Season 3 episode 9 - The Pandat

Four tongue smiths have to salvage stole from a junkyard to create a signature blade making use of a hand-cranked charcoal forge. Air day : 18th-Oct-2016

Season 3 episode 1 - Champion edition / Scottish Claymore

Season 3 begins with the return of four champions who space charged with making a high-carbon-steel inlay. Then, two finalists are challenged to create a Scottish Claymore, which has stumped previous contestants. Air date : 23rd-Aug-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 2 - fan Favorites / Hook sword

Four previous contestants, back in the forge by renowned demand, return because that a second shot at victory and also redemption in an all new challenge full of unanticipated twists. Competition it s okay heated appropriate away as soon as they are forced to do their signature style knives with materials from a surprising source. After two rounds of grueling competition, only two smiths room left to take on the final difficulty of recreating a weapon they"ve never seen before: The Hook Sword. This complex weapon gives both fan favorites a run for their money, yet only one will hook the crown and take house $10,000. Air date : 30th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 3 - Butterfly Swords

Four brand-new contestants must select wisely as they shot to handmade a tongue of their signature layout from a pile of tools, both old and new. Climate the stakes space doubled when, because that the very first time ever, lock must build not one, but two swords in the final round. Do Chinese Butterfly Swords, our last two bladesmiths confront twice the work, and also twice the pressure, in your attempt to insurance claim the location of Forged in Fire champion. Air day : 6th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 4 - The Falcata

Four bladesmiths must create a blade out of high carbon stole while also forging the hammer they"ll use to do it. After an extraordinary round of testing, just two move on to the last round whereby they"ll have actually just 5 days to develop a weapon well-known for its deadly prowess against armored soldiers--the Falcata. Will certainly the blade"s unique handle shape leave them open up to a damaging blow, or will certainly one smith be able to slice their method to the $10,000? Air day : 13th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 5 - Kora knife

Four new bladesmiths action up to the an obstacle of forging blades using pieces of stole harvested from some monstrous power tools. While part smiths excel under the pressure, rather are moved to the boundaries of fatigue in the warmth of the Forge. ~ a vigorous round of testing, the last two go toe-to-toe in creating a sacrificial sword from background which could reportedly cut a lamb in fifty percent with one swing. ~ a formidable fight in the finale, only one will certainly earn the title Forged in Fire Champion and take home $10,000. Air day : 20th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 6 - Hunga Munga

Four brand-new bladesmiths have their creative thinking put to the test as soon as they space tasked v making a serrated blade out of only the devices from the table in front of them. They should harvest sufficient steel to build the blade, yet without melting down a crucial tool they can need later. Then, the last two bladesmiths effort to create a Hunga Munga--a behemoth weapon where all 4 edges must maintain peak performance as soon as put with the judges" gauntlet. Which bladesmith will prove worthy of a check for $10,000 and also the location of Forged in Fire Champion? Air date : 27th-Sep-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 7 - The Boar Spear

Four bladesmiths should use the stole from a fit of armor to create a signature blade. After a tense round of testing, just two relocate on to the final round wherein they"ll have just 5 days to create a weapon historically offered for both combat and also hunting--the boar spear. Air date : 4th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 8 - Xiphos knife

When a team of new bladesmiths get in the forge, they"re met through a difficulty they never ever saw coming. They have to grab the steel they"ll use to do their chisels from one imposing piece of building and construction equipment. This isn"t the sort of scrap metal they"re offered to harvesting and also just pulling the right form of steel proves to it is in a bigger job than any of lock anticipate. After an intense round of testing, two continuing to be smiths challenge off to recreate a classic Greek sword provided in close soldier combat. With a $10,000 prize on the line, both smiths revolve out impressive knives for a final round that testing, but the god will select only one to it is in crowned Forged in Fire Champion. Air day : 11th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 9 - The Pandat

Four blade smiths should salvage stole from a junkyard to create a signature blade making use of a hand-cranked charcoal forge. Air day : 18th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 10 - Zulu Iklwa

Four brand-new bladesmiths are put to the test as soon as they must create a bayonet blade and engineer the to affix to a rifle. After a ring of grueling exam on your bayonets, the last two bladesmiths room sent house to spend five days forging the legend African blade, the Zulu Iklwa. Will both bladesmiths fall, or will certainly one was standing a cut above to be crowned the Forged in Fire champion? Air day : 25th-Oct-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 11 - champions Edition / The Pata

Over the course of 3 seasons, 26 bladesmiths have actually been crowned Forged in Fire champion. Tonight, front winners return to prove who among them is the best of the finest by forging a blade utilizing canoe damascus. After two high octane ring of competition, the two remaining champions will relocate to the final round whereby they must develop a weapon known for its unique mechanics and deadly double-edged blade--the Pata. Through $10,000 and also their call on the line, which blacksmith will survive the judges" brutal trial and error to as soon as again be crowned Forged in Fire champion? Air date : 10th-Jan-2017Read More

Season 3 illustration 12 - The Zweihander

Four rivals must forge weld knives for friction folders from small cubes the steel. After ~ hammering v the testing, two smiths will certainly return house where castle will create a German Zweihander. Due to its long length and use ~ above the battlefield, castle take your Zweihanders exterior the create to be tested, where just one will certainly be crowned Forged in Fire Champion. Air date : 17th-Jan-2017Read More

Season 3 illustration 13 - mounties Saber

Four new bladesmiths challenge the unprecedented an obstacle of forging the barrel that a gun into a lethal knife. ~ a ring of brutal testing, the last two bladesmiths return house where they have five days to forge one the the many legendary knives in combat history, the mounties Saber. Air day : 24th-Jan-2017Read More

Season 3 illustration 14 - The Naginata

Four tongue smiths must develop a signature blade making use of a randomly chosen mystery technique. ~ a brutal round of testing, only two will go back to their home forges whereby they will reproduce a Japanese Naginata. Renowned for its lengthy length and use in martial arts, the smiths take their Naginatas outside the build to it is in tested. Only one will certainly survive and be crowned Forged in Fire Champion. Air day : 31st-Jan-2017Read More

Season 3 episode 15 - The Haladie

For the an initial time ever, four bladesmiths should use high carbon steel to forge a hatchet. After an extreme round of testing, just two have the right to chop their way to the last round wherein they"ll have just five days to create an ancient Indian weapon supplied to both stab and also slice. Will certainly the double-edged Haladie wound both that the finalists, or deserve to one it is in singled out and crowned Forged in Fire champion? Air date : 7th-Feb-2017Read More

Season 3 episode 16 - Redemption / Viking knife

Four previously eliminated bladesmiths go back to the create for a shot at redemption, however they face a difficulty that will certainly make their climb to the top more challenging than they imagined. After 2 rounds that competition with shocking eliminations, the two staying smiths face off to recreate a sword known for its devastating strength--the Viking sword. Through $10,000 ~ above the line, which smith will survive a grueling round of testing and finally be crowned Forged in Fire champion? Air day : 14th-Feb-2017Read More


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