indigenous what i remember Voldemort discovers bother is a Horcrux, locks him away in a casket (in a world of ice) and also gets uncovered by Snape.

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Harry is climate left traumatised and also it"s a lengthy road to recovery while Voldemort is still in ~ large. I think that gains Slytherin"s locket and gets ensnared by Tom Riddle.

One remarkable line is Snape having the capacity to fly.



I think you"re thinking of Mine through ObsidianPen. It"s part 1 the the Haunted and Hunted series.

Snow and ice everywhere, flat and endless—as far as the eye could see, a barren world of snow.

Where was he? If he had actually to risk a guess, Harry would say this was the see of Antarctica


He appeared to it is in in some type of invisible, clean container, floating a couple of feet above the flat ground below.


He came to a horrible, undesirable conclusion. The word floated to the head of his mind, unbidden—


Hysterical panic favor Harry had actually never recognized seized him.

He was in a magical, glass coffin, in a people that looked as though a person being had never once set foot in it.

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