Atlanta, GA and Savannah, GA are around 250 mile apart. Atlanta, perched in the northwestern portion of the state, is the state capital and largest city in Georgia with a population of around 450,000. On the opposite end of the state, in east main Georgia not too far from the coast, is Savannah v a populace of around 142,000, the oldest city in the state. How far is Savannah indigenous Atlanta? The street from Atlanta to Savannah is about 250 miles. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have actually changed.

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Atlanta, GA is residence to a big airport: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta international Airport. The airport has much come offer including shopping, dining, and many services such together assisting folks v disabilities and also helping v traveling pets. That is a significant hub because that Delta Airlines. A round trip flight from Atlanta come Savannah is most likely to be the fastest means to travel. Delta supplies non-stop flights through weekday fares coming in at just over $200 and about 1 hour paris time. Weekend fares are slightly higher at around $290. With plenty of flights every day there room a many of opportunities to obtain to Savannah through plane. For one with minimal time, this option appears perfect. American and also United Airlines additionally offer company to Savannah v a pair of drawbacks. One, neither airline provides a non-stop flight. Two, fares are slightly higher on American ($220) and significantly higher on joined ($315). So at this allude it boils down to one’s selection of desired airline, which might take precedence over price and time schedule.Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta global Airport is around 20 mile from downtown Atlanta. From the city center take I-75/85 southern to I-85. The plane is just off the I-85. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta global Airport has actually several levels of parking. Hourly and daily parking is easily accessible in short-lived lots beginning at $2/hour and going up to $36/day maximum. Extended parking starts in ~ $3/hour with a $16/day maximum. Economic situation lots space $3/hour or $12/day. Park and ride lots room $3/hour with a $9 everyday maximum. In addition, there are several airport many hotels that offer sleep/park packages which room perfect for at an early stage morning departures. Whatever one’s parking needs, the Atlanta airport has actually many options from which to choose. Reservations have the right to be created parking.

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Amtrak offers company to Savannah top top the Crescent/Carolinian/Palmetto Route and the Crescent/Silver Star Route. Fares start at $170. The route takes end 13 hrs one way. The Crescent/Silver Star route is one overnight route that supplies roomettes through two bunks and also an in-room sink and toilet or the Viewliner Bedroom i beg your pardon is larger and also can accommodate 3 passengers. The fare because that the roomette is $716 roundtrip and the bedroom is $1,108. The amenities because that these bedroom options are many: meals room included; reclining seats; a large window; surrounding showers (the bedroom has actually a en suite shower); soap and shower amenities; electrical outlets; climate control; individual reading lights; fold-down table; garment rack; towels and bed linens; coffee; and also bottled water. These bedroom options fill up fast so the is recommended on make bookings early. The Crescent/Carolinian/Palmetto route is overnight together well and also has many transfers and no bedroom cars; not probably the many convenient the the routes.A business class chair on the Crescent/Silver Star route costs roughly $461. Exclude, amenities are obtainable for this course of fare. This ticket is completely refundable if cancelled before departure. Service travelers obtain a 25% allude bonus because that Amtrak Guest Rewards members. The service class has actually a dedicated car with organization attendant. Various other perks incorporate a pillow, cost-free soft drink and access to premium digital newspapers.Also accessible on pick routes is train-side confirm bike service. Bookings are necessary. Travelers must have the ability to handle and also lift the bike approximately the train automobile themselves. Only standard bikes space permitted; one per person.Dining is also accessible on the trains. A café automobile serves up take-out type foods such together sandwiches, pizza, snacks, soft drinks, and also beer and alcoholic beverages.Amtrak offers a selection of deals that adjust regularly. Senior discounts of 15%, AAA member discount, 50% companion fare simply to surname a few. Restrictions apply. Pets room not allowed on the routes between Atlanta and Savannah. Inspect out the Amtrak website for additional information and to make your appointments The distance from Savannah to Atlanta is about 250 miles..

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over there are daily bus trips readily available by The Greyhound Bus between Atlanta and also Savannah. Over there are 4 stations in Atlanta: Atlanta Amtrak, Atlanta Greyhound Station, West Peachtree Street NW, and also Turlmex Atlanta Stop. Fares start at $32 depending on the day, time and station of departure. The one method trip lasts around 4.5 hours.Just as modern technology has advanced, the services and amenities available on Greyhound bus trips are far superior come yesteryear. Personal, adjustable air vents; bathtub room ~ above board; wheelchair lift and seating space; one’s selection of seat; priority boarding for certain classes that fares; and overhead warehouse – all contained for the traveler’s comfort and also convenience. Various other perks include free Wi-Fi, extra foot room, reclining seats, and also 3-point safety belts. Greyhound also delivers packages. If one enjoys traveling by bus, Greyhound supplies a generous reward routine as well.By private Transfer ServiceShuttleFare operates a shuttle from Atlanta to Savannah. The fare starts at $602 one-way. The exorbitant fare does not seem like a valuable option, however it is out there.Grand Limousine operates transparent the state that Georgia. For a an ext personalized, exclusive ride, contact Grand Limousine. V runs between the airports and also all end the state, this ride can offer privacy, luxury and also convenience.

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The convenience and also flexibility of traveling by auto far outweighs any kind of disadvantages. Sightseeing is constantly a huge plus – numerous things to check out along one American roadway. Shops, flea markets, diners, restaurants and much more are all part of the road expedition experience.Rental car are available in Atlanta. Economic situation cars start at $18/day and standard cars space $20/day. Every the major car rental organ are stood for in Atlanta. Over there are many websites the can aid one to make reservation a auto such as;; and also others. For maybe a cheaper deal one could also check v whereby one names their own price.Regardless of even if it is one rents a vehicle or drives their own personal car, the route options will it is in the same.If one has a day or 2 to spend in Atlanta prior to heading come Savannah there are a couple of attractions precious seeing: Michael C. Carlos Museum (ancient art); Fernbank Science center (planetarium and exhibits); Legoland; stone Mountain (theme park); Georgia Aquarium; and Zoo Atlanta. Among the most direct routes is to take I-75 south out of Atlanta and also connect with I-16. This course will take about 3½ hrs without making any stops. Take it I-75 to Macon wherein I-16 comes in at departure 165. Monitor I-16 come Savannah. As one nears Savannah, I-16 additionally receives a name: Jim Gillis historic Savannah Parkway. This route will take one right right into downtown Savannah.In Macon, there space a few things to check out. Macon is home to The Georgia sports Hall of Fame. There is likewise a fantastic river walk called the Ocmulgee heritage Trail follow me the Ocmulgee River; the trail has actually over 11 miles of trails v Macon. Through plenty of areas to stop, gain nature, picnic and also more, this trail will certainly be a great addition come one’s roadway trip.An alternative route is to take it I-20 the end of Atlanta come Madison where one will head southern on us Hwy 441. Us Hwy. 441 will attach with I-16 in ~ Dublin. This course will take around 4 hours. Just east of united state Hwy. 441 south of Madison is the southerly Cross Ranch, a dude ranch styled bed and breakfast v all the amenities one can hope for including a swimming pool and also a talk stable. Us Hwy. 441 continues over the beautiful Lake Sinclair. At Dublin, obtain on I-16 and head toward Savannah.Once in Savannah, there will certainly be plenty of things to see and also do. Being the oldest city in Georgia, over there is an abundance of historic places come see. What a good way come learn about American history. If one needs lodging, over there are numerous bed and breakfast locations, both downtown Savannah and also on the shore on Tybee Island. A great selection of hotel chain is also easily accessible in Savannah consisting of Doubletree, comfort Suites, Marriott, Courtyard, Hilton, LaQuinta, and also many more. And for one’s eats, there are plenty the options: seafood, sandwiches, pizza, southerly down-home cooking, late night hot spots, upscale, casual, eclectic, and ethnic – you surname it, Savannah deserve to serve the up.

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There are two main bicycle paths from Atlanta come Savannah. One is recognized as the best Wing and the other the Left Wing. A view of Georgia’s official bike map looks choose a spider net with hundreds of trails and also highways interconnecting. Prior to you embark top top the ride, make sure you are in great physical shape. This drive is 330 miles with plenty that ups and also downs. Arrangement the gear you will lug – tent, resting bag, clothing, food stuffs, water. The use of pannier bags is much less complicated than a hefty backpack – let the bike bring the load. And around the bike, make certain it is fit come you – your height, weight, reach, the gears, etc. One needs to be able to handle the bike in all species of situations. Also, make sure you have a ideal fitting helmet – protection of the cranium is many essential. Setup your pilgrimage well, ride through the wind, and also enjoy the scenic byways the Georgia.Georgia also has state go trails. If there room plenty of go trails there space none the go between Atlanta and Savannah.

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Atlanta come Savannah Distance: Driving, by Plane, Train or Bus

cover Photo: Courtesy of f11photo - much more Ideas: Mansion top top Forsyth Park in Savanna

The Mansion ~ above Forsyth Park is a gorgeous, Victorian format boutique hotel located in Savannah, Georgia. The boasts roman inn charm and also stunning architecture and also artful taste. In fact, the structure itself is a work of art. In ~ the hotel there are 125 guest rooms, every elegantly appointed v luxurious furnishings. The moment guests go in to the hotel they, will certainly be in awe that the beauty, native the 400 initial art piece to the Versace furniture and Lalique chandelier. Guests will enjoy the historical downtown Savannah area and the on-site spa. There is very delicious dining easily accessible at the hotel and also plenty of options off-site as well, every within near distance. With the AAA 4 Diamond rating that Mansion on Forsyth Park has been awarded, guests have the right to rest assured they will certainly be staying in comfort and style and also with great customer service.Each room offers guests a luxurious, comfortable room to come “home” to at the finish of a day of exploring, shopping, or taking component in other activities. The historical charm is accented by contemporary amenities and also elegant style. The marble bathrooms feature luxurious showers, and the overlapping tubs room perfect because that relaxing and also unwinding. The plush, all-white bedding will certainly wrap guest in ultimate comfort. Every bed is adorned through a tradition headboard replete with Victorian format elegance. Over there are four room category at Mansion on Forsyth Park: typical Rooms, luxurious Forsyth Rooms, Concierge Guestrooms, and also Executive King Rooms.Standard Rooms feature crisp, all-white bedding with either one king or two queen dimension beds. The overlapping soaker tub or whirlpool bath tub offers a luxurious place to soothe and relax exhausted muscles.Deluxe Forsyth Rooms are easily accessible with either one king or two queen beds, and also they market beautiful views overlooking Forsyth Park. The all-white bedding and also marble finishes in the bathroom add to the ultra-elegance the the space.The Concierge Guestrooms space of equal elegance and comfort to the Standard and also Deluxe rooms. However, Concierge Guestrooms are situated on the highest floor the the mansion, the concierge floor. This floor provides guests an evening turndown organization upon request, a lounge v seating, working space, and a boardroom table. Guests on this level room treated to complimentary continental breakfast day-to-day from 6:30 a.m. Come 10 a.m. And an evening reception indigenous 5 p.m. Come 8 p.m.Executive King Rooms administer guests with additional space and comfort. These junior suites market a life room area with table and also chairs because that up to four people and a pull-out sofa bed for added sleeping space.The floor come ceiling windows provide guests through a beautiful view of Forsyth Park and include to the spacious, airy feel of the suite. This suites space the many luxurious in ~ Mansion on Forsyth Park, perfect because that a romantic getaway or even suited to a business travel request extra workspace.Next read: finest Time to Visit Savannah, Georgia & other Travel TipsThe Mansion on Forsyth Park is home to 700 Drayton Restaurant. The is an elegant, art-filled facility located within the mansion. Castle are open up seven days every week because that breakfast, lunch, and also dinner as well as brunch on Sundays. They provide guests with considerable wine selection with options to match any entree or dessert. 700 Drayton Restaurant offers up countless dishes to select from, including fresh seafood and also locally inspired cuisine. If guests great to dine in your room, arrangements can be produced room business from the restaurant. Price are really reasonable, and portions room generousBreakfast at 700 Drayton Restaurant can include southern favorites such together shrimp and grits or the Drayton Breakfast, i m sorry is your take on corned beef hash, eggs, and also grits. Lighter fare is also obtainable such together granola and yogurt, toast, or bagels and also fruit.For lunch, guests can enjoy a variety of soups, salads, burgers, and sandwiches or opt because that a heartier entree such as Ginger Chicken or Mediterranean small Salmon. There is also a lunch dessert menu with tempting developments such together the Nutella Lava Cake.Guests can end up their day in ~ 700 Drayton Restaurant with a satisfying, delicious dinner. There is surely something for anyone to love on the menu. Entrees incorporate Rigatoni and Pork Belly, Maple Leaf farms Duck Breast, Trout, and Bison new York piece Steak. Guest can select a fine wine or craft beer to accompany their meal. If youstill have actually room after enjoying the generous parts of dinner, check out the dessert menu, which uses a sweet finish with options like Pumpkin freckles Cheesecake.Forsyth Park coffee shop is a an excellent place to gain a light breakfast or lunch and take in the entertain that might be onstage at the bandshell. The café offer American style cuisine in a casual, serene atmosphere. Guests will certainly marvel end the restored wartime ft that is currently the café.Guests don’t need to leave the mansion to gain cocktails and also lounging with friends. Casimir’s Lounge is up a brief leopard-patterned collection of stairs ~ above the rooftop through views overlooking the park. This rooftop terrace offers guests a lounge area and also a bar v comfortable seating and also open, new air. The atmosphere is tranquil yet sultry. Guests will reap signature drinks such as the 700 Drayton Martini and also the Savannah-Grita. There is live entertainment and also music to enjoy on most days the the week. Bosendorfer Lounge is the perfect ar to satisfy in the evening for drinks and appetizers either before or after ~ dinner. Beside the bar is a Bosendorfer piano, i m sorry is a one-of-a-kind piece. Guest will reap a an excellent selection that handcrafted cocktails to pick from. Top top weekends, guest can catch their favorite team playing on the televisions. The Bosendorfer Lounge is open up from 11 a.m. Come 11 p.m. Daily.Next read: Savannah come AtlantaPoseidon Spa is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and also let your worries melt away. Guests will have a selection of therapy options, including different species of massage, facials, human body treatments, manicures and pedicures, and also more. The airy, patience décor will relax guest the minute they enter the spa. Over there is an outdoor relaxation pool and vapor showers because that guests to usage while in ~ the spa, and if guests great to work-related on your cardio fitness, there is a Cardio Fitness Center easily accessible 24 hrs a day.Guests deserve to customize a treatment plan for themselves through the help of the concierge or choose one the the Spa Packages available, which include multiple therapies such as massages, facials, and also nail care.If guests great to customize certain treatments, there space add-ons available. Hot stones, scalp treatment, collagen lip treatments, and many various other services are available upon request and also for secondary charge. It is ideal to to make reservation a spa therapy in development to ensure accessibility of yourdesired time slot.You are analysis "Atlanta to Savannah Distance: Driving, through Plane, Train or Bus " earlier to height

With the mansion gift on Forsyth Park, families can reap all the the park needs to offer. This 30-acre park features grassy areas perfect because that tossing a Frisbee or play catch as well as picnic areas for family members lunches. There space two playgrounds, one for younger children and one for older youngsters, and also they each have seating for parents to keep an eye on your kids and also relax in ~ the same time. The two-tiered fountain made of white actors iron ended up being an symbol in Savannah after gift made famed in the movie Midnight in the Garden of good and Evil. It renders for a good family photograph opportunity. The park café is a good place to protect against for a refreshment or seize a irradiate breakfast or lunch.Within a seven minute journey is the Savannah children’s Museum. It is an totally outdoor museum with loads of exhibits and hands on activities for families to discover together. That is situated in the old main of Georgia Railway Carpentry Shop. Surrounding to this museum is the Georgia State railroad Museum where families can check out antique locomotives and also different species of trains, all of which are outdoors.If there are any kind of Girl Scouts in the family, a have to see is the Juliette Gordon low Birth Place, i beg your pardon is home to the founder the the united state Girl Scouts. There are photos and also antiques, many of which call the story of just how the Girl Scouts come about.Along with other attractions, there room two purchase malls within easy distance of the Mansion top top Forsyth Park, and they are great for any kind of rainy days and forgetting in part shopping that course.Extra bed or cribs can be requested and also should be shown by management. Guests deserve to have approximately one extra bed or crib in their room. Weddings at the Mansion ~ above Forsyth Park space magical through vintage southern charm. The historical mansion is the perfect backdrop for wedding photos with its artful architecture and also Southern character. Weddings can be organized both indoors and also outdoors, and they can be small, intimate to work or other on a larger scale. The staff members in ~ Mansion ~ above Forsyth Park are happy to aid in making wedding day dreams a fact for couples. The Viennese Ballroom is a large capacity banquet room that can accommodate as much as 250 guests for a reception. The course, if couples require much much less space, this banquet room have the right to be split into two smaller areas. The Marble Garden Courtyard is a beautiful setup for a whimsical wedding and can accommodate as much as 80 guests for receptions. V Forsyth Park only measures away, that is straightforward to take spectacular picture by the famed fountain or even in the scenic setup of the park.If planning a meeting or conference, Mansion top top Forsyth Park is fitted to make it a success. The available audiovisual equipment is top-notch and enables for smooth running of all meetings, conferences, and also workshops. There are 6 meeting spaces in total, allowing for both smaller and larger events.The award-winning chefs in ~ the Mansion specially handmade the menus because that weddings, conferences, meetings, and also other events, and they come in a vast selection of alternatives to fit all budgets and also styles. Guests can select buffet style, grab and also go, or complete plated service. Over there are additionally a selection of bar options should guests great to have actually alcohol at their function. Through over 13,000 square feet that flexible event space, Mansion on Forsyth Park is the perfect place to host any function.GolfJust a brief 15-minute journey away, guests have the right to play an enjoyable round of golf at the Bacon Park Golf Course. This public golf food offers really reasonable prices because that either 9 or 18 feet games, and carts are easily accessible for rent together well. Along with adult pricing, the golf course additionally offers one under 17 rate, do this a great activity location for the entire family. This scenic course was initially designed in 1926 by Donald Ross and also has freshly been restored. Theirsister course, Cyprus Course, is also an choice for guests. ~ above the Bacon Park property is a practice range for guest wishing to journey golf balls and also practice your shot. Henderson Golf club is a little farther away(a 20-minute drive) yet is a neighborhood favorite with its backwoods views and beautiful wetlands. This course offers a difficulty for all skill levels with different tee options. That is a 71 par food overall and finishes turn off with quite a difficult hole. Their prices are really reasonable, and also they are open to the public. They have actually special pricing for teenagers 16-17 and also those from 10-16 years old. Children under 10 space free.Guests in ~ the Mansion ~ above Forsyth Park hotel will enjoy testing their an imaginative juices in the 700 Kitchen food preparation Classes, which are hosted on premises. Spots can be reserved ahead the time, and also guests will pleasure in producing delicious dishes inspired by local produce and also seafood. Guests age 12 and also up might enroll, and also they have to be prepared to spend three hours in the class. There is a security glass the wine offered to adult after knife an abilities and the course, student will have the ability to taste their creations. Because this cooking School is also easily accessible to the public, the is strongly recommended that guests enroll as quickly as possible.Within the mansion, guests will find The cool Bohemian Gallery, one exquisite collection showcasing numerous artwork pieces, sculptures, glass, jewellery, and accessories. Art from all over the people may be purchased at the gallery. There space monthly exhibits to browse and also opportunities come meet and also chat through artists.700 Drayton St.Savannah, Georgia 31401, Phone: 912-238-5158Back to: best Things to execute in Savannah and Best Romantic Weekend Getaways from Atlanta, Georgia. Friend are reading "Atlanta come Savannah Distance: Driving, through Plane, Train or Bus " ago to height