats. Don’t just jam those wet items right into a dark closet, bring them the end of the closet so they can dry out properly! This drying line offers wire and eyelets, however simply swap the end a anxiety rod for the wire, and you’ll have a systems to dry out gloves, hats and also snow equipment that won’t damages the wall where it’s installed. The items will certainly dry and be prepared for the following trip outside, and also the moisture will disperse right into your home’s environment, definition that this pointer does dual duty.

Using a drying rack is among these 12 ways to combat winter dryness.

Faux roman Shades

Eye-catching home window treatments aren’t cheap, and Roman shades space no exception. But with this clever hack, you have the right to have the Roman-shade look v nothing much more than window tension rods and some attractive fabric. Far better yet, if you use iron-on hem tape, then these window treatments end up being a zero-sew project! and when you’re pulling under the old blinds to cave your brand-new shades, don’t just toss lock in the trash.

Here space 15 means to repurpose old blinds.

Photo: Courtesy of southern in the City

Spice Rack Organizers

It’s a common kitchen warehouse problem: freckles jars are just a couple of inches tall, but they’re regularly stored in a cabinet that has actually a complete foot in between shelves. That outcomes in a the majority of wasted an are and lost spices. Usage one or an ext tension rods to divide your spice storage into more useful subsections, and keep your spice containers close in ~ hand. This create a curtain pole shelf!

Here’s much more detail top top this clever trick, as well as 11 other cabinet warehouse hacks.

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Ohio-based freelance writer and also author Dan Stout is a former residential remodeler, commercial site supervisor and also maintenance manager. He’s worked on nearly all aspects of building and DIY consisting of project planning and also permitting, plumbing, simple electric, drywall, carpentry, tiling, painting and also more. He additionally publishes noir fantasy thrillers, including The Carter Series, from Penguin imprint DAW Books.

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