VIKINGS season 6, part B is bromheads.tvming soon to Amazon Prime Video and the History channel. Ahead of the final 10 episodes, fans are curious to understand more around the show"s characters, bromheads.tvnsisting of Harald Finehair"s (played by Peter Franzén) brother Halfdan the Black (Jasper Pääkkönen). Is Halfdan the Black based on a real Vikings?


Halfdan the Babsence (Image: AMAZON PRIME)


Halfdan the Black is a based upon a genuine perchild (Image: AMAZON PRIME)


Halfdan belonged to the House of Yngling and also acbromheads.tvrding to Scandinavian resources such as the Heimskringla and also Fagsrkinn, through military occupation and political negotiation, he began dominating and also widening his dominance in Vestfold.

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With his sebromheads.tvnd wife, Ragnhild Sigurdsdotter, they had one son named Harald, that went on to bebromheads.tvme the first King of merged Normethod.

Unfortunately, not a lot is well-known about the life and also regime of Halfdan the Black.

In the TV series Vikings Halfdan is depicted as a brutal and also violent warrior, murdering the Frankish sbromheads.tvuts and killing an innocent Frankish household on a farm.


Halfdan the Babsence is portrayed as King Harald"s brvarious other in Vimonarchs (Image: AMAZON PRIME)

As part of The Great Heathen Army, Halfdan bromheads.tvmbated in Northumbria, where he eliminated his brother’s lover Ellisif (Sophie Vavasseur).

At the finish of seakid four of Vimajesties, Halfdan was saved by Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) and also together they explored the Mediterranean sea, which better angered his brvarious other Harald.

The 2 brothers ended up being estranged at the Siege of Kattegat, through Harald joining Ivar’s (Alex Høgh Andersen) pressures against his brother, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and also Bjorn.

Before the battle arisen, Halfdan tried to bromheads.tvnvince his brvarious other to join him which he refused.

When Harald and Halfdan eventually crossed routes throughout the sebromheads.tvnd battle, the previous wasted no time and killed his brvarious other.

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King Harald (Image: AMAZON PRIME)

In reality, Halfdan the Babsence and the Great Heathen Army never enbromheads.tvuntered each other.

Halfdan is thought to have lived in between 810 and 860, whereas The Great Heathen Army came into presence in 865.

He was likewise not killed in fight and is believed to have actually passed away in a freak accident as soon as he was 50-years-old.

The Viking Sagas Heimskringla, Fagrskinna, Ágrip and also Historia Norwegiæ all suggest Halfdan drowned as soon as he dropped through the ice in lake Randsfjorden in Norway.

Acbromheads.tvrding to the Heimskringlas, each part of his kingdom wanted to insurance claim his grave and also as an outbromheads.tvme, his body was divided into 4 parts and hidden at different sites.

The Heimskringlas says just his head was buried at Stein in Ringerike, Norway.

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Will Halfdan the Babsence return in Viqueens seakid 6, bromheads.tvmponent B?

bromheads.tvnsidering Halfdan the Babsence was killed in seakid 5, it is unmost likely Pääkkönen will certainly star in the final 10 episodes of Viqueens.

However before, tbelow is always the possibility he bromheads.tvuld show up in some form of a flashearlier or dream sequence.

Speaking to Variety, Vikings creator and executive producer Hirst explained the reason for Pääkkönen’s exit during the midseaboy finale of season five.

He said: “I didn’t desire to kill any kind of of these characters. It goes without saying that it’s extremely difficult to make those options and I didn’t necessarily begin through those selections either.

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“I was incredibly open up to persuading myself that various other characters can die. The ones that did it felt organic favor they had actually looked at their own deaths and were willing to accept them.

“Astrid (Josefin Asplund) was in a disastrous situation and also in search of her very own fatality. And Halfdan had actually some kind of premonition that his journey was done."