We room nearing the end of the Fortnite Fortbyte hunt, and also with today’s #37, we space now simply a couple of more far from players being able to grab the selfhood skin after ~ collecting 90 Fortbytes total. Today"s challenge wants united state to find Fortbyte #37 inside a disaster bunker basement in satisfied Park.

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A totality bunch of residences have secret basements in Fortnite, many of which are leftover from all the AIM organization stuff indigenous a few seasons ago. Plenty of of those dwellings are in pleasant Park, however we space just trying to find one in particular, this one:

This home is straight on the north end of pleasant Mark, square in the middle of the optimal row. Here’s whereby that is on the map.



To acquire to the bunker, you require to go into the house and immediately turn left and go through the first door. Over there you will check out stairs, and also you have to go around them to walk to the secret basement area. You have the right to either hack through or crouch and also get through, and you’ll discover yourself staring in ~ a large cabinet.

The area you’re trying to find is in reality behind the cabinet, and also it’s a flimsy wall you have to hack through prior to you reach the key door of the catastrophe bunker basement area. When inside, walk left and also into the kitchen area where you will see Fortbyte #37 ~ above the floor. As you deserve to see, the group I to be going through was not chill at all, i m sorry is why ns am getting reduced in fifty percent with a shotgun as I try take this screenshot. What a jerk.



After this, if friend survive, fill up on equipment in satisfied and shot to do a real video game out the it. Yes sir a beach sphere to the north west that this house a little ways off if girlfriend still have to bounce the for one of 14 job of summer challenges.

We will all more than likely need to be heading to disaster bunkers pretty quickly as the gigantic robot being built at push Plant is going come fight the huge monster and also destroy a entirety bunch of ingredient in the process, perhaps Pleasant Park included. Us probably have actually at least another week until that go down but yeah, get ready.

More Fortbytes tomorrow, yet we space definitely beginning to operation low top top them. Make sure you get this one, together it’s basic grab since it doesn’t need high tiers of the battle pass at all.

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I’ve been composing about video clip games, television and also movies because that bromheads.tv for over 10 years, and also you may have actually seen my reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Ns cover every manner the console and also PC games, but if it’s around looting or shooting, I’m certainly there. If ns watching something, it’s usually scientific research fiction, fear or superheroic. I’m likewise a continuous on IGN’s Fireteam chat podcast and also have published 5 sci-fi novels.