Season 4, episode 1 hidden Halloween Horrors

The competition starts with a deliciously challenging pre-heat together the eight Halloween bakers weave spider web desserts with creatures trapped inside. In the main heat, wily witch hunter john Henson challenges the bakers to produce melting desserts that reveal a Halloween article inside.

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Season 4, illustration 2 loss Forward Desserts

In the silence of the Yams pre-heat challenge, bakers make yam desserts the evoke classic scary movie cliches native chainsaws and hockey masks come bloody knives and creepy dolls. In the key heat, the bakers rotate a pumpkin patch into a "bundtkin patch" by creating a pumpkin patch out of mini bundt cakes.

Season 4, episode 3 Monster Mania

A monster has actually ransacked the kitchen and also is ~ above the loose! The bakers work-related together in the pre-heat difficulty to develop a 3-D suspect sketch out of pate a choux to help track the down. The lay out helps place the monster behind bars but now he"s hungry for the main heat difficulty that entails monster-sized Halloween deserts like gigantic cupcakes, pies, cream puffs and more.

Season 4, illustration 4 Hallowedding

It"s bridal season for Halloween lovers and also since bridal showers frequently have petit fours, the bakers are producing "petit horrors" in the pre-heat challenge. In the main heat, it"s time for a Halloween wedding! every happy couple -- vampire and troll, werewolf and also mummy, skeleton and robot, witch and also goblin, zombie and ghost -- gets a distinct Halloween wedding cake.

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Season 4, episode 5 Circus of Dread

A group of talented bakers enter the fortune-telling tent at the Circus of Dread in the pre-heat challenge. The competitors are tasked with creating tarot card desserts special blood orange, fig or passion fruit. The bakers then enter the Creepy Clown hall of call in the main warm where they develop impressive desserts that will certainly land one of them in the finale.

Season 4, illustration 6 Cranium Epicurean

Inspired through a mysterious "skull man," the bakers enter the graveyard to lug skull desserts come life in the pre-heat. Because that the main heat, the bakers must create a championship-worthy nightmare cake based on common nightmare themes choose falling, being chased or being went to by the dead. The baker the can challenge their fears and also come the end on top will be called Halloween Baking Champion!


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