The Hotel comfort Bamboo Pillow is one of a kind. Perform you desire to know why? read this review and you will discover out.

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The Hotel comfort Bamboo Pillow is the most luxurious pillow of its kind. That is made the end of 40% Bamboo and also 60% Polyester. It has actually a memory foam shredded fill and also soft cover. It is dust mite resistant and it’s unlikely to cause any kind of allergic reaction.


Never go flatStays cool and fresh every night longOffers girlfriend maximum relaxationIs made by a reliable brand. Approximately 2 million americans are sleeping on the Hotel lull Bamboo Pillow every dayManufacturer offers world-class customer serviceMore durable contrasted to various other pillowsMolds to your body shapeProvides protection versus bacteria, mold and also dust mitesThe premium bamboo yarn of this pillow rise ventilation and breathability AffordableGives friend a safe and fresh night sleepThe memory foam is soft yet supportive


Can be too hard and firm for part usersStomach sleepers could not uncover this pillow to it is in comfortableThe smell of this pillow takes time come fade away

Features & Specs

Has a 5 Year WarrantyIt’s make of Shredded memory FoamGuaranteed to never go flat60% Polyester, 40% Rayon native BambooFill is do of 100% Polyurethane FoamTemperature regulatedMade through breathable bamboo fabricIs antimicrobial and also resists odorsIdeal for most sleeping positionsDesigned in the USA.The memory foam is certified through Certi-PUR USThe sheathe is dust-mite resistant and also hypoallergenic Removable cover v zipper 100% washableRolls increase for simple storageLightweightComes in Queen and King SizesFilled through shredded memory foam made without ozone depletes, fire retardants, or any kind of other kind of toxins

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Hotel comfort Bamboo Pillow
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Sleeping Positions

In going through some reviews, we found plenty of side sleepers that wrote about their experience. In general, lock are really happy with this pillow. Due to the fact that the Hotel lull Bamboo Pillow is firm, it provides them a good support for their head.

Side sleepers require a for sure pillow that helps lock to maintain the curve the the neck and also head at ideal angles.

People that sleep ~ above their earlier need preferably support. The Hotel lull Bamboo Pillow never ever goes flat. It continues to be supportive and firm v the night. That means back sleepers will constantly get the support they need.

The Hotel lull Bamboo Pillow is most perfect for earlier and next sleepers. However, stomach sleepers deserve to use it, too. Stomach sleepers who favor a pillow v high loft to keep the best position might find it comfortable.

In addition, the foam the this pillow uses a perfect cradle for the head, neck and also shoulders. This provides it a an excellent option for all kind of sleepers, consisting of those that lie ~ above their belly at night.

consumer Reviews

Many client who have actually used this pillow common their experience on We want to share several of the many remarkables ones through you:

“Can’t speak enough about these pillows! Comfort! Comfort! Comfort! Neck pain has disappeared…”

“Bought for wife, after she maintained looking in ~ them at mall. Lock were as well firm because that her. I took lock over. Because that my sleep style they space perfect…”

“I typically only sleep 2-3 hrs a night. I additionally have neck problems. I just received mine Hotel lull pillow 6 days back BUT i defy anyone to take it my new pillow! Every night I have actually slept 6-10 hrs (yes, I claimed 10 HOURS!) ideal pillow I’ve ever before had – that’s speak a lot native a 69 year young lady!!”

You can additionally watch the video clip below. Take it a look and also see exactly how this pillow looks and works.

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Is the Hotel comfort Bamboo extended Memory Foam the Pillow of her Dreams?

Who doesn’t dream the a pillow the regulates the temperature, continuing to be cool and fresh every night long? together if that was no enough, you won’t have to worry around flipping and also arranging your pillow throughout the night ever before again. This pillow never ever goes flat, yet it’s soft and also breathable in ~ the exact same time.

If you room a next or back sleeper, this pillow is an choice you will want to watch into. It can alleviate numerous sleep worries you might have, providing you a remarkable night’s rest. (Read our complete buyer’s overview to ideal body pillows in ~



The Hotel lull Bamboo Pillow is relatively highly rated from many consumers.. The vast majority love its storage foam since it creates a great balance in between softness and also support. And also everyone raves around the bamboo cover and also its luxurious feel.

In short, The Hotel lull Bamboo Pillow is a pillow worth trying. It supplies so much and also asks because that so little. It has actually a pocket-friendly price and a 5 year warranty indigenous a agency that is a well-known throughout the USA.

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