When I gained 1000 hits in about fifty percent an hour, ns knew the they have to be rebroadcasting this season’s premier episode of Criminal Minds. I’ve written more than 1000 posts, but this is the one that gets the most hits.

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So, it have to be the perfect time come re-post this piece. The question is whether or not the plot supplied in the premier present of season 8 that “Criminal Minds” is based on a track by a group named Blitzen Trapper, whose lead singer/lyricist is Eric Earley. This comes up each time the present airs, i beg your pardon is exactly how come I acquire all these access time on that post.

To clear up the concern once and for all — or until the display airs again — one of my correspondents is a producer ~ above Criminal Minds. The assures me the team is being compensated and nothing underhanded is walk on. I’m thankful to uncover things are not as bad as they seem. It’s so rare. Usually, every little thing is walk on, things room worse than I imagine possible.


A screenshot of the BAU Team on the jet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve gotten a bunch that emails from world who it seems to be ~ otherwise clever yet versus all factor believe big corporations would never take advantage of “little people,” and certainly would never ever commit (gasp) plagiarism. What makes this belief bizarre is the the enterprise under conversation are operation for and also by human being in present business. Unless my correspondents space living on a different planet 보다 me, why would they think this? have these world displayed such high moral character the they room incapable that illegal or immoral behavior? can anyone be that naïve?

Apparently yes.

Corporations spend numerous dollars on publicly relations and advertising projects designed come convince us that they have our ideal interests at heart. They space entitled to give it their ideal shot, but why would anyone actually think them? just how has any type of corporation ever displayed itself to be on any kind of side but its own? and show business folks? These are not people famous for ethical turpitude. Plagiarism is ridiculously commonplace. I don’t recognize a writer with wishes of breaking right into “the business” that hasn’t had actually a item of occupational stolen. Here’s just how it works.

You go for one interview. You carry your story idea, your script, manuscript, lyrics, arrangement, proposal, whatever. You present it come the human being to whom you hope to market it. You make your pitch, praying this is the large score you’ve been wait for. Alas, that is an additional rejection. You’re supplied to rejection. That comes v the territory.

A few months later, a new television collection is introduced that has an identical storyline to the one you were trying to sell to that really production studio. A few relatively young details have actually been altered, however you acknowledge it and also so execute all her friends.

Wathcha gonna do, eh? You’re going to sue the studio? take it the network to court? lug suit versus the document label? You have actually that type of money and also clout? If you were pitching your material, girlfriend are probably broke. They’ve got armies of lawyers. You’ve gained your paycheck and also tips from wait on tables when you try to complete your following piece. Only in the scriptures does David win. Goliath wins in the actual world.

There is a great deal of plagiarism in television and movies, so much that the relevant lawsuits hardly ever make the news any more.

Oh no, the doesn’t happen, friend cry! our legal mechanism can’t it is in bought and sold. Right. And the tooth fairy left friend a buck under her pillow critical night. No really, she did. Honest! mine congressman said me, so it need to be true.

Public servants are as moral as the day is long. Enterprise care about you and also me. Hollywood and television executives space persons the the greatest moral character. The moon is do of eco-friendly cheese. Tomorrow I’m going to sprout wings and also fly.

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In this case, I believe my source, that Blitzen Trapper is being duly compensated and the worst crime connected is bad scriptwriting, i m sorry is no illegal, despite it must be. The authors assumed the audience would certainly not Google the tune lyric within the very first 10 seconds after the show’s characters said “there’s no reference to the anywhere.” Obviously castle think we the audience room incompetent and stupid. It’s infuriating however it’s not versus the law. Yet.

Just as soon as I’m getting on my high horse around how us aren’t as dumb as they think we are, I acquire letters from readers proving that a lot of civilization may really be the dumb, or at least that naïve. I uncover this scary. Hell, these human being are enabled to vote!

My signature line on email supplies the adhering to quote: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” – Robert Hanlon

In this case, because that this show, ns may have attributed come malice that which was in reality adequately described by stupidity. That’s their excuse, however what excuse execute you have actually for believing propaganda paid for by world who would squash you choose a bug without a 2nd thought?