Join Randy, Shawn & Dan to celebrate song of the Christmas season and also worship through your favorite PC&D access time plus brand-new music native our latest album! December 7 Anderson, SC more info & ticket December 8 Morristown, TN more info December 9 Asheville, NC more...

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Randy Phillips the Phillips, Craig & Dean talks through Brent Randall throughout the KYCC Morning Show about their upcoming concert in Modesto, CA in ~ Gallo facility for the Performing art on Friday, November 5....

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Central California! join us in Modesto in ~ Gallo center for The arts Friday, November 5 for a night the worship. Hear brand-new songs from our latest album along with your Phillips, Craig & Dean favorite from over 25 years of music ministry. Obtain your tickets!...

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Few songwriters cultivate more fertile an imaginative soil when crafting a new album than Phillips, Craig, and also Dean. Juggling double vocations as both pastors and recording artist for much more than two decades, Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig, and Dan Dean have created an impressive body of work influenced by what God is act in their lives and also their particular churches.

Transparency, passion and also integrity have long been the structure for Phillips, Craig, and Dean’s music and ministry. For an ext than two decades, the trio has actually churned out few of Christian music’s many enduring hits, including “Revelation Song,” which freshly earned RIAA Gold single status, signifying downloads of more than 500,000. This is just the saturday time in the history of Christian music the a single has reached gold status. The tune spent 17 weeks in ~ No. 1 ~ above Billboard’s Christian AC chart and additionally topped the nationwide Christian Audience chart, AC Indicator chart and also Soft AC charts.

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“The songs are usually things that come the end of ours hearts together pastors,” Phillips shares. “All 3 of us serve permanent as command pastors, and sometimes the human being sitting in the pews form what oh my god trying to say to you.”

“I think the song on this album are few of the finest we’ve ever before written,” Craig adds. “It seems prefer we all really hit this grace place, with incentive really pouring through us, and I prayer God because that that.”

Transparency, passion and integrity have long to be the structure for Phillips, Craig, and also Dean’s music and also ministry. For more than 2 decades, the trio has churned out several of Christian music’s most enduring hits, consisting of “Revelation Song,” which newly earned RIAA Gold single status, signifying download of much more than 500,000. This is just the seventh time in the background of Christian music that a solitary has reached gold status. The track spent 17 weeks at No. 1 top top Billboard’s Christian AC graph and additionally topped the national Christian Audience chart, AC Indicator chart and also Soft AC charts.

The groundbreaking success of “Revelation Song” is just one of countless impressive achievements in the group’s storied career. Phillips, Craig, and Dean has actually scored twenty-three No. 1 singles, won 3 GMA Dove Awards and sold nearly three million units. The group continues to tour while always being current Sunday v Wednesday to minister their residence churches, v Phillips based in Austin, TX; Craig in St. Louis, MO and DeAlways advertise themselves to carry a fresh sound come fans, the trio is fully committed to offer up lyrics the encourage and also inspire. The lead single, “Jesus, just Jesus” does simply that. “People’s resides are complex on so numerous levels,” says Phillips. “There are so plenty of challenges. If it was in my own person power to aid them i couldn’t do it, yet the an excellent news is this: us can suggest them come Jesus. Through the help of the divine Spirit, He can breathe hope into their situation. Our expect is no in ours strength, however it’s Jesus, only Jesus.’”

After an ext than two years of music ministry, Phillips, Craig, and also Dean stay as passionate as ever around sharing the Gospel through music. They’ve watched the influence a great song deserve to have ~ above a congregation, if serving together pastors in their residence churches, and also as they’ve traveled and performed all over the world. Hearing exactly how their songs have actually touched people is a precious gift each member that Phillips, Craig, and also Dean treasures and also it encourages them to proceed pulling twin duty as both pastors and also musicians. “The speak to to pastor is a calling the God place on your heart. We’ve raised up three really great, solid churches where, not just the shed were saved, yet discipleship happens and communities form,” states Craig. “On the music side, the music is simply in us. It’s what we’ve always loved because we were simply kids. To have actually a national and an worldwide stage is past our wildest dreams. That part of the is still so empowering. It’s therefore incredible once churches song our songs, when people write us and tell us that they were going through a details thing in their life, they heard among our songs and it changed them. It’s simply something girlfriend don’t obtain over and also it keeps that fresh.”