Sauce, regularly used in every caps along with "ZOMG," "OMG" and also "PLZ," is a slang variation of the word "source" generally seen online. It is used, typically in a pleading tone, together a inquiry to someone who posted a claim, picture or anything that raises interest however is unsourced or doing not have information. Its score is come prove it, check it or see more from the early content. Sauce shares some similarities come Moar and Bump as a inquiry for elaboration, additional content or the initial source.

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The original reference to "sauce" an interpretation "source" originates from Ghost in the Shell: was standing Alone Complex, a 2002 anime series that was first aired on Cartoon Network"s Adult swim in November 2004 (U.S. Release). In illustration 9, titled "C: The man Who Dwells in the Shadows of the net – CHAT! CHAT! CHAT!" (ネットの闇に棲む男 CHAT! CHAT! CHAT!), among the scenes takes ar in a virtual-reality chatroom wherein one avatar asks for sources and also another mocks him through the phrases "sarce" and "soy sauce" (shown below).

The origin of why we say sauce instead of source.According to details I acquired from this particular source, the victimized corporations had actually hired assassins even prior to the incident.- Which "sauce" did you acquire it from ? Pork cutlet ? Oyster ?

Beginning in 2004 ~ above 4chan, it became somewhat usual for customers to ask for the source of noþeles by keying "SOURCE!" or "SOURCE PLZ!" ideal from the start. Moot, 4chan"s creator who was motivated by the show"s reference, chose to include a indigenous filter changing every incident of "source" come "sauce."<1> the word filter has due to the fact that been deactivated, but the slang took end on 4chan as a result of that is use, subsequently dispersing to various other sites and also platforms in the following years.


Around the moment 4chan implemented word filters, the Lurkmore Wiki<2> included a definition for the use of sauce on the site, characterized as:

Usually a request for the source of a picture. Frequently seen in picture macros typically featuring hot chili sauce, ketchup, or other savory fluid condiments. Associated with the set phrases "ZOMG SAUCE" or "SAUCE PLZ". "Sauce" has actually replaced "source" unlimited on 4chan and also the rest of the internet.

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On December 26th, 2004, metropolitan Dictionary<3> user DarkHowie added an entry to the site specifying the term together "Another method of saying source," which received over 5,300 likes in about 17 year (shown below).


Several websites based on the picture have likewise been created over the years, including: