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Myla from san Diego, CaThis is just one of my and also my husband"s fav love songs. Many thanks Kenny for inspiring the romance through this song!see more comments
Love Won"t WaitGary Barlow

Madonna composed a song referred to as "Love Won"t Wait" that she didn"t want, but became a UK #1 hit because that Gary Barlow.

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KashmirLed Zeppelin

"Kashmir" is the just Led Zeppelin track to use external musicians, together it necessary strings and horns.

Cake by The OceanDNCE

The track title "Cake by The Ocean" originated from DNCE"s sweden producers using the wrong name for the drink "Sex on the Beach."

TammyDebbie Reynolds

"Tammy" by Debbie Reynolds to be the just US #1 solitary by a woman act between July 1956 and also February 1958.

take it Me HomePhil Collins

Phil Collins" "Take Me Home" is about a patient in a mental institution and was influenced by the novel One Flew end the Cuckoo"s Nest.

BlackbirdThe Beatles

Paul McCartney wrote "Blackbird" in Scotland ~ reading about race riots in the U.S. Once federal courts forced the gyeongju desegregation that the Arkansas capital"s school system.

Pam TillisSongwriter Interviews

The nation sweetheart opines around the needs of touring and talks about writing songs v her renowned father.

Dave MasonSongwriter Interviews

Dave discover the inspiration for "Feelin" Alright" and explains how the very first song he ever before wrote ended up being the best hit for his band Traffic.

Elton JohnFact or Fiction

Does he have actually beef through Gaga? Is that Sean Lennon"s godfather? check out if you deserve to tell fact from fiction in the Elton man edition.

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Lori McKennaSongwriter Interviews

Lori"s songs have been videotaped by belief Hill and also Sara Evans. She"s perform on the CMAs and on Oprah. She also has 5 kids.

Justin Hayward of The Moody BluesSongwriter Interviews

Justin composed the standard "Nights In White Satin," however his fondest musical memories room from a different decade.

Billy Steinberg - "Like A Virgin"They"re play My song

The first of Billy"s five #1 hits was the track that driven Madonna to stardom. You"d think the would get you a backstage pass, wouldn"t you?