This track characterizes the basketball player ~ above the album cover.The location is a reversal of the location of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel This next of Paradise. “This is… check out More 

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OhOh, oh, ohOh, oh, ohOh, oh, ohWhen i was young and also stupid (Oh)My love left to be a rock and roll star (Oh)He called me, "Please, don't worry" (Oh)Wise tiny smile that spoke therefore safely (Oh)He booked a one-way ticket (Oh)Out west, that's where they make it (Oh)Six youngsters stuck in a bedsit (Oh)To sunswept poolside wealth (Oh)(Oh, oh)He met a girl who wore Versace (Oh)Pink feather coats and jumbo jewelry​ (Oh)Gonna be a hoop phenomenon (Oh)He's gonna it is in Hakeem Olajuwon (Oh)He's got a yellow Camaro (Oh)He stated over the payphone (Oh)I try to save my cool but (Oh)My life transforms in slow motion (Oh)Bye-bye, baby blueI wish (Oh) you could see the evil truthCaught up (Oh) in a rush, it's death youScreaming (Oh) in ~ the sun you punch intoCurled increase (Oh) in a grip as soon as we to be usFingers (Oh) in a fist like you could runI clear up (Oh) for a ghost I never knewSuper (Oh) sky I organized on toBut I clear up for a ghost
Where i was indigenous in NOLANo one (Oh) left to be a rock and also roll star (Oh)He'd stay and also treat his lady (Oh)Give every little thing to his brand-new baby (Oh)I miss him, don't you blame me? (Oh)That boy went rock cold stunner (Oh)Caught increase in camera lust (Oh)He's chasing the pappy pipeline dream (Oh)(Oh)(Oh)(Oh)I understand you don't but I-I know you don't but I tho tryMy thunder shook that downMy thunder came and also shook that downThat girl is gone however I-That girl is gone however I tho tryI think it's end nowThe cartridge hit but maybe (Oh) notI feel so fucking numbIt access time my head and also I feeling (Oh) numbMy body's feather wrongMy body's looking dorn (Oh)My body's looking not correct (Oh)

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Bye-bye, baby blueI wish (Oh) you might see the wicked truthCaught up (Oh) in a rush, it's killing youScreaming (Oh) at the sunlight you blow intoCurled up in a grip as soon as we to be usFingers (Oh) in a fist like you might runI resolve (Oh) because that a ghost I never ever knewSuper (Oh) paradise I hosted on toBut I clear up (Oh) for a ghost(Oh, oh, oh, oh)(Oh, oh, oh, oh)(Oh, oh, oh, oh)