Unlock every Hero Relics in Fire Emblem: three Houses

How to unlock all of the Hero Relics accessible in Fire Emblem: three Houses.


In Fire Emblem: 3 Houses, you have actually the capability to earn brand-new weapons to aid you in fight like the sword of the Creator or the Lance the Ruin. Because that the Lance of ruin specifically, over there are problems not only on how to acquire it, however how to save it as well. Before you seek out the Lance the Ruin, us recommend very first brushing up on these conditions. Come help, we’ve placed together a fast guide explaining just how to keep the Lance of destroy in Fire Emblem: 3 Houses!

How to store Lance of ruin in Fire Emblem: three Houses

To acquire the Lance of ruin in Fire Emblem: 3 Houses, you"ll either should be a member that the Blue Lions residence with Sylvain in your roster, or recruit him independently if you"re no a part of the Blue Lions house.© Koei Tecmo

If you’re wondering whether there’s a method to keep the Lance of ruin after you receive it in Fire Emblem: 3 Houses, over there is! to start, you’ll need to acquire the Lance that Ruin. This can be done after you complete the mission wherein you loss Miklan roughly Chapter 5. Keep in mind that the Lance of ruin is primarily available to the Blue Lions house as lengthy as Sylvain is in your roster.

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If you’re in Blue Lions and Sylvain is not in her roster, you won’t have the ability to keep the Lance of destroy when girlfriend return v it to Lady Rhea. Once meeting through Lady Rhea, you’re given the selection to store the Lance of destroy or return it. To save it, simply choose the “keep” option at which suggest it’ll be picked up by Sylvain because that future use.

Not a member the the Blue Lions house? No problem! You deserve to still get the Lance of ruin even if you’re not part of the Blue Lions house. Together you might’ve guessed, you’ll need access to Sylvain. Because you have the right to recruit other characters to your house, you’ll want to recruitment Sylvain and also have that in your roster during and also after the mission detailed above.

As lengthy as Sylvain is part of your roster in one of two people the black Ebromheads.tvles or golden Deer house, you’ll be able to keep the Lance that Ruin and also use it via Sylvain. The easiest method to recruit Sylvain to your home is by being a female variation of Byleth. If you’re a female Byleth, girlfriend won’t need to meet any kind of of Sylvain’s needs to recruit him.

If you’re a male version of Byleth, you’ll have to level up an abilities in riding and also the lance to admire him sufficient to recruitment him. When it pertains to upkeep with the Lance that Ruin, it’s similar to the knife of the Creator. You can’t fix the Lance of destroy at the Blacksmith in exchange for basic materials prefer Smithing Stones. Instead, you’ll need to harvest products from rarely Monster Sightings.

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