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Choosing the ideal Packaging Medium

In techniques of proof collection the suitable handling, packaging and transporting of the individual items of proof is extremely vital for the evidence preservation. Selecting the not correct packaging medium can cause the risk of beneficial evidence destruction. One of the main goals of the crime scene investigator or proof recovery technician remains identification and the restore of any kind of evidence the will assist in the identification process. In recovering firearms, aside from the ballistics examination and analysis, over there is the probability for recovery that fingerprints the will result in the person who had actually the last call with that firearm.

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The first duty that the investigator recovering a firearm or weapon is an individual safety and the safety of anyone that will come right into the custody that the item of evidence. The investigator then has actually the duty to preserve the potential proof the item might reveal.

Many time the action of the couple of can dictate the policy making effecting the many. One such policy making incident recently occurred. Having actually the access and lull of a regional lab facility allows us to collection the evidence at the scene, transfer it come our office for ideal packaging and also submission the the item v direct call with the techniques that will do the details individual analysis.

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The incident affiliated a firearm submitted v the weapon not gift rendered safe. You have the right to imagine the uproar that an incident of this magnitude would generate. Choose the employee, the department or agencies height priority always remains safety and also safety related issues. Frequently times an incident such together this will certainly dictate a spin off of plan making there is no the elements of all goals and objects gift given cautious scrutiny and also consideration.

The outcomes of the policy making initiated were the all weapons be submitted with a flex-cuff attached to the optimal strap of a revolver, or with the slide and ejection harbor of a semi- automatically to assure the weapon is calculation safe. This was a great policy. The second policy compelled that all weapons gathered be superglued at the scene before collection. This was another an excellent policy. The third required policy to be effected command the weapon to be placed and submitted in clean plastic, to enable the technician taking custody that the weapon to see the weapon assuring that safety.

This final portion of the policy making readjust was questionable. Ns foresee no result on the proof if the weapon is being submitted or routed come the technique for ballistic form analysis. If the weapon is being submitted for the function of fingerprint recognition or collection analysis this gift a dilemma. Ns can already hear the teeth grinding from you savvy veteran investigators.

Experience and also knowledge tells us that any type of item through the potential of implicitly fingerprint evidence, even if the prints have actually been addressed with superglue in the field, have to not it is in placed and packaged in plastic. The friction indigenous the article rubbing roughly inside the plastic packaging material will develop an capacity of scratching, removing and also damaging any kind of latent prints. Clear minds and creative thinking have to prevail.

This is wherein knowledge, experience, and also innovative thinking comes right into the decision make process. Every party associated has to be able to achieve the full goal and also objective through assumed out revisions in policy making. Additional reading will give an example of participation at its best conclusion.

The weapon is rendered safe and also fumed in a chamber v superglue at the scene. A sturdy crate is used as the collection and packaging medium. Several slits space put into the bottom the the box. This permits flex-cuffs come be placed through the slits in the box to produce safety straps around the firearm to secure the in place during transport. The top flaps ~ above the box space removed and replaced with a paper of clean plastic. Several little holes can be inserted in the plastic to permit further ventilation into the box, if it is needed. The objective of the clear height in the box is to produce a viewing port that permits the receiving technician to verify the safely submission of the weapon. Everyone has actually now achieved each and every goal without compromise.

Submission of tools not able to render safe

Often time the investigator will be referred to as upon to collection a gun that is rusted, jammed, or in a corrosive condition and cannot be rendered in a safe condition. We use a specially constructed gun crate in this situation. The gun box is built with steel wall surfaces designed because that protection throughout transportation indigenous the scene and also through the various disciplines of the lab.

The bottom that the gun box is designed through a pegboard and also removable pegs for securing the weapon in place. If you use something like this you re welcome be sure not to insert a peg within the cause guard. The box is designed to avoid any type of opportunity of an accidental discharge throughout transport.

Learn to use the knowledge and also experience to occupational within plan and adjust that will benefit everyone. We space human. End the course of a job mistakes will be made. The idea is come minimize and limit the mistakes that will certainly be made. It is in safe.....

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Mike Byrd (1955-2005) joined the Miami-Dade ar Police room in 1983 and started v the Crime step Investigations office in 1987. He take it an especially active part in the scientific research of forensic crime scene investigations, including advancement of new techniques, posting methodology the crime scene procedures, and teaching. Mike developed brand-new techniques because that gathering and also cataloging crime scene evidence including the lifting the fingerprints, auto tire impressions, and also footwear impressions.

Mike"s approaches and evaluation withstood the scrutiny of the criminal righteousness process. The published much more than thirty crime scene short articles on crime scene proof collection and for the global Association because that Identification and was awarded The an excellent of the combination Award in 2002 for his innovative identification methodology and techniques. He teach crime scene examination procedures and also techniques at police departments about the country and also took an excellent pride in ~ instructing smaller Florida police departments in the latest methods in evidence gathering.

Mike carry out the tough detailed oriented forensic job-related at many significant crime scenes and disasters over two-decades. The gathered, processed, and identified the DNA evidence used to convict the Tamiami Strangler for a cable of heinous killing in 1994. His thoughtful collection of proof at the Valujet crash allowed families to with closure because that the deaths of love ones.

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Mike Byrd passed away after a an ext than two year battle with many myeloma cancer. Annually, the Police Officer assistance Trust awards the Mike Byrd Crime Scene investigation Scholarship in his honor.

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