In what appeared to be a terrible accident, 43-year-old volunteer firefighter Paul Witte to be fatally shooting while lying on a couch in his room. The shooter, his teenage son, said it was not intentional and also that he had actually tripped on the rug, which do the gun go off. Investigators believed him and let him walk scot-free.

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Yet, simply years later, one more murder in the family forced the police to destruction deep and reveal a shocking truth. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Evil lives Here: was it worth Killing For?’ details among the many horrifying crimes the shook northern Indiana. Interested to know much more about this crime and also where the really murderer is in ~ present? right here is what we uncovered out.

How go Paul Witte Die?

Paul Witte, 43, was a volunteer firefighter who lived v his wife, Hilma Marie Witte, and also their two sons, Eric and John, in their family members home in Beverly Shores in Porter County, Indiana. Defined as a very powerful person by his kid Eric, Paul was apparently an abusive father. Eric claimed that although that had an excellent memories the his father, he also had scars native the continuous physical abuse the received.


On September 1, 1981, Paul Witte was resting on his couch in his home. His 15-year-old son, Eric Witte, was managing Paul’s gun nearby when a shooting rang turn off in the quiet neighborhood. As soon as the family rushed to the room, Paul was uncovered fatally shoot in the head. His son, Eric, admitted to shoot his father. He claimed that he tripped over the rug when holding the gun as he approached his dad to ask that a question around it. The bullet hit his dad in the head. Thus, the shooting to be ruled as an accident, and Eric was released, yet there was more.

Who killed Paul Witte?

In a bizarre rotate of events, Paul Witte’s wife, Hilma Marie Witte, was accused and also convicted of forcing her kid to death her husband. 3 years after ~ Paul’s death, his stepmother, Elaine Witte, went missing. The police were not mindful of the disappearance until they captured Hilma and also her sons as soon as she test to build Elaine’s signature on her social protection checks.


Right after the arrest, Eric’s 14-year-old brother, John, came clean and said it was his mother who required him to death Elaine. He claimed he to be a witness to Paul Witte’s death and admitted to killing his grandm on January 8, 1984, in her residence near Michigan City, Indiana. In his main statement, man said, “My mommy said I could strangle she or usage my crossbow, it was approximately me.”

After shooting Elaine in the rib cage through his crossbow and also killing her, the entire family helped dismembered Elaine’s body and also chopped several of the pieces under to make the disposal easier. Elaine’s body was damaged using various devices, consisting of a saw, knives, a chisel, the garbage disposal, the trash compactor, a deep fat fryer, and a microwave. He further said that the larger pieces were stored in the home’s freezer for part time before being scattered in various locations in Indiana, Illinois, and also California.

Eric also confessed to Paul Witte’s death and also said that his mother required him to death his father. He stated that after Paul’s death, he discovered out that his mom was poisoning his grandmother, and also thus he join the marine to escape his mother’s relentless press to kill. After Elaine’s murder, when Eric was called back to his family, he refused to aid and left to go back to san Diego, California.


Unbeknownst come him, his mommy sneaked his grandmother’s dismembered human body onto his car, i m sorry made that panic. He then lugged the body to California and put that in a storage locker. Compelled to help his family after being placed in together a precarious position, Eric went AWOL (Absent there is no Leave) indigenous the Navy until he and his whole family obtained arrested because that a forged signature.

The investigation also revealed the Hilma Witte had attempted to death her husband through a mixture of rat poison and Valium initially. She had actually sprinkled this mixture right into Paul Witte’s food a month before his death. The poisoning attempt verified to be unsuccessful, and also thus, she brainwashed and also manipulated Eric into killing his father.

Where space Eric Witte and also Hilma Marie Witte Now?

After your arrest, both brothers pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and agreed come testify versus their mother. John and Eric were sentenced to 20 and also 5 year in prison and were released at an early stage in 1996 due to great behavior. Also though his mother forced him come commit the crime, Eric takes complete responsibility because that it.


In the i would episode,he stated that he regretted the food of activity he took on the fateful day and also feels very remorseful around what happened. He claimed he misses his dad and the an excellent times he had with him. He additionally found it tough to pertained to grips v the reality that he killed one of the most important figures in his life.

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On the various other hand, Hilma Marie Witte was uncovered guilty of murder and conspiracy come commit killing in the case of Elaine Witte. For this, she got a 90-year prison sentence. Following this, she was sentenced come a concurrent prison term the fifty years for the murder of she husband. When in jail, she earned a college degree. In 2000, Hilma’s petition because that sentence alteration was denied. Currently, Hilma Marie Witte is incarcerated at the Indiana Women’s Prison, and her earliest possible release can take place in 2027, follow to prison records.