British Airways operates regular flights come Edinburgh airplane (EDI) from London. Quickly after arrival, you"ll it is in standing on the royal Mile prepared to discover the cobbled lanes that Edinburgh"s Old Town. Due to Covid-19, schedules and also airports space subject come change. Because that the recent information, check our timetable.

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Why no time your trip to Edinburgh come coincide with large events choose Hogmanay, the army Tattoo or the Edinburgh Festival? The city offers a brilliant night out, with good restaurants and also superb cocktail bars. That is also really cultural, with several museums and also galleries come visit. Don’t be fear to undertaking outside the the city, the bordering area is beautiful and ideal because that long country walks. Find for cheap Edinburgh flights today and enjoy a expedition to the Scottish capital for less.


Flexible booking

Change her date, destination or release if you need to


Travel requirements

Country entrance rules and also testing information


Keeping friend safe

Enhanced cleaning, HEPA-filtered air, for sure travel

Travelling for business?

When it pertains to corporate travel to Edinburgh, british Airways really does mean business. With up come 25 solutions a day, it’s simple to discover one to perfect suit your schedule. Fly through us and also benefit from:

Up come 25 daily flightsFly indigenous London’s most convenient airports, through flights indigenous Heathrow, Gatwick or London CityGreat value hand baggage just fares featuring a generous pin money of 2 itemsA highly rewarding business commitment programme, on BusinessCollecting both Avios and also On business points on the same eligible flights

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Our straight flights indigenous London to Edinburgh plane (EDI) take simply over one hour. Which method you"ll be enjoying the sights of the an excellent Scottish resources in no time. V online, mobile and also airport check-in options, your pilgrimage to Edinburgh is hassle-free through British Airways.


When girlfriend fly v British Airways, friend can pick a departure day that suits you and also you’ll gain a safe and also comfortable journey. Our cabin crew will certainly be happy to assist you with anything friend need, so you have the right to simply relax. Choose to fly v hand baggage just or choose a price that consists of a 23kg confirm baggage pin money and complimentary seat an option 48 hours prior to you fly.


Edinburgh airplane is located simply eight miles from the centre, it couldn’t be much easier to obtain into the heart of the city. Trains and buses connect the airport through the main stations in town. Trains travel 24 hours from the airport and cost £4.50 for a solitary 30-minute journey. The number 35 bus go from outside the terminal, which prices just £1.50 and takes approximately an hour. Alternatively, taxis and car rental are accessible from the terminal building for trying out the area in ~ your own pace.


Which terminal?

Find out beneficial information about the airports we fly from and check i m sorry terminal your flight departs from.

Airport Information


View our trip schedule to inspect the trip frequency and also journey time. Discover the leave time that suits you.

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Find out whatever you have to know around taking baggage with you top top flights v British Airways and also our partners.