The correct answer is D) it encouraged support because that ideals like flexibility of religion and criticized establishments like slavery.

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Enlightenment works prefer the Encyclopédie influenced politics and society in the it encouraged support because that ideals like flexibility of religion and also criticized institutions like slavery.

The knowledge was considered the "Age of Reason." Thinkers along Europe questioned classic beliefs and also supported the idea the humans could grow even much more through the usage of the reason. The is why the knowledge produced countless philosophers, thinkers, and scientists that readjusted the way people view things in life. Lock encouraged totally free thinking and the use of factor over spiritual beliefs.

Encouraged support for ideals like freedom of religion and criticized establishments like slavery.


The enlightenment era started in the 17th century in Europe, i beg your pardon was affected by thinkers like man Locke, Voltaire, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau who focus in the reason and also individualism. Enlightenment concepts questioned the government and adopted the concept to improve through alters in society. The philosophical concepts gave bear to the revolutions prefer the French and also American Revolution.

I think the price is: encouraged support for ideals like liberty of religion and also criticized organizations like slavery

Enlightmeents promote the idea that all people being should have actually equal treatments and the country should be run with a device that put world as the holder of the many power, no the nobles or government.

They believe that world should not be forced to follow a religious beliefs that they are not beleive in, and also they see enslavement as an angry act that acquired from greed.

The enlightenment did occupational like the encyclopedia influence politics and society by reinforcing the government of absolute kings that urges support for ideals like flexibility of religions and also criticized institutions like slavery. It promotes throwing the old or timeless ideas and advocated personal freedom.


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