I it seems ~ to see an dreadful lot of good progress pics from human being doing split routines, here and also on r/fitness. I watch a few here and there from world on programs favor SS, but not almost as many. Yet, SS seems to be the overwhelmingly generally recommended program.

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I'm no talking around the splits with civilization doing 20x reps of a leg push machine, however rather perform functional free lifts ~ above a break-up routine.

Why is this?


From Johny Candito, finest fitness youtube channel in my opinion -

"This is an worry you can’t resolve through research. It only comes through experience. Ns have uncovered that the top body can handle a much greater frequency than the reduced body. Complete body movements like the squat and also deadlift deserve to be really taxing, not just on her CNS but additionally psychologically. I constantly say over there is no such point as simple squat. So I’d rather squat v high intensity than underperform while making use of a high volume. Currently compare the emotion after squats come the feeling after maintain biceps, abs, or calves. The smaller selection of activity movements have tendency to be much easier to recoup from. Clear the bench press is still a link movement, yet it is clear the emotion is entirely different in comparison come a squat/deadlift.

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It is an important to save in mind that the tradeoff in between frequency and intensity is constantly an concern to balance. If you space going to lift top body 3 time in one week (as the first week requires), then the intensity simply cannot be exceptionally high every workout. Later on in the maintain program, the upper days are spaced out and only twice a week. This is because after the base of volume has actually been built, the high intensity sessions call for a decrease in volume (both daily and also weekly).

Now some of you may know that many olympic lifters squat everyday. I constantly keep reduced training in between 12 times a week since the method I train is with excessive intensity, and greater volume every workout (both squats and deadlifts together). I have actually seen olympic lifters train personally and was a little surprised at the absence of soot going right into squats. The is simply a various mentality. This is largely due to the fact that the squat is an accessory lift in olympic weightlifting. The is simply a tool to develop the clean & jerk and also snatch. Additionally much that the society of the sport has actually been influenced by optimal lifters who train while making use of performance improving drugs. This allows for much faster recovery obviously. Then the last suggest is that olympic lifters regularly are willing to placed their bodies on the line. Mine training has not only enabled me to squat 3 time my bodyweight there is no the use of drugs, but also fully avoid any injuries while doing so."