Travel from Gothenburg (Sweden) come Copenhagen (Denmark) by train (229km): schedule and information to the train connection. To compare fares and also buy her ticket.

for the train link from Gothenburg in Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark you find train timetables and ticket price via the booking links. Please check out the adhering to information about the route.

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229 km

Your train tickets and reservations in ~ the finest price/fares. role down, review the details and also make use of the booking links.

how to usage the complying with information: we show you the finest routes and also where to buy tickets. On much longer routes you may need an ext than one ticket. Book your tickets action by step as explained. If you have questions around the route from Gothenburg to Copenhagen, please ask in ours forum. The course, sometimes there are as well other travel routes possible.

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Copenhagen - Gothenburg / Stockholm - Aalborg / Stockholm - Aarhus / Stockholm - Kolding / Stockholm - Odense / Lund - Copenhagen / Malmö - Copenhagen / Uppsala - Copenhagen / Östersund - Copenhagen

1a travel from Gothenburg (Sweden) come Copenhagen (Denmark)

Travel indigenous Göteborg (Sweden) to Copenhagen (Denmark) by direct Öresundståg trains. The trip time is less than 4 hours (3:49). Cheap tickets fares start from 40 EUR. There room at least 15 train connections daily. Find exact train schedules and also ticket prices via the booking links.


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