This tangy and also sweet an essential lime pie is deliciously straightforward to make consisting of a crisp, buttery crust and also homemade whipped cream topping.

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This Easy an essential Lime Pie recipe makes a magnificent, refreshing, and also velvety smooth dessert that’s straightforward to make and will wow her guests.

This pie is best made with homemade whipped cream one you shot it, you’ll never go back!


There’s no dessert an ext iconic 보다 pie. The varieties are endless! from coconut cream to Rhubarb and also Strawberry, you really can’t walk wrong! ns don’t know about you, however for me, warmer weather calls for sunny citrus flavors, so a homemade key lime pie fits the bill perfectly!

Using new lime juice as well as the zest gives the filling a deep lime taste.Condensed milk gives the pie a silky smooth consistency.Egg yolks, add a beautiful richness and aid firm the pie filling providing a perfect slice every time.The buttery Graham cracker crust to add a crunch to carry the totality thing together.

Traditionally, key lime pie isn’t baked, but I find baking the pie for just 15-20 minutes, helps collection the filling so you understand you’ll get the perfect slice each and also every time.

The new lime juice and also the fervor is the vital to offering this cooking recipes the shining citrus flavor that you just can’t acquire with the bottled reconstituted juice you uncover in stores.

Limes Vs an essential Limes


Key limes (also known as West Indies or mexican limes) are smaller sized than simple limes (also recognized as Persian limes) therefore they yield less juice. They’re more yellow in color, have thinner skin, and also contain much more seeds. An essential limes have a much more floral aroma than limes and a stronger acidic flavor.

Ingredient Notes


Limes: i use plain limes as they have tendency to be bigger so castle yield an ext juice, but you can use crucial limes too. Whatever limes girlfriend use,be certain to use fresh lime juice.The bottled stuff simply doesn’t compare!Lime Zest: I always go with continual limes as the special skin is easier to zest than the thin skin discovered on vital limes.Condensed Milk: use sweetened condensed milk or to usage evaporated milk, add 1½cups of sugar to the filling.Graham Crackers: ns use constant Graham crackers (opposed to the cinnamon variety). If Graham crackers room not available in your part of the world, look for a crisp, firm cookie that conveniently snaps when damaged (such together Biscotti, shortbread, digestivebiscuits in the UK, or Marie biscuits in Australia).

Topping her Pie

Typically crucial lime pie is topped either with whipped cream or meringue. Because that this recipe, I usage whipped cream. mine recipe provides whipped cream the holds the shape. This is an excellent because you deserve to pipe that on, stick that in the fridge and it won’t autumn flat! just don’t leaving it the end in the warmth in the summertime for as well long.

To make points a many easier, use an electric juicer to juice your limes! Whatever method you use, be sure to fervor them first!

In a tool bowl, whisk the egg yolks and lime zest fine for about 2 minute to infuse the fat in the yolks v the flavor of the zest. You know they room ready once the yolks have a eco-friendly hue.

Then include lime juice and also condensed milk. Beat with each other and collection aside to thicken (it should be all set to use when the tardy cools to room temp).

Pour mixture into 9-inch pie pan; push crumbs over bottom and up political parties of pan to form an even crust.

Bake 8 minutes or until lightly browned (While the tardy bakes, start the filling). Transfer pan to cable rack and cool for 20 minutes.

Pour lime filling into crust and also bake 15-20 minutes (the facility will it is in set, but still jiggles when shaken).

Return pie to wire rack come cool then refrigerate till well chill (at least 3 hours).

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Prepare the whipped cream. For comprehensive instructions on make perfect whipped cream see my Stabilized Whipped Cream post.