Fire Emblem Fates’ Heirs of Fate has run the course. Shed in the Waves, the final map in the series, is instantly available. When I take into consideration Endless Dawn to it is in the best map in terms of execution, through its shifting landscapes and also waves that enemies and allies approaching the field, lost in the tide is same intricate and also the most challenging map in this storyline and ties up every loose end. That a much more than competent close the helps players evaluate Fire Emblem Fates’ child characters, as well as understand a bit an ext about this installment’s history.

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If you no play endless Dawn, shed in the Waves will certainly leave you lost at the outset. The crew of kids are no hope to uncover the castle wherein their parents could be held, and no longer have a overview to help them with it. After coming up v a setup inspired by advice a familiar, ghostly woman offered Hoshido and Nohr’s kids in the very first two chapters, the team comes up through a means to relocate forward.



Given that every little thing to carry out with shed in the Waves’ map and its story are substantial spoilers, i won’t be naming names for the units you’ll face. Only their levels and also type. Players have a enormous force to usage in the battle. If Shigure or the Kanas die, you’ll lose the battle. The boss must be beat to win. You have 22 systems to use.


These room the devices you have actually available.

Hoshido Noble Kana, level 15 with Omega Yato, Kodachi, Dragonstone, and also a concoctionFalcon article Shigure, level 15 through Silver Naginata, safety Naginata, sun Festal, Moon Festal, and also elixirNohr Noble Kana, level 15 v Omega Yato, Levin Sword, Dragonstone, and also a concoctionSwordmaster Shiro, level 14 v RaijintoSniper Kiragi, level 14 through Fujin Yumi, Sidelong Yumi, and also a concoctionSwordmaster Hisame, level 14 v Silver Katana, dual Katana, Sunrise Katana, and WakizashiNine-Tails Selkie, level 14, v Beaststone, Beastrune, Beaststone+, and also a concoctionWolfssegner Velouria, level 14, with Beaststone, Beastrune, Beaststone+, and also a concoctionWyvern lord Percy, level 14 through Arthur’s Axe, Hand Axe, Pike-Ruin Club, and Silver AxeOnmyoji Rhajat, level 14 v Tiger Spirit, steed Spirit, hare Spirit, sunlight Festal, and RescueMaster Ninja Asugi, level 14 through Silver Shuriken, steel Shuriken, and Flame ShurikenPriestess Mitama, level 14 v Iron Yumi, sun Festal, Wane Festal, and RescueHero Soliel, level 14 v Silver Sword, death Edge, Armorslayer, and a vulneraryButler Dwyer, level 14 with Iron Dagger, Mend, Physic, and also EntrapAdventurer Nina, level 14 v Steel Bow, bright Bow, Mend, and a concoctionPaladin Sophie, level 14 v Silver Lance, stole Sword, and a JavelinFalcon knight Caeldori, level 14 v a silver- Naginata, knife Catcher, sun Festal, and a concoctionMerchant Midori, level 14 v Silver Yumi, Harp Yumi, a concoction, and also an elixirGeneral Ignatius, level 14 v a silver Lance, Spear, Killer Lance, and a concoctionSorcerer Ophelia, level 14 with Ragnarok, Lightning, Missiletainn, and also a vulneraryStrategist Forrest, level 14 v Byrnhildr, Fire, Mend, and RescuePaladin Siegbert, level 14 with Siegfried and also a concoction



On the enemy’s side, there is an oversized adversary with one hand top top either next of the map. The hands space the only part that have the right to be attacked. There room 23 other enemies on the field when the battle begins. 13 of them are special opponents. 10 space standard Vallite opponents. On transforms 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 an ext reinforcement units will appear at the south end of the map. Also, when the boss’ two arms are defeated, six special reinforcement devices will appear.


My best advice here is to divide your military in half. Leave the two Kanas and Shigure wherein they are, and do one even split down the middle of the forces behind them. Every side the your team has a fairly even distribution of mages and healers. The goal is come take the end the boss as quickly and efficiently together possible, and that’s a an excellent means of accomplishing it. Though, it might be clever to to organize the troops therefore the Hoshidan youngsters are ~ above the left and Nohrian children on the right. There’ll it is in before-battle dialogue snippets when your systems face particular enemies. (You’ll know them as soon as you watch them.) while this isn’t an especially an overwhelming battle for the many part, it can take a while because of the volume of systems available.


The real peril in this struggle is the last boss. He is exceptionally strong. Due to the fact that your personalities this time start out v C-level support ratings with various other allies, you desire to save the Nohr and also Hoshido youngsters with their retainers and also friends. The attack and also defense boosts will help them endure the boss’ counterattacks and attacks. Also with the support, though, his assaults can be one fight kills. Do the efforts to usage archers or mages i will not ~ help, as the boss’ range is 1-2. When the arms of the boss space destroyed, his head drops and Dragon Veins appear on the left and right political parties of the map near Shigure and the Kanas. Making use of both create a healing tile in front of the boss, for her allies, and also removes the barriers keeping your forces from authorized up with Shigure and the Kanas. Once the Dragon Veins space activated, send your strongest systems to assault the boss. The head is stronger than the arms, however keeping friendly units paired up and alongside one another should help. As soon as it is defeated, the boss will move on to its final, most powerful form. This one has an boosted range, as I witnessed it hitting allies within 1-3 spaces the it. Shiro is just one of the best units, alongside Siegbert, come use. He’ll often dodge the boss’ attacks. Kiragi with Forrest works well too.



The reward for completing lost in the tide is a skill that can only be got from this add-on. Suggest Blank is an ability for archers. When equipped, any archer can strike enemies at 1 range, instead of only at 2 range. Previously, you required a weapon like a Mini Bow, Sidelong Yumi, or bright Bow to have actually that sort of variety with one archer. Since this is such a beneficial skill, i recommend playing through shed in the waves at least two, maybe three times. It’s wonderful for Takumi and Kiragi, and characters prefer Niles and Nina.


All told, the a solve map much more for the method the Heirs that Fate story ends, rather than the execution that this final battle. This was an amazing storyline that played through the idea the parallel dimensions and Deep worlds seen in the major Fire Emblem Fates story, when also enabling a little much more insight right into the boss and his history. I think it also made the child characters feel a little more valuable, since you might see exactly how they interacted and also were compelled to use them because that every fight. Lost in the waves is an amazing adventure, together was the totality Heirs of Fate tale.

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Fire Emblem Fates is immediately obtainable for the Nintendo 3DS. The whole Heirs of Fate DLC storyline is available for $7.99. Shed in waves on its own is $1.99.