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Watch Yukihira as he once an ext has to challenge the summer sprouts master, Akira Hayama, as well as the difficulty of food preparation bear meat. I didn’t even know bears whereby edible.

Japanese initial Episode Title: リベンジ・マッチ


Yukihira is being separated from everyone else and thrown right into a kitchen to experiment v bear meat for this reason he can challenge Akira, the newest member that the upstream Ten. And at this point, ns just have to ask one much more time, why don’t they just expel everyone and be over with it?

Apparently, cooking bear meat is quite the an obstacle due to its stinky-stinky aftertaste. While you will do think Yukihira would certainly be dazzling to work with something so disgusting (he has, ~ all, a passion for gun food), that starts trying out by trying come conceal the stench. Somewhere near the center of the episode Kuga jumps in for no evident reason and also offers Yukihira his help, together with his comprehensive knowledge of Chinese spices. Yukihira walk on a pilgrimage to the mountains and discovers some regional berries that could help him successfully season the meat. He additionally realizes he should probably be working with the stench quite than versus it; and also while he’s discovering all that, Akira is currently done the cooking and also strolls around showing turn off his dish.

The episode ends v a completely unnecessary shoot of Rindo-senpai’s ass. Its prestige to the advancement of the plot stays unknown come me.

Episode Highlights

Akira transforming douchebag: I believe, fine no, let’s say i hope over there is some sort of backstory to Akira’s decision in authorized the elite Ten. His partnership with the short spice lady seemed very important to him for this reason I’d it is in surprised to view this entirety subplot being brushed top top the side.

Erina obtaining grabbed: What the hell was the all about? I median it’s one point being bossed around and also humiliated by your dad and also another to have his lackeys personally forcing girlfriend to follow them. What a cheap effort at drama.

Dojima-senpai: Unlike anyone else taking this method too seriously, Dojima-senpai is the voice that reason and feels comfortable sufficient to explain himself together neutral. *slow clap*

Kuga-senpai: That brief guy that questionable ethnicity that have the right to only chef mapo tofu is quiet on the show? Wow. Go anyone actually really care?

Megumi’s body language: Seasons come and also seasons go but bad Megumi, no matter how much she improves, doesn’t seem to develop on the confidence much – she does, ~ all, must keep the ‘shy/cute’ persona going. I swear she constantly keeps she hands folded in the front, creating tiny fists. This should be painful.

Great food preparation knocks girlfriend out: In yet another display that the show being ridiculously extra, Akira Hayama’s food preparation when joining the upstream Ten is actually presented to knock civilization out. Why not send them come the shadow realm, says I?

Weird fire person: What is that weird firey figure that appears just prior to the titles in between Akira and also Yukihira? most likely yet one more hard initiative to demonstrate how essential all this is.

Themes & Trivia

Bear Meat: Yes, the Japanese, especially in the North, eat bears. Matagi, well-known bear hunters the Hokkaido, practice old-school be afflicted with hunts to this day. In my humble opinion, that much much better to eat any kind of sort of video game rather than meat it is come out of a torture factory, so the totality controversy around this worry seems a bit pathetic, once pigs, among the most intelligent animals in the world, space being slaughtered and consumed top top a everyday basis.

Schisandra berries: Schisandra Chinensis, whose fruit is dubbed magnolia berry or five-flavor-fruit, is a deciduous woody vine aboriginal to forests of northern China and also the Russian far East. You deserve to buy food additional of that online, and also it’s quite popular in organic medicine.

At the very least the food trivia is great this season…

…unlike in the ahead one, where we had to put up v Kuga-senpai’s nonsense.

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Food Wars! The third Plate

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