PEOPLE’s East coastline Editor Liz McNeil writes: I first met Robert Wolders a little over 5 years earlier when I composed a story on Audrey Hepburn, The personal Audrey, to note the 20th anniversary of she death.

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What i remember about Robert, the dutch actor that was Audrey’s companion for the critical 13 year of she life, was exactly how he spoke of her through such warmth, love and also kindness. I likewise remember exactly how he called me a couple of days ahead of our meeting to asking if I favored tuna fish sandwiches. (He wanted to be certain I would be happy with the straightforward lunch he had prepared because that our meeting.)

In ready for our interview the day, Robert composed out numerous pages the notes for me by hand, because, he said, he wanted to be sure he “did not forget to tell me what was important.”

Sadly, Robert died on July 12, 2018 at age 81. Ns will miss our occasional conversations which were full of sweet stories and his wry observations.

To note what would have Audrey’s 90th date of birth on might 4, and also in honor of their love story, right here is an excerpt indigenous Robert’s 2013 letter:

“Almost twenty years ago, the civilization of cinema lost one of its luminous members and I lost the lady through whom I invested a many precious 14 year of life, Audrey Hepburn. In those 20 years, I’ve end up being ever more aware that how plenty of lives Audrey touched. Ns am relocated to discover that to countless she is a reflection of what we host most too ~ — kindness, generosity, charity and humility.

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I take into consideration myself blessed to have been permitted to uncover how deep her soul was in its full commitment to life. It seems to me that Audrey will have sensed, very early in life, that self-worth, based on fame or beauty beauty is an extremely short-lived and also so she stayed forever her an easy self: realistic, aware and caring.


It was Audrey’s belief and conviction that every child is a universe of potential, v the inherent right come live ~ above a world that protects and also nurtures the potential. Audrey, it appears to me, never strove or hope to leave a lasting heritage with her films — she was much too modest because that that. But what i think she would have wanted, had actually she been given more time, would have actually been to continue her work-related for children due to the fact that she knew that is a job with so much to it is in accomplished. The reality that she inspires both her sons to continue her job-related for children would have actually been her biggest reward.”