Mr. Palmer’s Titanic II will of course have a recreation that the RMS Titanic’s cool Staircase, but did you know that the RMS Titanic additionally had ‘electric lifts’ (Elevators)?

The grand Staircase


Text indigenous the White Star line publicity brochure:

We leave the deck and also pass through among the doors which admit united state to the interior of the vessel, and, as if by magic, we at once shed feeling the we space on plank a ship, and also seem instead to it is in entering the room of some an excellent house top top shore. Dignified and simple oak panelling covers the walls, enriched in a few places by a little bit of elaborate sculpted work, memory of the days once Grinling Gibbons collaborated with his great contemporary, Wren.

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In the center of the hall rises a gracefully curving staircase, that balustrade supported by light scrollwork of iron v occasional touches of bronze, in the type of flowers and also foliage. Above all a an excellent dome the iron and also glass litter a overwhelming of light down the stairway, and also on the landing in ~ it a great carved panel gives its note of richness to the otherwise plain and massive building and construction of the wall. The panel has a clock, top top either next of i beg your pardon is a female figure, the entirety symbolizing Honour and also Glory crowning Time. Looking over the balustrade, we check out the stairs to decrease to many floors below, and on transforming aside we uncover we might be forgive the labour of mounting or diminish by entering one of the smoothly-gliding elevators which be afflicted with us quickly to any other the the numerous floors of the ship we may wish come visit.

The staircase is just one of the principal attributes of the ship, and also will be considerably admired together being, without doubt, the ideal piece of workmanship that its type afloat.

Titanic’s original Grand Staircase

You may remember the the grand Staircase to be a prime attribute of James Cameron’s 1997 ‘Titanic’ movie.

(Courtesy great Pictures)

Below: The wonderful cut-away model clearly shows wherein the grand Staircase was actually located onboard the RMS Titanic. Note the staircases ‘dome’ on the top deck i m sorry received organic light.

The electric Lifts

Titanic’s very first class passenger were noted with three electric lifts (elevators), finish with background attendants and comfortable sofas outside in the elevator lobby and also actually within the lifts. (I gambling the sofas inside the lifts will certainly be eliminated from Titanic II’s design, to increase the elevator passenger capacity)

The lifts were located side by side, instantly in former of the grand Staircase.

(Blue Star Line)

Another lift was accessible for second-class passengers.

(Blue Star Line)

Fire Exits

The original RMS Titanic did not have sufficient emergency leave staircases, follow to SOLAS.

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New ‘escape staircases’ in addition to the initial staircases, will certainly be housed in the redundant boiler exhaust uptakes.