Last minute trip deals from Kona to Maui Kahului

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too late to publication a trip. This is our choose of the finest last minute flights.

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Direct flights from Kona come Maui Kahului

Want to fly non-stop to Maui Kahului? We’ll aid you discover your ideal route.

Southwest Airlines

Maui Seaside Hotel



Courtyard by Marriott Maui Kahului Airport



COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing fast, yet we're below to aid you discover the advice friend need. Check our live web page on travel constraints to check out if you have the right to travel from Kona come Maui Kahului, and also if you'll must quarantine on arrival.
The best price uncovered on for a flight from Kona come Maui Kahului is $62. This was discovered by aggregating throughout different carriers and also is the cheapest price because that the whole month. is her ultimate resource for cheap flights, hotels, and also car rentals when traveling to and from Hawaii ~ above a budget. Whether you're island dance on vacation or are just planning a be safe weekend getaway, we're here to ensure your flight from Koa to Kahului is smooth from begin to finish.

The Airports in Koa and also Kahului

Kona international Airport at Keāhole (KOA) is the key airport ~ above the Island of Hawaii and is located around seven mile northwest the Kailua-Kona. KOA has actually two passenger terminals and also ten gates. 3 airlines fly from Koa to Kahului, including Hawaiian Airlines, Island Air, and also Mokulele Airlines. Flights in between the two cities are accessible nearly every day, and also both Hawaiian Airlines and Mokulele offer direct flights.

Kahului airplane (OGG) is the main airport on the island of Maui and also has one terminal. Located just three miles eastern of downtown Kahului, the airport has actually ample floor transportation choices just outside baggage claim. You could take the Maui Airport spaceship from the plane to countless hotels and also resorts, or you can opt to take it a taxi. The Maui Bus is available with limited service. If you favor to avoid public transportation, you can rent your own car.

What to know When Departing native KOA

Kona global Airport recommends checking through your airline to recognize what time you have to arrive before your flight, return the TSA says arriving at least 90 minutes in advancement of all residential flights. Package check-in is situated in the center of the terminal facility at KOA. At protection checkpoints, all travelers must present and also valid picture ID and remove all external garments and shoes.

What to execute at Kona International

Although KOA is taken into consideration a small-hub facility, over there is a range of shopping and dining alternatives while you wait come board her flight. Gift shops, newsstands, and also restaurants are situated in both terminals. Kona International also has one airline lounge. Complimentary Wi-Fi is not currently easily accessible at KOA.

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What to expect in Kahului

Kahului and also Kona share very similar average temperatures, v highs in the 80s year-round. Both cities are in the Hawaiian-Aleutian conventional Time Zone. The average expense of a enjoy the meal for 2 in Kahului is about $60, and taxi rides start simply a small over $5.