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The D is an abbreviated term most commonly referencing to the word "Dick", a slang term because that the masculine penis. Top top the internet, the hatchet is regularly used as an euphemism for requesting intercourse, particularly from a man, in either an initial or third person narration. This is frequently done in the type of catchphrases such together "I desire The D" or "She wants The D".

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"The D" an initial made an figure on the 2004 single "So Sexy" by American rapper Twista special R&B artist R. Kelly. The tune was the second single exit from Twista"s fourth album, Kamikaze, and also became Twista"s 3rd straight optimal 40 fight from the album, having actually peaked in ~ 25 on the Billboard hot 100.

Interlude lyrics (R. Kelly):

OHH! and this is because that them girls that be wantin – the DAnd this is because that them girls the be lovin – the DAnd this is for them girls that be ridin – the DThe persons that like to store the D up inside "em now


On December 19th, 2004, Urban thesaurus user QT it is registered the earliest known entry because that "The D."<2> ~ above October 15th, 2005, Urban thesaurus user BigJimDx submitted another article explaining the an interpretation of "The D,"<3> citing Twista"s 2004 solitary "So Sexy" together the beginning of the term. However, the usage of the term gained much that its digital notoriety through Tumblr in 2012,<4> adhering to the viral spread of provide Her the Dick, an oddly phrased comment that was originally posted on the adult website Pornhub (shown below) and went onto accumulate the abbreviation expression "Give her the D," which in turn gave rise to a selection of non-verbal representations and visual puns.


Throughout 2012, the phrase "she wants the D" was discussed in dozens the dating and relationship advice subject on Yahoo Answers<5> and also the Bodybuilding Forums.

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<6> In late August 2012, two Twitter<7> accounts called "Give her The D"<8> and also "Don"t offer Her The D"<9> to be launched. On January 1st, 2013, a Facebook page titled "She wants the D"<7> was created, racking up much more than a million likes in the following 9 months.