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Low seasonHigh seasonAverage price round-tripGood transaction round-tripGood deal one-way
AugustBest time to beat the crowds with an average 4% drop in price.

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DecemberMost famous time come fly through an typical 18% increase in price.
$227(avg. Price end the last 2 weeks)
$48or less
$48or less

Looking because that cheap airfare to Orange County? 25% of our users uncovered tickets come Orange County for the adhering to prices or less: indigenous Chicago $93 one-way - $115 round-trip, from ft Lauderdale $148 one-way - $178 round-trip, native Miami $163 one-way - $215 round-tripBook at least 2 weeks before departure in stimulate to acquire a below-average price.High season is taken into consideration to be January, November and also December. The cheapest month to paris to Orange ar is August.Enter your desired departure airport and travel dates into the search form above to unlock the recent Orange County flight deals.When looking for flights to Orange County, you can select one of 3 airports. The three surrounding airports room Los Angeles worldwide Airport (LAX), long Beach airport (LGB), and John Wayne airport (SNA).Although Los Angeles no officially part of Orange County, LAX is the closest international airport in the region and the one v the most options of destinations and airlines. That a quick drive from Anaheim (35 min), Santa Ana (41 min), and Newport beach (45 min).If you’re traveling to Orange county from the eastern Coast however prefer come land at one of the smaller sized airports, lengthy Beach Airport has the many nonstop relations with east cities. JetBlue airways operates continual flights come Orange ar from Boston Logan global Airport (BOS) and John F. Kennedy international Airport (JFK).If you favor low-cost airline when searching for flights to Orange County, Southwest is the one through the most routes to both Orange ar airports. JetBlue Airways serves only lengthy Beach Airport, when Frontier has consistent flights from Austin and Denver to john Wayne Airport.Passengers traveling through pets should keep in psychic that only Los Angeles global Airport and Long coast Airport are designed through pet relief areas.
Southwest, joined Airlines and Air Canada have waived their adjust and cancellation fees ~ above flights to Orange County. Confirm policies on booking site.

Which airlines fly to Orange County?
Southwest, Alaska airline & American airlines fly the most commonly from the United states to Orange County.

What’s the ideal airport to visit Disneyland in Anaheim?
Most world visiting Disneyland in Anaheim will pick to fly right into Los Angeles international Airport due to the fact that it has an ext options for flights and also airlines. However, man Wayne airport is less busy, closer to the Disneyland will (20 min), and also is also served by the Disneyland will Express Bus.

What’s the many convenient airport come visit Laguna Beach?
The plane closest to Laguna coast is the man Wayne Airport, i m sorry is 22 min away by car. Between the two smaller sized airports serving Orange County, it’s also the one through the most alternatives when it involves airlines and also destinations. If you favor a bigger airport with an ext choices of flights and also airlines, climate Los Angeles global Airport is around 1h from Laguna Beach.

Which airport execute I usage to fly nonstop from brand-new York come Orange County?
Nonstop flights from brand-new York offer both airports in Orange County. JetBlue prayer operates flights come Orange county from john F. Kennedy to long Beach Airport. If you prefer to fly the end from Newark Liberty international Airport (EWR), unified operates constant flights the land at man Wayne Airport.

What’s the ideal airport to fly nonstop come if ns visiting Huntington Beach?
The best airport to fly right into if she visiting Huntington Beach depends on whereby you’re paris from and also on i beg your pardon airline. Both john Wayne Airport and Long beach Airport are less than 30 min from Huntington Beach. Man Wayne airport is served by more airlines, yet if you’re flying on Hawaiian airline or JetBlue Airways, then her nonstop trip will floor at lengthy Beach Airport.

I’m flying to Orange county from Denver. I m sorry airport perform I choose?
Both airports receive flights native Denver international Airport (DEN), however John Wayne plane is the one v the most choices of airlines. Frontier, Southwest, and also United airlines operate continual nonstop flights to Orange county from Denver.

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