I came across this video clip by George Cervantes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7jE7qzfgQs

Has anyone ever before tried something prefer this for their pm buds? just how did it go?


I'm top top my first grow and the man who sold me my clones had mildew on one of them and also I didn't notice till it acquired bad.. I'm on main 3 of flowering and a couple of days back I just clipped off every the infected leaves and also I think it's ok, just 2 plants were really infected and they both have actually very small leaves yet I think I got rid of it, my tree only has actually tiny buds carry out you think it'd be helpful for me to carry out this to all my buds even though ns think I solved it?

I learned mine lesson critical grow. I'm in the procedure of starting over. As soon as a plant is infected, it's always infected. If over there are various other plants in the vecinity, they're definitely impacted as well. Precise the finest advice, various other than getting a sulfur burner is come chop the all, and wipe everything with bleach water and start anew. It's the advice no one desires to hear which is why you end up in ~ crazy techniques like h202 baths and also stuff. If you do any type of cursory study on PM v cannabis most answers will certainly be along the lines of the one I'm offering you and also OP.

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it works.

edit: freshly tried it. It will absorb one insane lot of water so administer proficient airflow. I overdried a tiny but its much better than mold. No a new grower, determined to test this through a little grow due to the fact that most civilization smoking pm anyway. Cleanest bud ive ever seen. No advice, you'll learn much more by doing. Afternoon is killable but more than anything that is extra and unnecessary occupational that stunts the growth and also prolongs the procedure of our favourite plant. Prevent this procedure if possible especially if youve never cropped before.

I can't speak to the validity the this method, OP. However, if this video clip is indigenous Cervantes then it probably has actually some merit come it.

I'm sure you know, but the man literally created the publication on cultivation; he to know his stuff.

If you have a difficulty with mildew top top your sprout then you don't really have actually anything to shed by trying it out. Hell, if it works then friend basically have a net get of whatever you recuperate from this an approach (since if you've gained mildew you're more than likely sitting in ~ 0 grams that harvest).

Let us know how it go if you offer it a try! Could help out rather a few people here.

If you're in ~ day 26F and also have pm then it's no looking great for you. To have any kind of chance in ~ salvageable buds you should work tough to minimize the expansion of the mildew. Acquire a dehumidifier and run that point 24/7. Remove any visible pm incredibly carefully, and even the isn't cautious enough. Make certain the room is fine ventilated and also make sure your plants have actually no others stressors. ~ you execute all this and hopefully still have plants to harvest, then worry around the H2O2 bath.

Can you recommend a dehumidifier because that a 3x3 tent through two plants? mine RH is approximately 50-60. They yes, really filled my time fast cause I have quite a little bit of neg press caving in the walls. Next flourish i'll probably simply do one plant.

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