Have you been wondering just how to install a penny floor? If you"re spring to placed money right into a room you have the right to literally execute so by using pennies and also epoxy. I"ll tell and show you exactly how i did it, action by step.

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I freshly bought a home and I have actually been top top a DIY kick. Once I was out with my relator and also found “the one”, ns looked in ~ the kitchen and also instantly determined a penny floor would light up the room. I"d seena penny floor at the restaurant Lincoln in Washington, DC and other coin projects almost everywhere Pinterest, however didn"t have any idea what i was gaining myself into.


How to download a penny Floor

Obviously pennies space Made in USA and every one of my supplies were together well, so installing a coin floor is a great Made in USA DIY project. Here's a action by step explanation that the process my dad and also I went through to download a coin floor.


Basic Epoxy device Kit: mix sticks, mix drill bit, (2) 5-quart i graduated containers, (1) 1-quart graduated containerAdditional 5-quart and 1-quart graduated containers as needed, depending on the dimension of the floorBlow torch or hot blow dryer


Step 1: measure The Floor SpaceStep 2: collection Pennies

If you lay the pennies really close and also tight together is will certainly be around 278 pennies per square foot. My 38 square foot kitchen took 10, 564 pennies!

Step 3: Prepare the Floor

Make certain the floor is level. If the floor isn"t level or you don"t prefer the shade underneath it (it will display through the epoxy) girlfriend will desire to readjust it. Move every little thing out the the room- even appliances. Don"t put pennies under a stove. Eliminate baseboard molding so you can get the pennies best to the leaf (you will but the molding ago on ~ the job is done). Wash the floor and also wait for it to dry.

Step 4: glue Pennies to the Floor

Gluing the pennies is very time consuming.I recommend using good old fashionedElmer"s Glue(Made in the USA) to adhesive the pennies. Usage the Elmer"s Glue and place every penny ~ above the floor. The trick is not to use too much glue. Elmer"s claims to dry clear, yet it is a little cloudy still when it dries. You can see whatever once the epoxy is laid, therefore don"t use too much glue because you"ll view the excess.

Step 5: Prepping and also Pouring the Epoxy

Prepare the epoxy per manufacturers directions.

Epoxy tip #1: The room need to be at least 75 degrees. We used a an are heater to save the room warm and also hung a sheet end the door to catch the warm in. We additionally left the epoxy in the room over night so the was warm when se used it the following day.

Epoxy tip #2: follow the epoxy instructions closely to avoid air bubbles together you room stirring and mixing the epoxy.

Mark your space so you know what area to pour each gallon that epoxy. I had actually 3 gallons to pour, for this reason we significant the floor in thirds. Use new buckets and also stir sticks through each gallon friend mix. Keep your eye ~ above the epoxy for air bubbles when you pour. Use heat v the punch torch or punch dryer to remove bubbles. You have actually up come 20 minutes to remove them and they will certainly keep showing up for the complete 20 minutes.

Step 6: Wait if Epoxy Drys and also Cures...then ENJOY!

Drying reminder #1: after 72 hours the floor will be 99% cured and also ready for you to walk on. I"d avoid putting heavy objects top top the floor if friend can.

Drying reminder #2: save the room at 75 levels while it is drying.

Be patient! This job is very time consuming- native gluing every penny to the floor to the time it takes come the epoxy come dry and cure. Wait as long as feasible for the epoxy to dry and also cure before you to walk on that or put heavy objects ~ above it. Trust me, it will certainly be worth the wait!!

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