Last minute flight deals from Minneapolis to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too so late to publication a trip. This is our pick of the ideal last minute flights.

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Direct flights from Minneapolis St Paul come Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

Want to paris non-stop to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson? We’ll aid you uncover your appropriate route.

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Minneapolis St Paul to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson: alternate routes

Compare routes from Minneapolis St Paul come Atlanta below. You may find an airport come fly right into that's cheaper, faster, or less complicated than Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson.

Minneapolis St Paul to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson: trip information

The things to know before you go.

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Average flight time

2 hrs 27 mins

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Time difference in between Minneapolis St Paul and Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

+1 hr(GMT -4)


Sheraton Atlanta


Crowne Plaza Atlanta Midtown, one Ihg Hotel


COVID-19 travel limitations are an altering fast, however we"re right here to help you uncover the advice girlfriend need. Check our live web page on travel limitations to watch if you have the right to travel from Minneapolis St Paul to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, and also if you"ll must quarantine top top arrival.
What is the best price because that a roundtrip flight from Minneapolis St Paul come Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson?
The finest price uncovered on for a trip from Minneapolis St Paul to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson is $82. This was discovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and also is the cheapest price because that the whole month.
There space 101 flights per week paris from Minneapolis St Paul come Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, together of September.
Fly indigenous Minneapolis–Saint Paul international Airport come Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta international Airport

Atlanta is home to the Georgia Dome and CNN Center and hosted the 1996 Olympic Games. To experience Atlanta’s landmarks and true southerly hospitality, book flights from Minneapolis-Saint Paul international Airport (MSP) come Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport (ATL). Straight flights follow me this route take about two hours and eight minutes. Major airlines that fly native Minneapolis-Saint Paul international Airport (MSP) come Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta global Airport (ATL) incorporate Spirit, United and also American Airlines.

Facilities in ~ Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport is in reality the biggest airport in the country. Those arriving on flights native Minneapolis-Saint Paul worldwide Airport (MSP) to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport (ATL) space sure to it is in impressed. Significant airlines that fly come this airport encompass Delta and also Southwest. Delta airlines is additionally headquartered in this city. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta global Airport dwellings eight terminals. The airplane is large, but it’s easy to get around if you’re utilizing the APM (Automated human being Mover). Once you're prepared to leave the airport, you can quickly reserve a rental car. If you're feather to take trip downtown, friend can record a journey in a taxi and also pay a level rate that $30.

Things to Do near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport

If you're interested in learning more about flights and aviation, inspect out the Delta trip Museum. It’s just a mile away from the airport. If you'd like to experience city life in a an easy way, hop top top a bike and also enjoy among the Bicycle tours of Atlanta. Atlanta play a significant role in the Civil rights movement. The center for Civil and Human rights highlights the incredible occupational of this necessary movement in American history. Electrical car and Segway tours are fun methods to kick off her Atlanta endure after paris from Minneapolis-Saint Paul worldwide Airport (MSP) to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta worldwide Airport (ATL).

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Hints and also Tips for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport

Some the the most renowned places for world to visit in Atlanta include the world of Coca-Cola and also the Georgia Aquarium. On the people of Coca-Cola tour, you have the right to taste sodas from around the world and learn the rich history of this iconic company. Over there are tons of different hip communities to visit in the city, including Virginia-Highland, Buckhead and little Five Points. If you're a die-hard baseball fan, get tickets to the following Atlanta Braves home game at Turner Field, i beg your pardon is just 7 miles far from the airport. Because that celebrity sightings and also a great game, grab tickets to watch the Atlanta hawks basketball team in action. If you’re not certain which delicious cooking to try first, consider going on the Atlanta Food Walk. Atlanta's cuisine come packed with southerly comfort foods like collard greens, fried chicken and lots that peaches. If you'd favor to dine out in Atlanta, mean to pay roughly $70 come $80 for two people. Throughout the warmer months, temperatures float in the 90s. Atlanta winters are pretty mild, and temperatures often tend to float in the 50s.