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Little black color Cat

BY : Captain_Rachel_SmithCategory: harry Potter > Threesomes/MoresomesDragon prints: 60499
Disclaimer: I carry out not own Harry Potter, nor any type of of the characters from the publications or movies. I do not make any kind of money native the writing of this story.

1-Little black Cat 2-A brand-new View top top Life 3-Downfall the Dumbeldore 4-Something angry This way Comes 5-Harry"s Torture 6-Harry"s Revenge

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It to be Harry Potter�s fourth Year at Hogwarts. For his birthday the vault summer Remus and Sirius had provided Harry a book that they had actually used to become animagi. By November Harry could transform right into his animagus form, a small black tom cat, v emerald eyes and a faint grey lightening bolt top top his head. Along with becoming one animagus Harry had taken a deeper interest in school, trying harder to continue to be out of trouble and get better grades.Unfortunately that couldn�t protect against fighting Draco Malfoy. The animosity in between the two continued and in truth worsened due to the fact that Harry was starting to get far better grades and also Draco felt as if it to be a challenge.One evening, when Harry and Draco to be fighting they obtained into a duel. Draco had flung a spell at Harry which the young male didn�t recognize. Two hrs later he�d turned right into a cat and found the he couldn�t turn ago into his human form.So take care of was now sitting in a cold corridor that Hogwarts, very scared and also confused as to what he must do. No one, not even Remus and Sirius, knew he to be an animagus.Since he to be stuck all Harry might do was meow pitifuly and hope the someone nice found him. Currently he�d operation away from part Hufflepuffs who�d talked around tying his tail into a knot. Shivering, take care of curled up right into a tiny belt and whimpered pitifully.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Severus Snape, the fear Potion grasp of Hogwarts, was prowling the halls in search of some unfortunate student to take residence Points far from. As Severus rotate a edge he heard what could only be a cat� no a kitten, meowing. Heading in the direction of the directions of the sounds, Severus blinked as he found a small kitten. The little black cat was perhaps just a few month or for this reason old and lying in among the coldest hallways that Hogwarts.Bending down, Severus gently choose up the little kitten and also tucked it inside the external folds of his robe. Tenderness Severus rubbed in between the kitten�s ears, smiling as it looked increase in him, together if in confusion. �No collar.� Severus remarked aloud, continuing to pet the currently purring kitten. �I don�t think anyone in the school has such a small cat�and i don�t think any kind of cats have had actually kittens recently.� The small kitten meowed and licked in ~ Severus� had. V a soft smile on his face, the Potions grasp headed ago to his chambers ---after all, the little kitten was probably hungry and also it was warmer in Severus� chambers.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Harry soon found himself curled up between two warm towels ~ above Snape�s bed. The Potions Master had actually fed him and given the a warmth place to sleep while that inquired through the house Heads if anyone was missing a kitten. Harry purred loudly together Snape came earlier into the room. He�d always guessed the some sort of goodness was covert underneath Severus Snape�s icy front and also now he had evidence.�None of the house Heads have students missing a kitten.� Severus remarked, his hand relocating over come pet the tiny kitten. �I assumption: v you space stuck through me because that now.� as Severus speak Harry satellite up, leaning right into the hands the were petting him. �I guess: v you�ll require a name�� Severus mused, putting a finger under Harry�s chin therefore the �kitten� was looking up at him, his emerald eye shinning in the candle light. �What about Emerald?� he asked, smiling as the kitten purred and also seemed come look pleased.There space worse names out there. Harry assumed as Severus scooted the kitten up in the direction of the head of the bed. �Emerald the is then.� Severus whispered together he place down next to the kitten. �Welcome come my residence Emerald.�~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~The following day �Emerald� discovered himself sitting in Severus Snape�s arms together they walked beyond the wards of Hogwarts. It to be the Christmas Holidays and Severus was taking the boy turned cat come his house for the expression of the Holidays. V a pass out �pop� and also the feeling that he was falling, Severus and Harry vanished native Hogwarts and appeared in former of an old mansion make of brick that had actually ivy crawling increase it�s rock walls.Severus swept into the house, his robes billowing behind him together he notified his home elves around with the waiting of one born right into the wizarding world. Bother purred in Severus� arms as the guy walked up a large staircase, since Severus to be petting him again. The two got in a large bedroom, where the residence elves had actually already collection up some things for Harry.Harry yawned as Severus placed him down on the bed and moved turn off to one side to adjust out the his to teach robes. Bother squirmed his method under a small blanket that Severus had set out because that him and turned about before poking his head out, the town hall his �master�.The door to the bedroom opened and a tall male with long black hair walked into the room. He to be looking at Severus when he realized the a small kitten was sitting top top the bed. The guy moved over and sat down beside the kitten, getting to out to stroke Harry�s ears. �Hello tiny guy.� the guy smiled prior to looking end at the Potions Professor. �Severus? Why do we have actually a cat?��I discovered him in ~ Hogwarts. No one asserted him so i took him in.� Severus turned earlier towards the man and kitten. �His surname is Emerald�you don�t mind, execute you Tom?��No.� Tom replied, tucking the bath towel in approximately �Emerald�. �I prefer him.�That night bother slept in the valley between the 2 men, purring contently. When strange that Severus had a lover he never mentions, his kitten body could only think exactly how nice and also warm the was in between the two men.Every morning Severus and Tom would certainly wake up and have breakfast while share a newspaper. Harry would sneak about their ankles for a bit prior to jumping in one of the 2 men�s laps and begging for a scrape the breakfast, i m sorry they always gave him.One morning the paper held news around a fatality Eater assault that had apparently happened the night before, while Severus, Tom and also Harry were watching a muggle movie. Severus, who was analysis the paper, had thrown under the record with disgust and also snarled, how amazing Harry, who�d been sitting on Tom�s lap and also �stealing� food.�Dumbledore�s blamed friend for another attack.� Severus sighed together he handed the paper to Tom. Bother sprang increase on the document and looked end at Severus before pawing at the paper. Severus and Tom seemed to expropriate the fact that Emerald was smarter then median cats, which lead Harry come think the wizard�s pets to be smarter climate muggle ones. �Tom is a powerful wizard.� Severus jokingly explained to Harry as Tom check out the article. �He�s nice, however Dumbledore doesn�t prefer our concepts and, together such, has made that seem to it is in evil� �the dark lord Voldemort�.�Harry almost fainted kind amazement. Tom, the nice man who tickled, petted, fed him and let the sleep in his bed in ~ night to be Voldemort!?!?!Tom swore under his breath, his face transforming green. �They eliminated a muggle girl, seven years old.� he explained.�I practically forgot. Sirius and also Remus sent us a letter. They want to join.� Severus remarked, pulling Harry into his lap.�They�re powerful.� Tom sighed, relaxing his head in his hands. �And lock know just how it impacts us that Harry is missing.��Harry�s ours mate.� Severus sighed, hugging the kitten, not understanding it was Harry. �He doesn�t know that he�s ours mate due to the fact that Dumbledore�s preserved him far from us and tricked him.�Harry froze when he heard this. Severus and Tom to be his mates? Well maybe that explained why the hadn�t freaked out as soon as Severus choose him up� and also why he liked the two men far better then his so referred to as �best friends� after spending only a few days in the two men�s company. Take care of smiled slightly and dashed across the table, easily stealing a piece of bacon indigenous Tom, who laughed and also pretended to chase the kitten earlier into Severus� lap.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Harry had actually hidden from Tom and Severus the day. Instead he got in the library and attempted to uncover a book on Animagi. He spent three hrs in the room before the two adult wizards started to look because that him.�Emerald?� Tom asked, seeing the kitten sitting on one open publication in the library. That laughed together Severus adhered to him right into the room. �Look, Emerald�s reading.� Tom laughed and also picked increase the tiny kitten.Severus to be going come laugh, when he observed the book the kitten had been sitting on. �Tom, look at the book.�It was a publication on anamagi.Tom�s face instantly ended up being serious and also he organized the kitten approximately his challenge so he could look that in the eye. �Are you a wizard?�To both men�s surprise the kitten nodded and meowed happily. The two males looked at each other for a moment prior to Severus spoke. �Are friend stuck?� Again, the kitten nodded and meowed.Severus took the kitten form Tom and set him under on the ground, prior to pulling out his wand and pointing it at �Emerald�. �Animalis verto humanus!� Severus spoke, waving his wand at the �kitten�.With a pop the small kitten vanished and also Harry Potter to be sitting ~ above the rug. He blushed together the two men stared in ~ him. �Harry.� Tom whispered, his herbal urge to defend his girlfriend kicking in as he kneeled on Harry�s right and also reached front to cup Harry�s face. �We to be so worried.��You never registered together an animagius?� Severus asked, sitting on Harry�s left.Harry shook his head. �I was going to use it to hide indigenous you.� he looked end at Tom. �Before ns knew the truth�� bother whispered, looking far from the two men.�You�re a very tiny cat.� Tom noted, pulling Harry into his arms. �Most time an animagus will certainly turn into a complete grown cat, but you�re just a kitten!� harry blushed together Tom�s hands gently ran down his back.�What�what wake up now?� Harry request looking in between the 2 men.�Your staying with us.� Tom answered, clutching his girlfriend closer. �You space our mate, and also Dumbledore would just hurt you or twist you into a little puppet.��I�ll send a letter come Sirius and also Remus�they to be worried around you and Dumbledore wouldn�t do anything. They�ll want to come over and also make certain your okay.� Severus called Harry, who nodded and also leaned earlier in Tom�s embrace, emotion safe and also warm.�Tell me around mates�� harry whispered.�About half of the wizards in the world have a mate. It�s an ext common in pureblood lines, because most purebloods have creature blood in your past. Werewolfs also have mates, since they room creatures after ~ all.� Tom stood, picking up Harry and also moving in the direction of the life room, whereby he sat under on the couch, take care of in his arms. �Severus and also I are from really old wizarding families. Severus has actually vampire in his bloodline, when I have Naga, a sort of snake-human mix.� Severus satellite down beside Tom and also Harry ~ above the couch.�And Sirius and also me?� bother asked, laying his hand on Tom�s shoulder.�The Blacks have�� Tom paused for a second as if thinking. �Banshee i believe. Potters have a few, but I think the main one is Aloja. It�s a sort of Water Spirit, generally taking the indigenous of a woman.�As Tom finished speaking the fire in the room roared to life and in a few seconds Sirius and also Remus tumbled from it and virtually pounced on Harry.TBCAuthor"s Note: The Aloja is a "real" legend creature, watch it up on Wikipedia.