Its a new beginning for GOLD RUSH new miners, brand-new rivalries and also brand-new claims. This season, the miners will avoid at nothing as they risk it every in search of the American Dream. But who will certainly come the end on top?
Season year2019NetworkDiscovery ChannelPurchase rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime video clip (streaming online video)DevicesAvailable to clock on supported devices
Gregory JohnsonReviewed in the United says on November 4, 2018
Bought season 9 thinking the whole season was available. Establish a couple of shows in, that only 3 shows were available. The rest of the season to be the ahead season!BAIT and SWITCH!This is no okay. Rope-a-dope? currently there"s no method to return a digital order? This is disgraceful. Make it appropriate

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BansheeReviewed in the United claims on in march 20, 2019
I love watching gold Rush. I began watching when the first season aired ~ above TV. Ns stopped acquiring cable TV though, so i switched come watching the on time there is a brand-new season starting, ns buy the season pass. Gold sirloin is ~ above Tuesday nights where I live. Through the season pass, as shortly is that is officially midnight and ticks end to Wednesday I"m may be to clock the recent episode top top instant Video. Season 9 simply ended. Over there are additionally bonus episodes, that you acquire for free, of various things.
matthewReviewed in the United states on December 24, 2018
Best tv present on television. I simply wish there was an ext detail. For instance showing how the to wash plant functions in more depth, an ext time on Tony"s dredge 2.
JannaReviewed in the United states on December 17, 2018
tim gilbertReviewed in the United says on might 26, 2019
This regimen has countless episodes, not sure what ns was going to gain when i purchased the season. But all the episodes and Dirt as well? Bonus! however like Curse of Oak Island once the announcer beginning talking ns clip forward if ns can, since it is simply filler repeating much more things you have currently seen maybe just 10 seconds before.. Quick Attention Span? clock this ! The editing and enhancing is repeat repeat repeat, then commercial, recap and repeat again. Really? 2/3 that the present is recurring yeesh.
Record season, mix it increase a tiny bit; however some that the drama isn"t really convincing. Have the right to we get a an ext interesting plot twist - Todd Hoffman comes back, and has to take it orders native knuckle busting Dave Turin. Gain the 2 men from Tony Deets"s first dredger teardown the were canned, and also put them on the crew. Contact them the Les Miserables, and put castle on a claim neighboring rick Ness" ground. Watch if they deserve to handle the primary school level and also work their means up again. Bring back Thurber and also the Backhoe operator. No son no dad - the would mean no Todd either... Dang it.
I"m a substantial fan of gold Rush have actually watched all the seasons kinda miss the Hoffman"s wasting your time and also money the dumb ideas but still can"t get enough the piles of yellow these men pull out the ground room insane. I"m a mechanic therefore I reap watching the brake downs and fixes.
Guess i bought this before discovering the Discovery+ was a thing...there ns can acquire some of my favorite shows instead of payment a ridiculous amount that money per episode or for a season. Discovery+ for the win.

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