by Silas Claiborne Turnbo 1844-1925

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HALF person AND half SNAKEBy S. C. TurnboStrange things occur every now and also then on some component of this world ofours. The Ozarks are no exception to this rule. A few years ago the St.Louis Globe-Democrat released a many of issue under the head that "freaksand snakes", and also a few correspondents sent in all sorts of line storiesfor publication, some of which appeared to be completely fictitious. The editorannounced that he desired accounts of actual occurrences, yet for thesake of amusement, a small harmless fiction would be received. Part ofthe correspondents over did the thing by exaggerating to together an extentthat your statements were rediculous. Amongst the rest the writer sent anaccount to the editor, of a freak child, i beg your pardon was published in the Globe-Democratof September 22ed 1899. The adhering to is the letter as published includingthe editors comments before printing the letter."A leader deprecates the propensity to ward exaggeration presented bysome of our correspondents, and submits the following."Protem, Mo. Sep. 11, 1899 -I have read the amazing snake storiesin the Globe-Democrat, several of which indeed originated in the craniumsof her correspondents. When I do not admire fictitious snake stories,yet few of them are amusing and interesting because that the ingenuity displayedin your construction. It seems to me, however, unnecessary to will tofiction and also exaggeration when so countless strange freaks yes, really live and also moveand have their gift upon this green earth of ours. I desire to tell friend ofan account offered me by J. N. (Newt) Milum, a prominent vendor of LeadHill, Ark. The a weird freak that saw during the civil War."In 1863, as soon as I to be 14 years old," claimed Mr. Milum, "I wasamong a large number of refugees, who accompanied Col. Phelps regiment ofUnion troops come Missouri. Amongst the previous was a household whose name if Iremember rightly was Mannus. In this household was one of the strangest freaksborn of woman I ever before saw or heard of. The object appeared to be half humanand half serpent, and about two feet in length. The largest part of itsbody was about the size of a man’s arm, and it had actually legs the size ofone’s finger. The arms were still smaller, and its tail protruded toabout the length of that legs. Native the hips increase it was human being in form, exceptthat its this resembled the fangs the a serpent. The head to be the dimension ofa tea cup and covered through hair. That was claimed to have actually been born in 1844 -nineteen year before. This strange being was preserved in a coffee bag andwas taken out each morning and evening to be fed. It attracted a good dealof attention amongst the soldiers, refugees and others, and also was the objectof lot comment."Mr. Milum claimed that the critical he experienced or heard that it, was on their arrivalat Springfield Mo. The writer will include that Mr. Milum is reliable, and bearsa great reputation because that honor and truthfulness. That seems more than likelythat few of the surviving members of Phelps’ command or rather cangive extr information about this impressive curiosity."S. C. TurnboThough I had never doubted Mr. Milum’s account that this singular formedchild, in the problem of the Globe-Democrat the November 3erd, appeared a letterconfirming Mr. Milum’s story which we copy verbatim.A human being MONSTROSITYMore around the Arkansas line child. Come the editor that the Globe-Democrat:Van Buren, Ark. October 20 - ns was not much stuck ~ above the snake story thatwas published in the Globe-Democrat, until I review one indigenous S. C. Turnbo,and I will say the he gave a an extremely correct description of the same. In ~ thetime he speaks of ns was a soldier in Col. Phelps’ 2ed Arkansas Cavalry,which remained in camp in ~ Cleppers Is Mill, near where the city of Harrison is.Our train was sent down ~ above Buffalo to lug out a the majority of refugees. The trainreturned well invited with human being freight, and amongst the remainder the family withthe Snake-child; the was what us all called it. Ns was in-depth as one ofthe guards come escort the train come Springfield, Mo. I can assure the readersof the Globe-,Democrat the the account given by Mr. Turnbo is correct.The mom of the boy was called Mannas, and she called me the the Snake-childwas 19 year old. It to be sick all the means to Springfield, and died soonafter we acquired there. It would certainly lie ~ above a pallet and lick out its tongue likea snake, and its body would certainly squirm and twist favor a snake. It knew its motherfrom any kind of other person. The snake-child had actually a sister that was two years youngerwho was an extremely handsome. The snake-child was also a girl.John A. StevensonAs the foregoing is together an interesting case, the writer wishes otherswho recognize any about it will certainly give added information so the we may obtaina complete background of this uncommon strange formation of a child.S.

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