l version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>00260.xmlMINNESOTA historic SOCIETY. MINNESOTA ETHNIC background PROJECT:An inventory of Its documents at the Minnesota historical SocietyFinding assist prepared through Lara D. Friedman.

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Minnesota historical SocietySt. Paul MN.Manuscripts Collection

Finding aid encoded through Lyda Morehouse, October 6, 1999.Finding aid written inEnglishJuly 2012Shelf 20 locators changed, David B. PetersonAugust 2008Converted indigenous EAD variation 1.0 to version 2002 by Monica Manny Ralston, DanielSher, and also Joyce Chapman.OVERVIEWMinnesota Historical society Minnesota historic Society.Minnesota Ethnic background Project.Project Records.1969-1982.Materials in English. Research and also administrative material developed by theMinnesota Ethnic background Project (MEHP), a task operated under the auspices ofthe Minnesota Historical culture from 1973 come 1981 i beg your pardon culminated in thepublication the the publication "They made decision Minnesota: A survey of the State"s EthnicGroups."21.5 cubic feet (22 boxes and also 2 oversize folders) and also 1 microfilm reel.See Detailed description for shelflocations.HISTORICAL NOTEThe Minnesota Ethnic background Project (MEHP) activate under the auspices that theMinnesota Historical society (MHS) native 1973 come 1981, and also culminated in the book,They chose Minnesota: A survey of the State"s EthnicGroups. As defined in the preface, the project"s main objective was to"bring together in a solitary volume info on the significant ethnic populaces thathave stayed in Minnesota throughout the 130 years from 1850 to 1980," but likewise to actas a launching allude for further, much more exhaustive therapy of Minnesota"s ethnichistory. Task records suggest that plans to collect and also retain the data andresearch notes compiled and also created during the course of the project, in bespeak tofacilitate added research, exist from very early stage. As the push releasetouting the inauguration of MEHP in October that 1973 emphasized, the task was notonly ground-breaking in the field of Minnesota background but, together the first such effortin the country, it collection a brand-new standard nationally.

The Minnesota Ethnic history Project began as the catalyst of Carlton C. Qualey, aformer director of the Minnesota historical Society, one MHS study fellow, andnoted scholar in the field of immigrant history. Discussion of the idea began asearly as the so late 1960s however financial backing, in the type of grants from theMinnesota Legislature and also the Bush structure of St. Paul, was no secured until1973. With resources secured the task proceeded in two phases. Step One, directedby Qualey native 1973 come 1978, involved the production of a statistical base and also thegathering of extr pertinent research on all groups for the period from thebeginnings of settlement to 1930. During this duration initial draft of many of thechapters were written and a basic scheme of company devised. Phase Two, from1978 to 1981, encompassed the assembling the data for all teams from 1930 come the1980s, and the bulk of the writing, and was lugged out under the directionof June Drenning Holmquist, climate head of the Minnesota historical Society"spublishing program, through the help of study coordinator Deborah L. (Stultz)Miller.

As shown in the records of the project, lot of the study utilized the richresources in the Society"s own collections, which had actually benefited from an emphasis onethnic history source products in the collection policy of the coming before decades.In addition, researchers drew upon the materials in the college of Minnesota"simmigration background collections and other local historic societies, and also agreat transaction of field research including thousands of interviews with immigrants andtheir descendants. Together the project drew to a nearby in the late 1970s, initiatives weremade come reclaim as lot of the study notes and other related material as possiblefrom the miscellaneous individuals involved in the study, bring about a thick collectionof data that papers both the ethnic groups that worked out in Minnesota and theproject itself.

Historical information on the Minnesota Ethnic background Project to be taken from thepreface that They determined Minnesota and also from thecollection.


The Minnesota Ethnic history Project (MEHP) documents consist the correspondence,reports, research study notes, statistics data, chapter drafts, and also other relatedmaterial documenting the procedure of researching, writing, and also editing the book They made decision Minnesota: A inspection of the State"s EthnicGroups. Documents are i ordered it in two significant series: governmental recordsdocumenting the organization, coordination, and funding of the project, and researchrecords consisting of the actual data gathered in the process of composing thebook.

The administrative records, while only a small part of the collection, provide afairly comprehensive photo of the project as it developed from that is initialdiscussion stage into one the the Minnesota historic Society"s most significant andambitious posting ventures. Materials include correspondence, memoranda, grantproposals, contracts, reports, critiques that chapters, clippings, and also other relatedpapers. Two documents contain correspondence and memoranda from and concerning CarltonC. Qualey. Materials in these documents are specifically notable together they show theevolution that the project, explicate it together Qualey very first conceived that in a memo tothen director of MHS, Russell Fridley, and including plenty of subsequent plan andschemes for its content and organization as research study progressed. The materials inthese files also describe the beforehand attempts in ~ securing sponsor to money the studyand administer some interesting insights into the relationship between Qualey and also hiscolleagues at the Society. A team of 5 folders contain documents kept by JuneDrenning Holmquist and Deborah L. (Stultz) Miller, including a great deal ofcorrespondence v researchers and chapter authors worrying the composing andediting process, as well as guidelines on chapter organization and content attracted upfor distribution to the writers. There are also comments and notes on numerous chaptersprovided through scholars that were asked by the editor to critique the job-related of thewriters. Other products in the series include contracts and also other employed staff andadministrative paperwork, and a really useful series of monthly reports. Whilethese reports just exist indigenous 1979 to 1980, they administer a useful overview the theproject during that duration just before publication of the book.

Comprising, by far, the bulk of the collection, the research records encompass censusand various other statistical data, indexes to ethnic information in various sources, copiesof appropriate papers and also articles, newspaper clippings, study notes, chapterdrafts, and other miscellaneous products gathered and created by the variousresearchers and writers associated in the project. The first part the the seriescontains early drafts composed by Qualey and also reflecting one early, geographical andtopical business scheme, i m sorry was later on discarded because that a group by grouporganization. A arsenal of materials grouped under the rubric "background files:indexes and raw data," is a valuable beginning point for further research, as itincludes comprehensive indexes to info on ethnic groups discovered in complex sourcesavailable in ~ MHS, such as the northern Pacific and great Northern railway recordsand the big collection of ar histories. The indexes provide the page numbers orother place where data on every ethnic group researched for the MEHP may be foundin these sources and, together they were created without the help of modern-day computertechnology, represent a far-reaching portion of the employee time funded in the firstphase that the project. A an excellent deal that time during the very first two years of the projectwas also devoted to extracting and compiling data indigenous the censuses to disclose theethnic ingredient of the state over the years. This data, which was later on used tocreate the maps and also charts in the book, is contained in raw kind in the collection.Although initial plans dubbed for computer evaluation of the statistical data gatheredfrom the census and other sources, the data was rather compiled manually because that themost part. Together the preface of They decided Minnesotapoints out, this methodical transcription from the manuscript censuses result infigures the were frequently quite different from the published statistics. Summarycharts reflecting the numbers of immigrants from various nations (and migrants fromother components of the U.S.) residents in every county during the years 1850 come 1970 arefound in a different oversize folder (These charts space also available on microfilm)along through color populace maps created from the charts.

The balance that the collection consists of topically i ordered it research documents organizedin three significant groups: products on ethnic groups, church- and religion-relatedfiles, and also a collection of miscellaneous, alphabetically i ordered it topical files. Thechurch- and also religion-related files, compiled by researcher Susan Diebold, includeher essays on fifteen various Christian denominations in Minnesota, follow me withseparate records of research notes and also articles on most of them. The records alsoinclude an table of contents to the Society"s repertoire of WPA church surveys, which provides atownship through township listing of every churches surveyed, with a cross-index bydenomination and language.

Unquestionably a highlight, and the largest section of this collection, theseries of research papers on each ethnic team defined and also chronicled in They made decision Minnesota space arranged in about alphabeticalorder through ethnic group name. This company reflects the chapter company ofthe book, i beg your pardon grouped details ethnic teams together. Because that example, Russians andUkrainians space under "East Slavs" fairly than after the Romanians, as would certainly be thecase if they to be filed strictly alphabetically. Also, the asian groups (with theexception the the Japanese) are arranged as a separate group at the end. The filesinclude statistical information, articles, newspaper clippings, newsletters,research note (sometimes on separation, personal, instance notecards), thing drafts, and also otherrelated material compiled through the researchers and writers for the ethnic group. TheAsian materials, in particular, save on computer a large number the interview notes based onoral histories, few of which are easily accessible on audio tape too (see keep in mind onrelated materials). Note that this interview notes were arranged within thiscollection primarily by geographical location (residence) the the interviewee ratherthan by name. While job administrators made an effort to retain as much of theraw data and other research material as possible, documentation in theadministrative records says that in some instances supporting products were ownedand preserved by the persons contracted to compose the individual chapters.


These documents are organized right into the following sections:

Project administration Correspondence FileMiscellaneous Adminstrative FilesResearch FilesEarly DraftsBackground Files: Indexes and Raw DataTopical research FilesRELATED MATERIALS

The Carlton C. Qualey Papers, i m sorry include additional material top top his work-related asdirector the the Minnesota Ethnic history Project, room cataloged independently in theMinnesota Historical culture manuscript collections under the heading: Qualey,Carlton C.

Audio tapes of sarah Mason"s interviews with oriental Minnesotans (for which over there arenotes in the asian materials that this collection, boxes 19-22) are obtainable in aseparately cataloged collection in the Minnesota historical Society"s dental historycollections under the heading: Asians in Minnesota Oral background Project (OH51).

CATALOG HEADINGSTopics:African american -- Minnesota.Americanization.Arab americans -- Minnesota.Armenian american -- Minnesota.Belgian american -- Minnesota.British american -- Minnesota.Cambodian americans -- Minnesota.Canadian american -- Minnesota.Chinese americans -- Minnesota.Cornish -- Minnesota.Czech american -- Minnesota.Dakota ind -- Minnesota.Danish american -- Minnesota.Demographic surveys.Discrimination -- Minnesota.Dutch american -- Minnesota.Egyptians -- Minnesota.Estonian americans -- Minnesota.Ethnic groups -- Minnesota -- Indexes.Ethnic groups -- Minnesota -- Religion.Ethnic teams -- Minnesota -- Research.Filipino americans -- Minnesota.Finnish american -- Minnesota.French american -- Minnesota.French Canadians -- Minnesota.German american -- Minnesota.Greek americans -- Minnesota.Hispanic americans -- Minnesota.History -- Minnesota -- ResearchHistory -- statistics methods.Hmong american -- Minnesota.Hungarian american -- Minnesota.Icelandic american -- Minnesota.Immigrants -- Minnesota.Indochinese -- Minnesota.Iranian american -- Minnesota.Irish american -- Minnesota.Italian american -- Minnesota.Japanese americans -- Minnesota.Jews -- Minnesota.Korean american -- Minnesota.Laotian americans -- Minnesota.Latvian american -- Minnesota.Lebanese american -- Minnesota.Lithuanian american -- Minnesota.Luxembourg american -- Minnesota.Métis -- Minnesota.Mexican americans -- Minnesota.Migration, interior -- united States.Minnesota -- ethnic relations.Minorities -- Minnesota.Norwegian american -- Minnesota.Ojibwa ind -- Minnesota.Palestinian Arabs -- Minnesota.Polish american -- Minnesota.Research -- Management.Romanian americans -- Minnesota.Russian americans -- Minnesota.Scandinavian american -- Minnesota.Scots-Irish -- Minnesota.Scottish american -- Minnesota.Slovak americans -- Minnesota.Swedish americans -- Minnesota.Swiss americans -- MinnesotaSyrian americans -- Minnesota.Turkish americans -- Minnesota.Ukrainian american -- Minnesota.United states -- Census.United states -- Emigration and also Immigration.Vietnamese american -- Minnesota.Welsh americans -- Minnesota.Yugoslav americans -- Minnesota.Persons:

De Gryse, louis Mathieu.Diebold, Susan M.Fridley, Russell W.Holmquist, June Drenning.Hoover, Marjorie A., 1928-.Mason, buy it R.Persons:Miller, Deborah L., 1948-.Qualey, Carlton C., 1904-1988.Renkiewicz, Frank, 1935-.Saloutos, Theodore.Organization:Immigration history Society (U.S.).Organization the American Historians.Types of Documentation:Charts.Interviews.Population maps.Occupation:Historians.ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATIONPreferred Citation:.Minnesota Historical society Ethnic history Project Records. MinnesotaHistorical Society.

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Microfilm Production:

St. Paul: Minnesota historical Society, 1974.

Accession Information:

Accession number: 11,742; 15,345

Processing Information:Processed by: Lara D. Friedman, November 1996

PALS number: 09-00322503


147.C.4.3B1Carlton Qualey Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers,1969-1982. 2 folders.Correspondence and Related Papers, 1973, 1975, 1978-1981. 5 folders.Miscellaneous governmental Files147.C.4.3B1Contracts and Miscellaneous Paperwork, 1977-1981.Monthly Reports, 1979-1980.They determined Minnesota BookSigning Party Invites Sent, 1981.RESEARCH FILESEarly Drafts147.C.4.3B1Carlton Qualey, early 1970s:Background that the foreign Born MigrationsEthnic InterrelationshipsLanguage RetentionMigration RoutesTwin CitiesBackground Files: Indexes and also Raw Data147.C.4.3B1Other MHS Collections and also Materials:William J. Bell Papers: index to ethnic Data.Northeast ar House Papers: index to EthnicData.Americanization Collections: table of contents to EthnicData.International institute (Duluth) Papers.International institute of Minnesota.Northern Pacific and an excellent Northern Railway Records:Index to country Data.147.C.4.3B1Local (county) Histories: Indexes and Notes ~ above EthnicMaterial:Index and also Aitken - Lyon.McLeod - Yellow Medicine.147.D.19.7B2Becker - Goodhue.Hennepin - Morrison.Nobles - Pope.Redwood - Winona; Duluth and St. LouisCounty.Notes from Local, Town, Village, and PersonalHistories.Iron Range. 2 foldersTwin Cities: index to Newspaper Articles.Statistics:General statistics Information: Miscellaneous. 2 foldersMinnesota Immigration, 1909-1979.U.S. Immigration, 1897-1979.U.S. And also Minnesota net Immigration,1909-1932.U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, StatisticalDepartment, Washington, D.C. 3 folders+2411Ethnic teams as A percentage of Total population ofMinnesota Townships, 1880, 1905. 12 maps.147.D.19.7B2Census Data:Census Tabulations, greatly Uncorrected.1860 Census: ar Totals.1860 Census: Data by County and Township: Aitken -Renville. 3 folders147.D.19.10F31860 Census: Data through County and also Township: Rice - Wright. 2 folders1880 Census: county Totals.1880 Census: Data by County and also Township: Aitken - YellowMedicine. 9 folders1850 Census.1905 Census.1970 Census.147.C.4.2F41880 Census index Cards.Index come Census Data through County and also Township.

+2412Statistical charts:Compiled from an analysis of U.S. And also Minnesota census returns.

Also accessible on microfilm (M248).

Immigrants to Minnesota Counties by country Accordingto Census Data, 1860.Minnesota Census Data by County, 1850-1880, 1905.Immigrants to Minnesota Counties by nation Accordingto Census Data for 1850-1880, 1895, 1905, 1930, 1970: Austria - Yugoslavia.

29 charts.Migrants come Minnesota Counties by U.S. RegionAccording to Census Data because that 1850-1880: new England - GreatWest.6 charts.M248Statistical charts.1 microfilm reel.Topical research Files147.D.19.8F5Miscellaneous Topics:Americanization and also Naturalization (Minnesota). 2 foldersAmericanization and Naturalization national Archives Record group 85.

Concepts that Ethnicity.Immigration and also Assimilation.Minneapolis: Mixed teams (indexed sources).Minnesota board of directors of publicly Safety.Minnesota Displaced Persons: public Welfare Records: MEHPCalculations.Occupational Distribution and Economic Mobility ImmigrantSample, 1860 and also 1870.

2 foldersPolitics. 2 foldersU.S. Immigrant Policy.Miscellaneous Newspaper posts andPublications.147.D.19.9B6Churches and also Religion:Religion: attachment or Chapter.Susan Diebold"s Essays on church inMinnesota:Baptist Church; Catholics; Congregational Church (United Churchof Christ); hands-on worker of Christ Church; Church that ChristScientist; Episcopalians; last Day Saints (Mormon Church);United Lutheran Church in America; Methodist Church;Presbyterian Church; seventh Day Adventist Church; culture ofFriends (Quakers); Unitarian Church; Universalist Church;Baptists.

147.D.19.9B6Congregational.Episcopalians.German Lutherans.Norwegian Lutherans.Lutheran Notes.Methodists.Presbyterians.Roman Catholics: Parish Questionnaires v Index by Nationality andCounty. 4 foldersCrookston Diocese golden Jubilee Newspaper,1960.Miscellaneous spiritual Groups.Norman ar Churches.WPA Church Survey. 2 foldersChurches Without details Immigrant Associations.

Ethnic Groups:Baltic Peoples:General Background.International Institute.Statistics.Estonians.Latvians.Lithuanians.Displaced Persons.

147.C.4.4F7Blacks:Bibliography Cards. Biographical.Churches.Statistics.Early History.Newspapers. 2 foldersTwin Cities. 2 foldersOutstate Minnesota.Western Appeal. 2 foldersBritish:Statistics.Emigration and Immigration.Twin Cities.Duluth and Iron Range.Outstate Minnesota.British Canadians.Scotch Irish.147.C.4.4F7Cornish.English.English: colonies (Fairmont, Furness, NewYeovil).Scots:Minnesota Miscellaneous. 2 folders.Duluth and also St. Louis County.Churches.St. Andrews Society.Welsh.147.C.4.5B8Czechs:Statistics.Americanization.Czechs in Minnesota by Winston Chrislock (LongDraft).Minnesota Miscellaneous.Twin Cities.New Prague/Silver Lake.Organizations.Churches.Danes:General and also Miscellaneous. 2 foldersTwin Cities.Principal Settlements: Askov, Clarks Grove, Tyler,Lake Benton.Churches.East Slavs:Miscellaneous Minnesota.World battle I.Churches.Performances, folk Arts.Displaced Persons.Russians.Ukrainians.Finns and Swede Finns:Finns: General.Finns: Sources.Swede Finns.New York Mills, Sebeka, twin Cities, and also Other FinnAreas.Duluth.St. Louis County and also the stole Range.Interviews.Churches.147.C.4.6F9Organizations and Various Celebrations.World war I Minnesota publicly Safety culture Records.

Arnold Alanen, "Pioneer Finnish Homesteader,"<1979?>.Matti Kaups, "Finns in city America: Duluth,"1979.Marianne Wargelin-Brown, "A Closer Look at FinnishAmerican Immigrant Women"s Issues, 1890-1910,"1979.Rudolph Johnson, document on Lapps.French:Statistics.General.Alien registration Forms and also Miscellaneous civilization WarI Material.French Canadians:Statistics.Emigration and Immigration.Twin Cities and also Metro Area.Outstate Minnesota.Churches.Le CanadienNotes.Echo de L"OuestNotes.Public safety Commission and also Women"sSurvey.M�tis.Rossel Vien, "Une Colonie Canadienne-Fran�aise auMinnesota," 1981.Germans:Statistics.General.Draft by Carlton Qualey.Draft by Hildegard B. Johnson.Architecture.Austrians.Catholicism.Displaced Persons.Duluth and also North Shore.

147.C.4.7B10Education.Immigration Promotion, Etc.Language and Newspapers.Occupations.Business and Occupational Distribution,1890-1891.147.C.4.7B10New Ulm.Politics.Protestants.Russian Germans.Stearns County.Twin Cities.Deborah Miller, "Twin Cities."Various Settlements and Patterns.Winona.World war I: Miscellaneous.World war I: Minnesota Public security CommissionRecords. 3 folders.World war II.WPA Church Records.147.C.4.8F11Greeks:Statistics.General and also Miscellaneous.Interviews.Churches and Organizations.World war I.Hungarians:Statistics.General and Miscellaneous.Interviews.Refugees.Julianna Puskas Letter.Icelanders:Twin Cities.Outstate Minnesota.Interviews.Indians:Statistics, 1820s-1900.Statistics, 1900 -.Minnesota General.Chapter Draft. 2 folders.Alan Woolworth, "The Dakota."Dakota.Prairie Island Dakota.U.S. Government Sources ~ above Minnesota Dakota andOjibway.Ojibway Newspapers.Ojibway come 1889.Ojibway due to the fact that 1889. 2 folders.Notes indigenous WPA Annals.147.C.4.8F11Irish:Statistics.General.Twin Cities. 2 folders.147.C.4.9B12Twin Cities.Deborah Stultz, "Twin Cities."Kathleen O"Brien, "The ireland in Minneapolis,1880-1905."Colonies.Catholic brochure of Duluth.Churches.Miscellaneous. 3 folders.Business and Occupational Distribution, Charities,1886-1920.Interviews: Ann Regan.Clontarg Interviews.World battle I.Italians:Miscellaneous.Deborah Stultz, "Twin Cities."Public security Commission extraterrestrial Registration:Hibbing. 3 folders.Duluth, Miscellaneous and also Wards 3, 4, 8, and 9. 5 folders.147.C.4.10F13Duluth, Wards 6, 7, 1, 2, and also 5. 5 folders.Kinney.Mesaba.Midway.McKinley.Virginia.Minneapolis and also St. Paul, Totals.Minneapolis Wards 1,3,4, and 9.St. Paul Wards 5,2, and also 9.St. Paul Wards 1 and 2; southern St.Paul.White.Ely.Clay County.Taft.Spina.Sparta.Soudan.Nichols.147.C.4.10F13Proctor.Biwabik.Buhl.Cloquet.Eveleth.Gilbert.Fayal.Aurora.Brookston.Missabe Mountain.Mountain Iron.Franklin.Great Scott.147.C.5.1B14Japanese:General Minnesota.Twin Cities.Helen White"s national Archives Notes.Note ~ above Japanese products from NationalArchives.National Archives Record team 210 Materials. 12 folders.Jews:Statistics.Twin Cities. 2 folders.Outstate Minnesota.Displaced Persons.World battle I.147.E.1.1B15Lowlanders:Louis de Gryse, "Luxembourgers" (earlydrafts).Luxembourgers: luigi de Gryse Notes.Luxembourgers: basic NotesBelgian and Dutch Interviews and also Notes: louis deGryse, 1978.Louis de Gryse, "Belgians and also Dutch" long Draft the Chapter, first Draft.

Louis de Gryse, "Belgians and Dutch"

Second Draft.

Dutch.Dutch and also Belgians: Lyon County, Census and Plats.

2 folders.Mexican Americans and Other Spanish-SpeakingPeoples:Statistics.147.E.1.1B15Minnesota General and Migrants.Susan Diebold, "Mexican-Americans." initial Draft of Chapter.

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Twin Cities.

2 folders.Spanish-Speaking Peoples: Cubans, Puerto Ricans,South Americans.147.E.1.2F16Middle Easterners:Statistics.General Material.Afghans.Arabs.Armenians.Egyptians.Iranians.Palestinians.Syrians and also Lebanese:Minneapolis.St. Paul.Duluth and also Northeast Minnesota.Mankato.Outstate Minnesota.Turks.Islam.Alien Registration:St. Paul.Minneapolis.Clay, Dakota and also St. Louis Counties.Foreign student and mind Drain.Norwegians:Statistics.General and also Miscellaneous.Twin Cities: note by Deborah Miller and also Draft byCarlton Qualey.Outstate Minnesota.Spring Grove: 1870 Censuses. 2 folders.147.E.1.3B17Churches.Public safety and security Commission and also War documents CommissionRecords.Newspapers.Notes in English native Norwegian Language sources byDeborah Miller.Post human being War II: U.S. And Minnesota.147.E.1.3B17Sources.Jon Gjerde, "Norwegians" (1st Draft).Old-Stock Americans.Poles:Twin Cities.Winona.Nowiny Minnesockie (St. Paul).Churches.Romanians.Scandinavians: pair Cities, note by DeborahMiller.Slovaks:General and also Miscellaneous.Religious Organizations.South Slavs:Statistics.General and also Miscellaneous.147.E.1.4F18South St. Paul (With Stultz InterviewNotes).Duluth.Duluth, Gary, new Duluth Area: Interview note byMarjorie Hoover.Stearns County and Other AgriculturalSettlements.Mesabi Range.Iron selection Research Center.Frank P. Blatnik, "Culture Conflict: A examine of theSlovenes in Chisholm, Minnesota," 1942.Unfinished thesis.

Robert Leibman, "Yugoslavs on the IronRange."Benevolent Organizations. 2 folders.Churches.Churches: Serbian in Duluth.Labor: CIO and Politics.John L. Zaplotnik, "Life of abduction Bernard Locnikar"From St. John"s Abbey Archives.Information in Northeast regional Research Center,University of Minnesota, Duluth (EspeciallyAmericanization).Stipanovich and also Moss: 1st Drafts.South Slavs in Minnesota, surname A-Z: InformationCollected through Joseph Stipanovich top top Notecards. 1 folder.Public safety and security Commission Records.147.E.1.4F18Alien Registrations:Miscellaneous.Biwabik.147.E.1.5B19Biwabik. 2 folders.Duluth (sample only).Ely.Hibbing.South St. Paul (Sample Only).Swedes:Statistics.General.Minnesota Miscellaneous.Twin Cities.Duluth.Chisago Lakes Area.Churches.Language.Svenska AmerikanskaPosten Notes.World wars I and also II.John Rice, "Swedes" (long draft).Swiss.Asians (except Japanese): buy it Mason"sFiles:Explanation of paper Arrangement.Chinese:General info.Public safety Commission/War RecordsCommission.Railroads.Chinese in Minnesota by Area: Albert Lea - Duluth. 17 folders.Fairibault - Mankato. 5 folders.147.E.13.2F20Moorhead (Clay County).Morris. 3 folders.Mower ar - Stillwater. 13 folders.Twin Cities:Baptist Church - Thom, Ed. 36 folders.University of Minnesota. 9 folders.Westminster Presbyterian Church - Yue,Jacqueline. 16 folders.Winona: Ye Fun.147.E.13.2F20Filipinos:General Information.Filipinos in Minnesota by Area:Chaska -Stillwater. 4 folders.Twin Cities: Andrada household - Velasco, Pedroand Dorothy. 20 folders.Filipinos in U.S.:General Information.Chicago: Posadas.College Students: Ayupan andHowells.Letters in Exile.Melendy, H. Brett, "Asians in America,"1976.Me�ez, Herminia, "Filipino American Eroticaand the Ethnography the a Folkloric Event,"1975.Morales, imperial F., "Makibaka,"1974.Newspapers.Koreans:General Information and also Statistics.Adoptions.Church History.Koreans in Minnesota by Area:Morris: Chae, C.H. And also Eleanor - Kahng. 3 folders.Stillwater: Han, Hak Rhim and Lee, san H. 2 folders.Twin Cities:Ahn, Philip - Clark, Allen. 5 folders.Churches. 8 folders.First oriental Food (Chang Kee Sun) -University that Minnesota: Students. 23 folders.147.E.13.3B21Indochinese (as a group):Indochinese in Minnesota:Statistics.General.Austin (Minn.) - southern Minnesota. 14 folders.Twin Cities: Catholic church - Zoltai,Olga. 6 folders.U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees: NobelPrize, 1981 - voluntary Agencies. 3 folders.147.E.13.3B21Indochinese in the U.S.. 4 folders.Indochina War: American Veterans.Indochina War: "Grunt"s little War," WCCO-TV, AlAustin, 1969.Vietnamese:Vietnamese in Minnesota:General Information.Adopted Children.Iron variety (Hibbing and also Chisholm) and Duluth- St. Cloud. 5 folders.Twin Cities: arts - Vu Khac Khoan. 22 folders.Vietnamese in the U.S.: HealthServices.Laotians:General.Twin Cities: Bounleng, Daoheung - Khaeng,Sinakane. 3 folders.Eagan peace Reform Church.Ethnic Chinese (From south east Asia):General.Twin Cities: Garden school - Xi Su. 4 folders.Hmong:Statistics.General.Pop Buell.Department of publicly Welfare.Le Sueur.Twin Cities: Charles Johnson"s project - Ya Yang. 18 folders.United States. 3 folders.Cambodians:General Information.Politics.Twin Cities: Chhoeurn - Souan Seiha. 5 folders.Ethnic Newspapers:Cultural society of Filipino Americans,Newsletter, 1978.Fellowship of Republic the Vietnam equipped ForcesServicemen Newsletter, 1980.Filipino Minnesota association Newsletter,1979.Journal that Vietnamese Catholic Community,1981.Khmer (Cambodian) Newspaper in Minnesota,1979.147.E.13.3B21Minnesota eastern American task Newsletter,1977-1978.University of Minnesota Vietnamese StudentJournal, 1981.Newspaper Clippings ~ above Asians in Minnesota,1975-1980:Cambodian Refugees. 2 folders.147.E.13.4F22Chinese/Minnesotans.Ethnic Chinese. 2 folders.Filipinos.Indochinese Refugees. 2 folders.Indochinese in Minnesota. 2 folders.Japanese in Minnesota.Koreans in Minnesota.Minnesotans Volunteer aid inIndochina.Refugee Policies, U.S.Taiwanese in Minnesota.Vietnam War.Notes on product in various other SpecialCollections:International academy of St. Paul AsianMaterials.Chinese:Census Materials.Northern Pacific Railway Papers.Minneapolis City Directory.St. Paul City Directory.Duluth City Directory.University the Minnesota Archives.Minneapolis public Library.St. Paul publicly Library.Railroad and also Anti-Slavery Papers.Railroad and also Writer"s ProjectPapers.Korean Materials.