A multibranched polysaccharide that glucose the serves as a form of energy storage in humans, animals, and also fungi. The polysaccharide framework represents the key storage form of glucose in the body.

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A peptide hormone, developed by alpha cell of the pancreas. It functions to progressive the concentration that glucose in the bloodstream.
______ is the primary isozyme in the liver & has unique kinetic nature from the other hexokinase isozymes.
1. Subcellular localization is regulated by fructose 6-phosphate2. Kilometres is in the range of physiologic blood glucose levels3. No sensitive to inhibition by glucose 6-phosphate4. Plans critical role in liver regulation of blood glucose level
1. When blood glucose level fall listed below normal range, isozyme remains at max velocity2. As soon as blood glucose is low, will cause cells to trap glucose through phosphorylation3. Will be saturation by normal blood glucose concentration
______ is a regulator that both glycolysis and gluconeogenesis because that the phosphofructokinase reaction of glycolysis and the furustos 1,6-bisphosphatase reaction of gluconeogenesis.
When low blood glucose reasons glucagon release, ______-dependent protein kinase phosphorylates the together isozyme the pyruvate kinase, inactivating it.
liver: 1. PP gets rid of Pi (activates)2. ATP is used when glucagon levels boost & tie to PKA (cAMP -dependent protein kinase) (inactivates)tissue: 1. Buildup of fructose 1,6-bisphosphate cause its activation2. Inhibited through ATP, acetyl-CoA, and long-chain fat acids3. Alanine, which can be synthesized native pyruvate in one step, allosterically inhibits pyruvate kinase
prevents the liver from consuming glucose by glycolysis once blood glucose concentration is low(liver exports glucose)
Epinephrine is released in response to stress, and also is a "fight-or-flight" hormone. I m sorry metabolic pathways does epinephrine stimulate?
1. Lipolysis in adipose tissue2. Glycolysis in muscle3. Gluconeogenesis in liver4. Glycogenolysis in liver and also muscle
When blood glucose is ______, the pancreas releases glucagon, a peptide hormone i beg your pardon stimulates the liver to produce and excrete glucose.
How go glucagon stimulation impact the concentration or activity of the following signaling intermediates and enzymes?
increases:adenyl cyclase<3",5"-cyclic AMP>protein kinase Afructose 2,6-bisphosphatase
phosphorylase b kinaseglycogen synthase kinasedecreases:phosphofructokinase-2
The enzyme ______ ______ clears terminal glucose residues from glycogen by cleaving α(1,4) linkages.
Enzyme activity stops when the enzyme will a suggest ______ glycose residues from a branch point, i m sorry is an α(1,6) linkage.
The ______ activity of the debranching enzyme moves three glucose residues to another branch, connecting castle by an α(1,4) linkage.
1. Phosphorylation of glycogen synthase kinase (GSK or GSK3)2. Activation of phosphoprotein phosphatase (PP1)3. Insulin
1. Phosphorylation the glycogen synthase2. Subunit dissociation the cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA)3. Phosphorylation (inactivation) of phosphoprotein phosphatase 1 (PP1) by PKA
Excess glucose is stored together muscle or liver glycogen, which have the right to be damaged down to it is provided energy during the event.
______ is a confident allosteric modulator that pyruvate carboxylase and a an unfavorable modulator the pyruvate dehydrogenase, through stimulation that a protein kinase that inactivates the dehydrogenase
When the cell"s energetic demands are gift met, oxidative phosphorylation ___1___, NADH rises loved one to NAD+ and also ___2___ the citric mountain cycle, and also acetyl-CoA accumulates
1. Slows2. Inhibits
Another control point in gluconeogenesis is the reaction catalytic analysis by FBPase-1 (Fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase), i beg your pardon is strongly inhibited through ______.

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The corresponding glycolytic enzyme, PFK-1 (Phosphofructokinase-1), is created by ___1___ and ___2___ but inhibited by citrate and ATP.