Listening to the bombcast and also Vinny stated he is 30 hrs in and also just finished Act 1. The course we all understand Vinny take away his time and reads everything. Ns beat the game (PC) in around 25 hrs , and also I did 90%+ that the side quests however I went through it pretty quick. Began on hard yet switched come normal half way through. Ns couldn"t stand the opponents warping right into combat any longer. Anyways, simply curious exactly how long did it take it you guys?


I did every side quests I come across, explored whatever I could, read about 75% of the codex, and also I clocked about 38 hours by the end.

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I more than likely wont complete it anytime quickly (since I stopped playing it). Yet I"m in the beginning of act 2 and I"ve spent about 20 hours playing it.


95%-98% of the quests; finished it in 58 hours(first 19 hours on nightmare climate on hard till the end). Level 24 in ~ the finish of the game.

33h ~ above 360 doing many of the side quests and also I was taking my time exploring and such. The really can have required one more act. I have so numerous things to bash about, however I"m at this time on my 3rd play through so i guess it"s tho a good game. First time i was good, 2nd evil and also now I"m selecting the funny solution every time. It"s quite funny.

Right approximately 30 hrs on normal on the PC.  Trying again on difficult as a warrior. Looks to it is in slightly much longer so far.

I"m about fifty percent way v Act 2 and about 35 hrs into the game, therefore I"d reckon my an initial playthrough will be in the 60-70 hour range.

28 hours on rogue playthrough was beginning of plot 2 but I didn"t care for decisions and whatnot so I said screw it, starting over and also picked 2H warrior that take it 43.5 hours

Over 40 hours. Ns really can"t view how world who have claimed to do everything have excellent it in half that. Unless they skip everything, but then what is the suggest of play an RPG?  I guess i play like Vinny. It take it me 82 hrs to win Origins.

Yeah, it was around 25hours for me as well, play on normal, with most everything done. Dragon age Origins was around sixty the first time through, and I missed sufficient to make a second play through worthwhile.

58 plus adjust on Hard. Not sure just how much of the is AFK, but I"d speak 50+ feels about right. That doesn"t incorporate most the Fenris" missions due to the fact that they didn"t even activate... Awesome.

I have actually 51 hrs played after ~ beating it, but that is ~ fooling roughly with a mage and rogue alt, both were at level 5 :)

54 hrs on Hard. Missed a couple of minor points here and also there yet generally do the efforts to perform every mission I can find. Missed the end on a bunch the Fenris stuff because I never lugged him all over and more or less forgot about him.

benjaebe said: " 54 hrs on Hard. Missed a few minor things here and there yet generally make the efforts to perform every mission I can find. Missed out on a bunch that Fenris stuff because I never carried him almost everywhere and an ext or much less forgot about him. "That"s just how I treated him throughout my very first playthrough. Really obtained a bad first impression v his silver- hair, stupid currently of dialogue involving his soul, and also just his in its entirety melancholy look v his silver hair. During my 2nd playthrough I had actually him stuck to my femhawke prefer glue, and while that didn"t rather reach the top of the ladder out of the party members, he absolutely surprised me and made because that a funny, interesting dood.

For my an initial playthru ~ above normal, i did every search that I could find on mine own. Ns finished the video game at 26 hours. My second playthru ~ above easy, ns did a few quest chains for the accomplishments and just spammed the skip switch during talking. I finished the video game at 8h30m.  I think if I had done those pursuit chains in my first playthru, ns would"ve clocked in at 30 hours.

My an initial playthrough together a rogue supporting the mages was 45 hrs 15 mins. My second playthrough as a warrior supporting the templars to be 23 hrs 14 mins.  With each playthough i did all quests, probably skipping few of the "deliver the item" quests the second time through.

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20 hours and also a few minutes, go a good number of side and companion quests however didn"t really seek out everything.

I dunno how world could case this game is short. I beat in around 35 hours on hard mode. Probably it"s quick compared come the 50 hours I spent playing Dragon period Origins, yet the an initial Dragon age was more grind than anything. And yeah, the game would be prefer 10 hrs if you simply did the key quest (provided you deserve to get enough gear from just the main quests to have the ability to beat the game). Oblivion to be the very same way.  Also, if anyone might beat the High Dragon v a 2h warrior tank on difficult mode or above, you accomplished what I might not :-(