Last minute flight deals from new York to Honolulu International

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too late to book a trip. Here’s our choose of the finest last minute flights.

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Direct flights from new York come Honolulu International

Want to paris non-stop come Honolulu International? We’ll aid you find your appropriate route.


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COVID-19 travel constraints are transforming fast, however we"re right here to assist you discover the advice you need. Inspect our live page on travel restrictions to watch if you have the right to travel from brand-new York to Honolulu International, and also if you"ll have to quarantine on arrival.
The finest price discovered on for a flight from new York come Honolulu international is $281. This was discovered by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price for the whole month.

Cheap Flights from brand-new York come Honolulu global

When you room looking to paris from new York to Honolulu, Hawaii, you may be therefore excited around your expedition to a tropic paradise the you execute not recognize where to start to make certain you get there top top a flight that is as inexpensive and also convenient to your demands as possible. Luckily, at, there are countless tools to assist you do just that.

Airports in brand-new York

Firstly, as you might know, there are different airports in brand-new York the you can select from when you room looking to fly from new York to Honolulu international Airport. The two major airports in new York City are:

JFK international Airport

John F. Kennedy (JFK) global Airport is located in Queens, brand-new York and is among the largest and also busiest airports not only in new York but in every one of the unified States. Over there are numerous airlines the offer flight deals from JFK worldwide Airport come Honolulu international Airport including:

Hawaiian airlines Virgin America JetBlue American airline Delta united Airlines

LaGuardia Airport

The other significant airport in new York City and one of the biggest in the country is LaGuardia Airport likewise known as brand-new York-LaGuardia Airport. Some of the airline that fly the end of LaGuardia Airport come Honolulu international Airport are:

American airlines JetBlue Delta joined AirlinesAlaska airline

Flying out of brand-new York

When you space flying out of new York’s major airports prefer JFK and also LaGuardia, one thing you should constantly expect is serious security and also numerous defense checks. These room two of the major travel hubs in the joined States and because the that protection is of the utmost importance. Due to the fact that of this, for domestic flights, girlfriend will desire to be over there to inspect in at the very least two hours before your actual trip time come ensure you endure the security inspect process.

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Time Zone and also Climate

Honolulu, Hawaii is six hours behind brand-new York definition that there is a huge difference with time zones between the two locations. As such, once it is 5:00pm in brand-new York, that is just 11:00am in Honolulu. Additionally, over there is a great difference in between the climates in new York and Hawaii. Honolulu has a dry climate whereas brand-new York is in a much more varied and temperate climate zone. Together such, the temperature distinctions are stark. In January, the mean temperature in Honolulu is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and in new York City that is just 35.