When patients are considering fat move for face rejuvenation, among the concerns that frequently comes up is, “How affordable is the fat injection?” when Dr. Joseph T. Cruise and also all the employee at Cruise Plastic Surgery recognize that cost of fat transfer can be among the factors in determining her cosmetic surgical procedure decisions, we have seen exactly how the investment in themselves reaps multiple rewards, both physical and emotional, because that our patients.

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Quality vs. Value

Selecting the ideal plastic operated doctor for her cosmetic surgery can be a multi-layered process. While that is understandable that the cost of fat transfer might play a function in your decision, we strongly encourage every patients not to choose a surgeon based on price alone. Patient should take into consideration how the irreversible benefits the an competent surgeon offset with the expense, and also how wonderful surgeons collection themselves apart with consistent, patient-satisfying results. The is well worth it to ensure you will do it receive quality care and also the results you’re searching for rather than picking a low-cost fat transfer through inferior or even unsafe results.

However, despite the importance of picking a top quality procedure, fat deliver is regularly slightly more affordable than more extensive alternatives, such as a facelift. Additionally, due to the fact that fat carry is permanent, the procedure may current a lower price over time versus injectable dermal fillers, which malfunction and necessitate repetitive procedures.

The best way to research a plastic surgeon’s outcomes for yourself is to view as many before and also after photos of fat transport as girlfriend can. A snapshot is precious a thousand words, and also in Joseph T Cruise, MD’s collection you can find the outcomes of numerous satisfied patient with impressive results. You can compare before-and-after photos of fat move to the face, including the under-eye area, here.


Fat Transfer expense Determining Factors

The all at once cost the a fat transfer surgery might vary according to several various factors. The objective of fat deliver surgeries can vary, as it is one individualized procedure.

Dr. Cruise most commonly performs fat transfers or fat injections in the face, consisting of fat grafting under the eyes. The expense of moving body fat come the face will vary depending upon the level of the procedure.

It is also possible to utilize fat grafting methods to deliver tissue to the breasts. Known as one “autologous fat transfer” or “fat deliver breast augmentation,” this procedure’s price again might differ relying on the level of the surgery.

Joseph T Cruise, MD’s Approach

Joseph T Cruise, MD bring away a customized approach to face rejuvenation, ensuring the each patient receives the best results for their individual concerns. Fat carry is the procedure of instead of fat into facial locations that have been affected by aging, such as about the eyes and also mouth. Fat is injected into the problem locations to rejuvenate wrinkles, refill underlying areas to offer skin volume, and smooth out facial areas that have end up being stretched and also loose. Skin structure is also greatly improved. Fat transfer is regularly performed together a component of a facial rejuvenation package, and is conveniently merged with various other procedures.

Dr. Cruise an initial harvests the organization from one area of the patient’s body, climate injects this fat right into the challenge to gain back volume and also fill in wrinkles. The fat deliver procedure can typically be perform under regional anesthesia.

On average, the expense of fat transport is $4,500, depending upon the extent of the procedure and also the form of anesthesia used. This price selection includes typical fees for the operation facility and also equipment, surgeon and also anesthesiologist, and also follow-up appointments in ~ our Orange county office. Her individual price may vary depending upon your personal needs, and we will administer you with specific cost estimate for her fat transport at your pre-surgery consultation.

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Find out more about fat transfer financing options easily accessible through Cruise Plastic Surgery.