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Oh, why, oh, why won’t you cut me loose?

Just do me a favor and listen to my plea

I’m no the just chicken on the roost

How have the right to I miss out on you once you won’t walk away?

I save telling you day after day

But you won’t listen, you constantly stay and stay

How can I miss you once you won’t walk away?

— Dan Hicks, 1969

In 1969 ns was 18. Points were cranking. Several of the ideal bands in history of the earth were blasting with the dashboard of my 1959 Morris young 1000 on am radio, no less. Woodstock. The Beatles. The rolling Stones. The Who. It was an exceptional time to it is in around.

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Creeping out of the din of the lift noise to be a guy named Dan Ivan Hicks. He began a kind of country/Bluegrass/Bluesy/Funky band referred to as Dan Hicks and His hot Licks. He composed the song above in 1969 and from the minute I heard it that song has remained in my head for 51 years. I have used the title/chorus line umpteen zillion times over the years when contemplating why some annoying creature won’t just go away.

Dan Hicks has actually been dead for part years now. Were he still through us ns bet he’d acquire quite a kick out of just just how relevant a tune that he composed in 1969 is today. The universe certain does job-related in mysterious ways. Ns guessing that just diehard Dan Hicks fans have ever heard the this song, speak nothing about applying that to those happening in America together I kind this.

We had actually an election. Joe Biden got 80 million votes; the many ever actors for anyone in a presidential election. He winner 306 electoral votes. The is the very same number that the present president winner by and also declared the to be a landslide victory.

Since I very first learned around Donald trump card I instantly had the impression the he to be little much more than a spoiled, affluent kid; a charlatan, a phony. Virtually every activity he took proved my instincts correct. Choose the slimy guy at the State Fair who’s leaning out to you to take the ring to toss in his rigged game, trump card is the guy you’d walk far from. You just knew there was something off with this guy. If friend were lucky you figured it out best away. If not, there goes her money.

Everyone, consisting of Trump, knows that he’s lost. However every work I have received at the very least a dozen emails dunning me because that money because that the “Election Defense Fund.” like every solitary thing this man has actually done, this too, is a fraud. If you’re dumb sufficient to add $1,000, the very first $600 goes come Trump’s brand-new PAC the he collection up a couple of mainly ago. The continuing to be $400 goes to the RNC. You have to add over $8,000 for one dollar to go to the fake choice Defense Fund.

Trump is hinting the he’s not going come leave, that the election is fraught v fraud (it wasn’t), that he was cheated (he’s the cheater) and also that the won. Yes, ~ above Friday he said that he won.

Why is he damaging our democracy top top his means out the door? due to the fact that it’s all he knows how to do. He is never recognized what it meant to be president of the joined States. He’s never had any class, which describes his hate of former President Barack Obama.

Donald J. Trump will certainly forever it is in a sad number in American history. A conman who, v some help from Russia, came to be president. A guy who on work one disgraced this country with his words and deeds. Now, thankfully, that over. He and also his sycophants should now pack their bags and crawl earlier into the swamp the Trump promised come drain, but only filled up to record levels; his number 1 lied of the 20,000-plus lies he is told us.

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Come January 20th Dan Hicks’ request will finally be acknowledged. It’s around time.