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Valley build National historic Park

1400 N. External Line drive King of Prussia, PA 19406


At Valley build National historic Park, located about a 35-minute drive northwest of center City Philadelphia, tourists travel back in time to the harrowing 1777-1778 winter encampment the George Washington’s continental Army.

No battles were dealt with in sink Forge, however the time the military camped below went under as one of the Revolutionary War’s most trying periods.

Exhibits and also artifacts in the Visitor facility (refurbished and reopened in June 2021) and also replicated huts and the original headquarters tell the story the the key winter the Washington and his troops endured.

And, with much more than 3,600 acre of rolling hills and also miles that well-worn hiking and biking trails, Valley build is currently a magnet because that runners, bicyclists and picnickers too as history buffs.

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Why Visit

The American Revolution

An crucial stop for anyone interested in delving into the American Revolution, the monuments, statues and also buildings that make up Valley forge National historical Park evoke much more than 240 year of American history.

The outbuildings — part authentic — lug that key winter to life.

The expanse chronicles one army’s epic struggle to survive versus terrible odds, hunger, condition and the unrelenting pressures of a harsh winter.

Rows that cannons in pho Park; the soldiers’ log in huts; and earthen fortifications approximately the pickled in salt of the park serve as quiet reminders the the past.

A nine-stop Encampment Tour course connects the crucial spots in the park. Three must-visit stops: the rebuilded log huts at the Muhlenberg Brigade Area; the iconic National Memorial Arch; and the moving Patriots of afri Descent Monument.

Hiking, Biking & Recreation

Woodlands, streams, meadows, monuments and miles the trails additionally make Valley build National historic Park a haven for outdoor fun.

The open space links the Schuylkill river Trail come the equine Shoe Trail, transforming the park into a significant hub in a 75-mile system linking Philadelphia to the Appalachian Trail. Two miles the the led Schuylkill flow Trail, i m sorry connects website in Montgomery County and also Philadelphia, run v the north next of the park.

Recreation facilities in the park include designated picnic areas, a six-mile multi-use trail, 35 mile of designated long trails, 19 mile of biking trails and 17 miles of horse trails.



Disease, supply problems, expiring enlistments and weakened morale took their toll on Washington’s troops during the winter encampment in ~ Valley create — currently memorialized as Valley build National historical Park — native 1777 to 1778.

Despite losing an ext than 2,000 soldiers come disease, the military emerged a stronger fighting force, walking on to stand your ground in ~ the battle of Monmouth.

Today, the outbuildings — some authentic, like Washington’s Headquarters, and also some replicated, choose the Muhlenberg Brigade huts — and monuments, in addition to tours led by park rangers and volunteers, bring that pivotal winter to life.

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Like no other Revolutionary war site, sink Forge says the arduous spiritual and also physical suffer the Continental military went with on its method to eventual, improbable victory.