In this post, you will learn just how to say ‘how are you?’ in Bulgarian. You’ll likewise learn usual responses therefore you deserve to respond if you’re request this question. This have the right to be really helpful if you speaking with someone native Bulgaria or if you’re travelling there. 

Bulgarian is a southern Slavic language spoken by the Bulgarians that are mostly based in the Southeastern European nation of Bulgaria. There are approximately 8 – 9 million aboriginal speakers. Bulgarian is actually mutually intelligible with Macedonian and is very closely pertained to Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and likewise Slovenian. If she a speak of one of these languages then you should have the ability to pick increase Bulgarian without lot effort.

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How to Say ‘How space You?’ In BulgarianHow to Respond to ‘How space You?’ In BulgarianExample Conversation:

How come Say ‘How room You?’ In Bulgarian

There room a couple of different methods to ask ‘how are you?’. Right here are the many common:In formal situations, such as with people you don’t know, you have the right to say:EnglishBulgarianPronunciationHow are you?Как сте?Kak ste
You would additionally use this phrase if girlfriend were talking to a group of people, even in unshened situations.

In unshened situations, such as with friends or world your own age, you have the right to say:EnglishBulgarianPronunciationHow space you?как си?Kak si
This expression is only used if you’re talk to 1 person. If you’re speak to a group then use the very first phrases (kak ste?).Check the end the below video clip to hear the pronunciation of this phrases:

How to Respond to ‘How are You?’ In Bulgarian

There are numerous different ways that you have the right to reply come this question. Below are the most usual responses to this question. I’ve additionally included how to speak ‘thank you’ together it’s polite to say thanks to someone if lock ask how you are.

EnglishBulgarianPronunciationThank youБлагодаряBlagodaryaI’m fineАз съм добреAz sam dobreGood/fineдобреDobreNot so goodНе добреNe dobreI’m don’t feel wellНе се чувствам добреNe se chuvstvam dobreI’m tired/I’m sleepyСпи ми сеSpi mi seI’m greatAз съм страхотноAz sam strahotnoI’m no badНе се оплаквамNe se oplakvam

It’s likewise useful to know how to speak ‘and you?’ or ‘what about you?’ to uncover out just how someone else is if lock ask you.EnglishBulgarianPronunciationAnd you? (formal)А Вие?A vie?And you? (informal)А ти?A ti?

Example Conversation:

Person 1: Kak si? (How room you?)Person 2: Blagodarya, az sam dobre. A ti? (Thanks, i’m fine. And you?)Person 1: Dobre (Fine)

Thanks for analysis this post. You have to now know just how to to speak ‘how are you?’ in Bulgarian and you should also be able come respond if you’re asked! You can’t go wrong v these basic phrases.Increase her vocabulary by finding out the country surname in Bulgarian.

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