Before we start with the article, over there is one point to put out there - the gyeongju you pick has actually NO ramifications to the really gameplay as well as aesthetics, story and also a few racial skills. 

Each race has 6 distinct racial an abilities - these include healing, utility and also elite skills.

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These racial an abilities cannot be offered in Structured PvP, underwater. Oh, and also Revenants additionally don’t have accessibility to them as Revenant Healing, utility and Elite an abilities depend ~ above the Legend which is being channelled.

All that these proposal are merely that - suggestions regarding what we think is the finest fit regarding profession and also race. This is expected to be a funny article and also ignite the spark of actual conversation.

With that being said, let’s acquire to it!

Asura - Engineer

Asura engineer - who far better to recognize all the tech & kits various other than the genius Asura?

I don’t know what it is around asuras - possibly their appearance simply screams technology genius.

For Asuras, to us it is many compelling to snapshot them through either a Scrapper hammer or an technician Kit in your hands, always calculating the ranges needed to be got to in the bespeak to effectively eliminating all the enemies. 

We respect when civilization play their Asuras however they like - heck, also Zojja is an Elementalist. Warriors and Thieves are good picks, too.

Still… how far better to convey the entirety idea behind the Asuran genius 보다 an Engineer? Who far better to display screen the art of design than these small fellows with large minds?

Who is more capable that constructing and engineering all those kits and also gyros if no a facility minded genius the the Rata Sum?

And together a bonus, if you opt to walk for Holosmith, friend actually get a red irradiate sabre - good ol’ Yoda switching to the dark side, huh?

Why Asura is a an excellent Engineer:

Everything around them screams (or rather calmly states) technological geniusThe idea of them engineering anything from basic constructs to totality city infrastructures is rather pleasantThey are the race that looks best with engineer tech, kits and also cosmetics

Sylvari - Ranger

The Sylvari Ranger - maybe no much better race-class combo out there

It is eventually their bond through nature that acquired us to pair these two.

Sylvari - is technically born that Nature - the Pale Tree. Your plant-like appearance gives out the impression the they space in bond v nature, too. 

Rangers - since the main aspect here is the relationship to nature, what job is more related come nature than a Ranger? just look at the Druid elite specialization and also you will see what we mean.

So, what is the brightest image that pertains to our mind once we picture this bond of a Sylvari Ranger? 

Either a Sylvari Druid, wielding a staff and accompanied through a Brown Bear.

Or a Sylvari Soulbeast, carrying a shortbow and also daggers through a Sylvan hound by their side.

Something about these makes deep feeling to us.

Why Sylvari is a good Ranger:

Their common facet - nature - makes perfect sense hereA an extremely natural fit (pun intended)Aesthetically fairly a reasonable decision - Sylvaris and Druids look prefer they were created each other

Human - Warrior

The human Warrior - aptly stood for by Logan Thackeray among the top Guild battles 2 characters

Oh yes, our fine known and also beloved Human. Most MMORPGs it seems ~ to have this one readily accessible at the begin of any kind of adventure. The is the fail-safe, go-to no-brainer gyeongju for everyone. It is practically iconic.

Hmm, iconic, safe, no-brainer… What course would girlfriend picture, offered those adjectives? 

If you room anything prefer us, you could say Warrior. Yes, the most basic and straightforward class to choose. The selection of this class for new players seems practically as simple as drinking some water when thirsty… or picking a person as the gyeongju for your first character.

Whether that is main point Warrior, Berserker or Spellbreaker - all of these space a perfect complement for our human adventurer. It all just kind of fits, you know.

Why human being is a an excellent Warrior:

Both space super straightforward and newbie-friendly Both room the most wanted in their own group (Warrior - most created profession; human - most created race)A simple bond that merely works - in all aspects.

Norn - Guardian

The Norn Guardian - who better to defend their allies than a mighty and robust Norn?

What concerns mind when you picture a Guardian? possibly someone the a towering human body posture, someone that looks like shielding you as soon as the battle comes calling.

Someone v head hosted high, someone who looks together though they have the right to punch a hole v walls, who who might stomp the wild creatures right into the dusty ground below their feet, someone who just could withstand a couple of more hits and also blows than your typical Joe…

Someone… sufficient of that. We check out a Norn together that someone. Is intimidating? Check. Is well-built? Check. Looks favor a mountain of strength? Check.

 Norn is, in our eyes, the perfect match for Guardian. 

Also, the blue-coloured theme of Guardians goes therefore well along with the Shiverpeak eye of Norns.

Why Norn is a an excellent Guardian:

They intimidate foes and also reassure allies with exactly how they hold themselvesPowerful sufficient to have what the takes come qualify together a GuardianInsightful enough to have what that takes to be a scholar (which most Guardians are)

Charr - Revenant

The Charr Revenant - monitor in footsteps the Rytlock, the warrior who has actually returned native the Mists and also became the Revenant!

The word itself - Revenant - evokes return. It is to be in correlation with Rytlock (who is what race, again?) indigenous the Mists.

 So us are in search of someone that looks as though they can have unable to do to the Mists with unconventional way and climate return. 

Return together an also stronger, newborn variation of themselves. Together though someone already solid and qualified has ventured into the abyss that Hell. 

And then came back solid and able come tell tales about the adventures they had actually there.

The Charr it seems ~ to be perfect because that this. Through their already monstrous appearance (no offence, charr friends) and intimidating posture and also attitude, who much better to delve right into the unknown depth (or heights) of the Mists.

Why is Charr a good Revenant:

Strong together it is, even stronger as a RevenantLooks choose they deserve to handle the weight of going through the MistsTheir personality seems very comparable to that of a Revenant


In this article, us talked about what classes / professions walk well v what races.

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Let us remind girlfriend - what gyeongju you choose really has only a minor influence on your gameplay and ZERO practical affect on the job you choose to play.

Do girlfriend agree with our picks? would you move them roughly or perhaps completely change them?